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Title: Broken
Rating: R
Tré/Billie, hint at Tré/Mike
Tré didn't know when it was that he realized he didn't want to be part of Green Day anymore...
This is all a work of fiction, besides I don’t think Billie would really act like this
Based on a quote from an interview where Billie exclaims that nobody leaves Green Day unless they are dead.

Tré didn't know when it was that he realized he didn't want to be part of Green Day anymore. Maybe it was when Billie Joe showed him and Mike new material about America's downfall.
It had seemed fun writing about how stupid America was during American Idiot, but now... Not so much, especially when Billie's lyrics were getting darker...
Billie and Mike still joked around and had fun while writing lyrics, but it wasn't the same "roll a joint and pass to your friends" fun, like they used to have when writing songs like Poprocks and Coke and Welcome To Paradise.

Tré lowered his head as he walked through the parking lot into the studio. A thin white envelope clutched his right hand, a pair of drum-sticks in his other hand.
The drummer swallows slightly as he pushes open the familiar doors. Fluorescent light greets him, and Tré blinks tiredly.
Walking down the same hallway he had two years ago when they were finishing 21st Century Breakdown, the drummer's mind whirls with confusion and dread.
What do I say? Tré thinks; his stomach slipping down so he's biting his lip to stop his voice from breaking into sobs before talking to Billie.

Clutching the letter tighter and deeply in thought, Tré doesn't see Mike coming out of the practice room until the two walk into each other.
"Ouch," Tré murmurs looking up at the world by his position on the floor.
"Dammit," A curse word is heard as Mike collects himself and goes over to check Tré. "Sorry Tré."
Tré accepts the hand extended towards him, and Mike heaves the drummer off the ground.
"Thanks, Mike," He says softly.
Mike smiles at Tré until he realizes the drummer is quieter than usual and is glancing nervously at the ground.
"Tré?" Mike whispers, but is interrupted by the drummer, "Is Billie still here?"
Bewildered about the remark, the bassist nods his head and Tré mumbles another thanks before heading into the practice room.
Mike huffs while watching the drummer leave before shaking his head and leaving the studio.

Tré gulps as he sees Billie softly strumming one of his acoustic guitars and writing in a small notebook.
The door closing behind him makes Billie glances up.
"Hey Mister Cool," Billie jokes lightly, continuing to strum different notes on his guitar.
Tré gulps and shuffles by the door. Billie realizes the tension in the air and slowly stops strumming. He pushes the notebook away and moves his guitar from his lap to the floor.
"Come here, Tré," The singer beckons the other man over to him, and as soon as Tré sits on the worn couch Billie wraps him up in a warm embrace.

"What's wrong Tré?" Billie whispers, rubbing soothing circles on his shoulders. Hearing how concern Billie sounds make the drummer breakdown.
Choking through sobs and wiping away running snot from his nose, Tré pushes the envelope into the singers hand saying, "I c-cant f-fucking... do t-this any-anymore, Bi-Billie..."
Billie looks at the confused at the envelope before tearing it open and reading the resignation letter Tré had written out. Billie reads the letter again and again before pushing Tré away from him.

The drummer weakly gets control of himself to see Billie get off the couch and walk over towards the rack holding some of his precious guitars.
Tré swallows his sobs down before getting off the couch too and walking so he's standing right behind the singer.
Billie curls his hand into a fist, smashing Tré's resignation into a crumble piece of paper.
"Billie?" Tré whispers softly.
"So, you want to leave the band?" Billie whispers harshly and making the other man cringe at his tone.
"Y-yes," Tré stammers, "I just can't do this anymore Billie."
"Do what?"
"Write songs about America's downfall... I want to do songs like we used to. Masturbation and taking drugs... Remember?"

"Of course I remember!" Billie snaps making Tré shut his mouth, "I was the one who wrote them!"
Tré sighs before saying, "I'm leaving Billie. I want to make punk music like we used too..."
A sharp slap across his face makes the words disappear from his mouth.
Tré turns around and stares at shock at Billie as his face now sports a flush red handprint on his cheek.
"Try to leave..." Billie taunts him and Tré doesn't like the singer's tone. He backs away from Billie and the singer turns to grin almost maliciously at him.
Tré turns and tries to run, but is grabbed roughly by Billie. Thrown up against the practice room wall, Tré gasps for air as Billie's voice whispers against his neck, "You're going to leave all this behind?"

