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Seven Years [1/2]

Title: Seven Years
Author: [info]stripesco04_nur 

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Hatter/Mad March
Summary: 7 years ago there was a place that most people didn’t know about. A place where Hatter could pronounce his love for March…
Disclaimer: I sadly do not own Hatter or Mad March…
A/N: Written because this idea’s been on my mind for the past week and an half. I’m also planning to do a second part to this story!



~ 7 years ago ~

There was place that most Wonderland residents never knew about. A place where big mushrooms with red tops grew; grew as tall as trees... maybe even taller.
It was a place that was discovered by Hatter and March due to their escape after post-graduation.

"Why is a raven like a writing desk? Damn it! I don't know!" Hatter argued to himself as he settled himself against one of the mushrooms and began to absentmindedly pull at some strands of grass.
"Then stop stressing about it," A cool dejected voice murmured from above.
Hatter gave a little huff and mumbled, "But it was on the test and I probably didn't get it right."
A breeze flew through and Hatter sighed as he heard the grass whistle in the wind. A shuffling like noise was heard and Hatter barely had time to register what it was, when March appeared beside him.

"Holy crap, March!" Hatter gave a shout at his friend who merely smirked back at him.
"The test doesn't mean anything, Hatter," March said coolly.
Hatter gave a pout that had March chuckling. "Seriously Hatter, what do ya honestly wantta do in life?"
March was met with silence as Hatter dropped his gaze and instead looked up at the sky that was just slightly turning into dusk.
"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Hatter whispered; avoiding the last statement from March. March rolled his eyes as he too looked up at the fiery pink merging with purple in the dark blue sky.
"It looks the same as always," March said stiffly, but he couldn't help but agree inwardly that the sky did look quite beautiful tonight.

The two shuffled backward so their backs both hit the base of a mushroom, and they leaned against the trunk of the mushroom gazing up at the sky.
The sky was soon changing into a black canvas that sparkled with the stars. Hatter loved watching the sky change and he gave a squeal of adoration that had March turning to stare at him.
Unknowingly, Hatter dropped his right hand down and tried to pick up another strand of grass, however, his hand brush against something much warmer than grass...
Hatter glanced down and almost jumped as he saw his hand was touching March's. A blush filled his face and he looked up at his friend who was staring back at him.
"S-sorry," Hatter stammered, dropping the hand and continuing to gaze at the night sky. March gave Hatter a quizzical look before reaching out with his left hand and grabbing Hatter's right and intertwining their fingers together.

Hatter froze as he felt March hold his hand and now and again tighten his grip.
"If ya wantta to hold hands, ya could've just asked, Hatter," March said softly, pulling the other man's hand onto his lap and rubbing at the knuckles.
Hatter blushed again and tried weakly to pull his hand away from his friend's iron grip. March tightened his grip, making Hatter wince and try to twist and pull his hand free.
"Let go, March!" He said roughly, pushing at his friend's shoulder. 
March laughed as he let go of the hand and Hatter went sprawling backwards, his hat knocked off in the process.

Hatter rose from his perplexed position and glared deeply at March. "You. Bastard!" Hatter breathed deeply before launching himself at March.
March was still amused by this behavior, even as Hatter's body collided with his own and they both went toppling down the hill they were on.
Hatter wrestled bitterly with March; hitting, scratching, and letting out verbal abuse that made March giggle with satisfaction...

Hatter gave a growl as he pressed his hands against March's chest and pushed the other man down on the ground. March blinked upwardly as he realized that Hatter had him pinned down.
"Nobody ever tops me!" He roared, thrusting his hips upward and flipping Hatter's body over so he could pin Hatter down upon the soil.
Hatter blinked as dozen of tiny bugs suddenly whirled around them.
"Ah!" Hatter gave a muffled scream as a few of the bugs flew past him.
"Calm down, they're just Tricolor bugs," March said sternly, pressing Hatter harder against the ground.
"Tricolor bugs?" Hatter whispered, watching as the bugs swirled around and different colors flashed from their butts.
"Yeah, they were originally Fireflies from the Oyster World but when they came here they somehow mutated..." March rattled off information before stopping himself.
He gazed down at Hatter, sprawled underneath him and enormous grin plastered to his face as a Tricolor bug walked across his cheek, its lights blinking off and on off and on. 

March lifted his right index finger and trailed it across Hatter's cheek, letting the Tricolor bug walk onto it before taking flight into the sky.
March met Hatter's eyes and he could see a spark of something yearning beyond the chocolate rim of his eyes.
Hatter gave a smirk before he felt March's lips crash upon his own...
"Finally!" Hatter whispered sharply as March's lips left his. March's eyebrow rose as he stared down at the pinned man.

"I've been waiting forever for you to kiss me like that, March!"

March gave another quizzical look before Hatter's arms reached up and wrapped around him and he was pulled flush against Hatter's pinned body.
Hatter's fingers circled around March's back, making March's eyes flutter close and his breathing becoming irregular. Hatter smiled as he felt March's breath become a heavy-like panting.
He lifted himself up as best he could and let his lips reach March's neck. The hot flesh pulsed underneath his lips and Hatter blew a bit of air onto the neck, smiling inwardly as he felt March shiver.
His mouth left March's neck and search upwardly, seeking out March's ear... He blew more air against the ear and was pleasantly surprised when he felt March's hands slam down upon his waist, holding him tightly as Hatter began to trace the edge of the ear with his tongue.
"Make love to me, March..." Hatter drowsily whispered against his friend's ear before letting his teeth graze the tender flesh, causing an elicited moan escape March's lips.

