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Kiss Kiss

Title: Kiss Kiss
Rating: PG-13
Slight Billie/Mike and Billie/Tré, Mike/Tré
They hadn't thought that they would be asked to kiss one another!
This is all untrue and fake!
I'm very bad at making sequels so don’t ask!


"Kiss kiss!" The crowd roared at the three members of Green Day who starred in shock at the unpredictable act they were given by a fan.
They had thought that going on this televised show would be fun, but they hadn't thought that they would be asked to kiss one another. Well... Actually the fan had asked to see Billie kiss Mike and then kiss Tré...

Billie grinned and winked at the crowd, before reaching over to pull Tré closer and beckoning Mike to him as well. Tré resisted Billie's touch and seemed to look frightened by the singer.
Billie rolled his eyes at the drummer, and turned to Mike.
"Hey Mike," He whispered against the bassist's lips. Mike smiled as Billie leaned closer and their lips touched.

The crowd howled with joy and began clapping their hands as Billie and Mike pulled away from each other. Mike grinned at the crowd as the singer took his attention to his drummer.
"Come here Tré," Billie cooed to the drummer, who shook his head and tried effortlessly to escape the singer's touch.
Billie reached out and placed a comforting hand on Tré's shoulder, who jumped from the contact and ended up on the floor.
The crowd laughed, still clapping their hands as Billie pulled Tré up and mashed his lips to the drummer's.

The crowd whooped again and Tré fell to the floor, where he pretended to have a stroke.
"Well, I think that's all the time we have," The announcer came back on stage, shaking the singer and bassist's hands, and worriedly glancing at the drummer laying still on the floor. The crowd cheered again and the announcer whispered to Billie, "Is he okay?"
"He'll be fine. Don't worry," Billie retorted, waving to the crowd.

As the camera-crew yelled, "Commercial!", and the crowd had somewhat filed out, Billie reached down and pulled the drummer up to his feet.
"You're an idiot, Tré," The singer said softly, shaking his head as Tré smiled at him.
"Yeah, but I'm your idiot!" The drummer shouted gleefully, following Billie backstage to the dressing room.
Billie snorted and Tré continued to smile at the singer before heading towards the bathroom and spitting into the sink.
"Tré?" Mike asked.
"Ew! I have Billie Joe germs in my mouth!" The drummer whined, earning a "Hey!" and a swat against his head from Billie.

"You know you liked it, Tré," Billie shouted.
Mike chuckled and moved so he was pressed against Tré's back. Circling his arms around the drummer and leaning his head on top of the others, Mike stared at his and Tré's reflection in the mirror.
"No," Tré whispered feeling a blush hit his face, "I think bassists do it better."
Mike laughed and placed his fingers underneath Tré's chin, tilting it up so he could place his lips on the drummer's.

Tré sighed into the kiss, turning his body around so Mike had more access. Their tongues slid against each other naturally and Billie rolled his eyes at the two.
"Fuckin’ lovebirds!" He yelled when they pulled away from their kiss.
Mike shrugged his shoulders while Tré simply flicked the singer off, before kissing the bassist again...

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Dec. 28th, 2009 05:21 pm (UTC)
Hehe, I love this! What I wouldn't pay for them to really do this on TV... >D
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