The drummer whimpers, trying to ignore the singer's knee rubbing against his thighs and ever so often dipping between his legs; creating friction that's heating up his entire body.
"I thought you were leaving," Billie murmurs, now kissing softly at Tré's neck.
The drummer whimpers again and shuffles, trying effortlessly to push Billie away from him.
Billie laughs as he watches his drummer struggle to push him away. He pulls his mouth away from the flesh and stops his knee humping.
Tré looks at him and the singer grabs the drummer to him, mashing their lips together.
"Mmmfhguhdh!" Tré mumbles as Billie plunges his tongue inside the drummer's mouth.

Annoyed by Tré's mumbles of protest, Billie bites down hard on the drummer's bottom lip before pulling apart for air. Tré briefly touches his bottom lip and gasps as he seems blood staining his fingertip.
The drummer looks at Billie again as the singer's eyes glare at him. "I thought you were leaving," Billie says softly again.
This time Tré literally sprints to get away from Billie, but he doesn't make it far before the singer's body is pressed up against his own, and he's lying on the floor.
Billie laughs again and leans his weight on top of Tré before reaching down and pulling the drummer up by his hair.
Tré shrieks, tugging at the fingers curled in his hair. "S-stop! Billie!" He shouts twisting around wildly until Billie releases his grip and pushes the drummer to the floor again.

Wet lips hit Tré on the back of his neck and he shivers as Billie mumbles against the skin, "You're so beautiful Tré... So beautiful to think about leaving..."
The singer's hands wrap around Tré's neck tightly, suffocating the drummer slightly. Tré gasps for air, his own hands digging at the fingers curled around his neck.
Billie ignores the drummer's nails scratching at his fingers and continues to kiss the back of his neck. He starts to grind his body against Tré's, moaning at the heat sensation coming between their bodies.
Removing his fingers from Tré's neck, the singer trails them down Tré's sides; rubbing softly as the drummer takes in shallow breaths of air.
"So beautiful..." Billie whispers getting off Tré and rubbing his hand over the drummer's lower backside.
Tré struggles as he feels Billie pulling him up to his knees.
"Stop it Tré!" Billie yells, punching the drummer in the gut and making him fall into his waiting arms. Tré gasps as arms wrap around him holding him as his vision disappears for a moment.

The hands trail farther and rest upon his belt buckle before they unclasp it and unzip his jeans.
Tré begins to cry mutely as Billie pushes the jeans down and toys with his black boxers.
"Hold on a sec.," Billie whispers standing up and heading towards his rack of guitars. Grinning evilly he grabs a steel string wire from a new packet of strings he had ordered.
Walking back, Billie removes his own pants and T-shirt. Tré continues to cry softly as he feels Billie push his boxers down.
Billie wraps a fist around Tré's cock, and although the sensation is wonderful, Tré tries to push away from the singer.
Billie snarls and takes the wire string and brings it down sharply across Tré's back, breaking through Tré's own T-shirt. He pulls the wire up and smacks it back down again and again, until the drummer has three bleeding gashes on his back.
Tré bits his bottom lip to stop from crying out, and unfortunately making his lip start to bleed again.

Billie grinds his own cock down upon Tré's naked backside and groans at the friction he's creating.
Slowly but without lube, Billie guides his cock into Tré's tight ass.
Tré's muscles instantly clamp down at the invasion and Billie tilts his head back, moaning.
Without warning Billie thrusts into Tré with wild abandonment, making the drummer cry in pain.
Tré feels himself rip from the hungry thrusts Billie is giving to his body. "B-Billie..." He cries and a hand wraps around his own cock. That isn't what he needs, but it feels so good...
Tré knows Billie's smiling as he lets out a moan, the hands massaging up and down his shaft.
Billie continues to thrust before releasing deep inside Tré. He pulls hard out of Tré and moves his hand away from the drummer's cock.
The singer pulls Tré around so they're both staring at each other. A tiny bit of pre-cum drips off Tré's cock, but all the drummer sees is the dark red splatter on the head of Billie's cock.
His eyes widen until a horrible pain makes him sound out a strangle cry of hurt.