Hatter leaned back down and gaze up at March, who was breathing deeply with his eyes close.
"Ya want that, Hatter?" He whispered without opening his eyes.
"Yes," Hatter softly whispered back.
A muffled noise was heard from March as his eyes open and he pressed his body tightly, hotly, against Hatter's. His lips quickly claimed Hatter's, making the man groan as he felt March's tongue plunge into his mouth.
Fingers skittered up and down sides, causing them both to breathe out one another's names...

"Could ya ride me, Hatter?" March said gruffly, pulling his lips away and resting his face against Hatter's neck which was slick with sweat.
Hatter could hear the teasing in March's voice and he smirked as he said, "I could take you any position, March."
March removed his face from Hatter's neck and gave a sly smile as his hand trailed down and rested against Hatter's crotch.
He rubbed against the clothed groin, chuckling as he felt it harden and heard Hatter let out a tiny moan.
March instantly felt himself grow hard as he felt Hatter's breaths of air turn labor.

Their hands tore at each other's pants until they crinkled around their ankles and Hatter blush as he saw March's member pulsing grandly in front of him.

"Why do you always go commando, March?" 

"Why not?"

Hatter couldn't say anything as he felt March tore at his undergarment. As the last piece of cloth that covered him was torn away, Hatter blushed and turned his face away.
A hand brushed against his cheek and Hatter turned back around. March frowned a bit before saying softly, "Don't look away, Hatter."
Hatter nodded and kept March's eyes locked even as he felt March pull him up and onto his lap. Fingers gripped Hatter's ass and he trembled a bit as he felt something penetrate him. Hatter yelped and he felt March groan deeply.

"Relax, Hatter," March whispered, lifting his hips up and hearing Hatter whimper. March frowned as he heard the whimper and he moved his hands around in a circular motion on Hatter's hips.
Hatter gave a shuttering breath of air as the fingers that touched his hips began to knead the tense away. His body slowly settled down and March gave a sharp intake of breath as he felt the walls become less tight around his cock.
One thrust should... March gently rocked his hips upward and felt Hatter scream a bit as he broke through the walls and a tight heat was wrapped around his cock.

"Shh, Hatter," He cooed as softly as he could feeling Hatter make a soft choking noise. 
March lifted his hips up again and tried desperately to find Hatter's sweet spot. He groaned as the walls started to rebuild and were closing upon his cock once again.
"No, stay relaxed Hatter!" March yelled, stopping his hands and instead pulling Hatter more tightly against his lap. Hatter whimpered again and mumbled, "I'm sorry, but it hurts March. It hurts!"
March bit his lip and felt his cock strain from the tightness. He couldn't fuck Hatter like this, no not when his friend's body refused to relax, there could be too much tearing within Hatter's body...

"Ya said you've wanted me like this for awhile now, Hatter," March whispered, moving his hands up Hatter's back and frowning as he felt how heavily tense it was.
Hatter gave a little whimper as his eyes closed tightly and he rested his face against March's shoulder. "I did do. I'm sorry... I should've never asked for this, March. God! I'm so stupid!"
March felt some wetness hit his shoulder and he bit his lips as he looked down at Hatter. "Are ya crying?" He whispered. Hatter gave a muffled cry before nodding his head.
"Ya just gotta relax, Hatter," March softly whispered, rubbing his hands up and around Hatter's body.
"How?" Hatter mumbled, his tears still leaking out of his eyes.
March gave no reply; instead he cupped Hatter's face and brought it away from his shoulder. Hatter's eyes were a little red from the crying and he sniffled a bit.

March leaned forward and pressed his lips against Hatter’s; letting any more choking noises disappear. Slowly, March's fingers gripped and massaged Hatter's back as his teeth grazed Hatter's bottom lip.
He sucked greedily at the plump flesh and he could feel Hatter's body relaxing again. March smiled as he pulled away and his hand trailed down and rested on Hatter's member.
He made a fist upon it and tugged sharply making Hatter's body arch a little bit. "That's it, Hatter," March said, stroking the flesh and feeling the walls fade away.
His cock twitched hopefully within Hatter's body, and March bucked his hips up. Hatter let out a low moan as March slowly began to build up a rhythm, their flesh pulsing loudly.

"M-March I-I think... I'm gonna..." Hatter stuttered, yelling as March continued to tug fiercely at his member. March smiled coyly as he felt Hatter's body shake and relax further, and he continued to thrust his hips up and down.
Hatter gave another moan as he lost himself to the new rhythm and he soon felt himself matching March's movements, until March gave a loud yell and came hard into Hatter's body...

The two laid against the ground, panting and trying to seek out each other's warmth. March softly eased himself out of Hatter and pulled the exhausted man against his chest.
"You made if perfect, March," Hatter whispered softly, resting his head on March's chest and slowly tracing circles on it.
March grunted and wrapped his arms around Hatter's form.

"Let's make a pact, March," Hatter said suddenly causing the other man to groan angrily. "That we'll meet here in seven years, despite what where we are or who we've become."
March murmured something against Hatter's hair where his face was buried. "Was that a yes, March?" Hatter teased as his friend nodded his head.
Hatter smiled and snuggled his body against March's, sighing as his eyes began to slide close...

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Feb. 6th, 2010 03:14 am (UTC)
This was actually very sweet and I have a feeling part two will be sad
Feb. 6th, 2010 04:21 am (UTC)
Thank you!
Feb. 11th, 2010 07:24 am (UTC)
You got me blushing, and squeeing with sweet glee. x)

I can't wait to see what up for part two!
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