Billie tries to pull him towards him, but Tré pushes him away; trying to scoot away from the singer who sighs and grabs the wire from the floor and holds it up.
Tré stops scooting and Billie crawls towards him. A loud smack is heard and the drummer cries as the singer repeatedly backhands him.
Billie pulls his hand that holds the wire up and Tré whimpers. He tries to bring down upon the drummer's chest, but instead it catches Tré at the corner of his right eye.
Howling with pain, Tré tries to pull at the wire, but only making it dig deeper into the skin. "Billie!" The drummer shrieks as the singer tries to pull the wire out.
Finally freeing the wire, Tré collapses on the floor. He glances up at Billie looming over him and hears Billie whisper, "Nobody gets out of the band until they are dead..."

Tré blacks out after hearing that and his body relaxes against the practice room...

It is a steady beep that makes the drummer slowly open his eyes. White is all he can see and he blinks before realizing he's in a hospital room.
His vision comes too, but he soon realizes he can only see out his left eye. He frowns and wills his right eye to open up.
Reaching a hand up, he feels a cloth over his right eye. Feeling panic rise in him, he struggles to get into a sitting position on the hospital bed.
He grimace in pain and sees his hand incased in a cast. Continuing to struggle, Tré tries to get out of the bed and almost succeeds except for his left hand that has an IV hooked into it.

Gritting his teeth, Tré pulls at the IV and it comes out, dripping fluid onto the floor and blood seeping through the open wound.
Standing on his feet proves hard at first as Tré shakes on his legs, but soon he's padding towards the bathroom. Pushing the door open and flipping the light on, the drummer gasps at his reflection in the mirror.
His face is swollen, his bottom lip scabbed and also swollen. A thick piece of gauze is wrapped tightly around his right eye. The corners hold dry blood stains, and Tré tenderly touches the gauze. The pain makes him remove his hand instantly as if on fire.
"Shit..." Is the only word he muster as he takes a look at his beat up body. "Billie really fucked me up..."

He didn't know how long he stood there, looking at himself until he heard a female gasp and try to get him back onto the bed.
After having the IV hooked back into his hand, the nurse murmured, "You're friends will be glad to see you awake."
"F-friends?" Tré stutters.
"Yes. Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Dirnt have been very worried about you. I'll go get them!" She exclaims, bounding out of the room and leaving Tré puzzle.
The silence is broken as Mike walks into the room. "Tré..." The bassist can't get any other word out and he pads towards the drummer as Billie enters the room looking worriedly at him.

"Tré..." Billie begins as stands next to the drummer's side and as he tries to reach out a hand to the drummer, Tré instantly shields himself away from the touch.
Tré mumbles out, "I'll stay in the band Billie. I-I w-won't t-try t-to leave!" He cries heavily and Mike tries to wrap an arm around his shoulders.
Tré flinches at the contact and Mike instantly removes his hand. "Tré?" He says softly, gasping slightly as Tré raises his gaze and both his band-mates see blood dripping down from the gauze.
A gentle knock comes from the door and the three turn to see a doctor standing in the doorway holding a clipboard.
"I need to do a quick check-up of Mister Wright," He says softly.
Billie and Mike nod their heads, and leave quickly.

Tré watches them go and only slightly hears the doctor exclaim, "Oh dear, you've bled through again..."
The drummer's attention is on his two band-mates as he hears Mike say to Billie in the hallway, "What did you do to him?"
"What had to be done.” Tré can imagine Billie shrugging off Mike's question, but the bassist doesn't let him.
Grabbing a hold of Billie, Mike throws the singer against the wall and shouts, "What the hell did you do to him, Billie?!"
"B-broke him," Billie mutters as Mike lets go.
"Sometimes you have to break them to keep them..." Is the only answer Billie gives the bassist.


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Jun. 22nd, 2010 07:28 pm (UTC)
BAD BILLIE!!!!!! Frankie honey are you alright? *hugs Tre close* It's gonna be okay Frankie. I'll get back at Billie for you.
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