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Don't Need Them

Title: Don’t Need Them
After being kissed onstage, Guy-Manuel’s brother is not amused…
I do not own Guy-Manuel, Thomas, or Paul!
Guy-Man really does have a brother named Paul; check on Wiki if you don’t believe me. This is supposed to take place during the time when Guy-Manuel and Thomas were part of their earlier band Darlin’.


"You little shit!"

A wide curved punch landed below his ribs, and Guy-Manuel choked; his breath becoming raspy, and blood sweeping from both his nose and the corners of his mouth.

"Please..." He began, but was interrupted by another stinging blow at his chest.

Crumbing to the ground and pulling his knees up towards his chest, Guy tried to protect himself as best as he could. But he still gasped out loud as his brother's foot made contact with his back.

"I covered for you so you could go practice music with Thomas, but instead..." Paul's voice broke off and Guy cautiously opened his eyes. His brother looked crossed between wanting to beat the living shit out of Guy, and wanting to protect him, like he had all his life... But the look left him almost immediately, and Guy cringed as his brother continued.

"Instead, you practice baiser français, as the Americans like to call it, with Thomas!" Paul exclaimed, rising his hand for another blow, and Guy shuddered underneath the anticipation.

"Guy?" A soft voice whispered out loud, and Guy's eyes widen as he took in the confused and compassion eyes of his only friend. He tried to push himself up, but only got so far due to the fact that Paul's boot was still on his back.
Paul glared angrily at Thomas's interruption and pushed his foot down, hard, and giggled as Guy's body fell heavily to the ground.
He leaned his face against his brother's own face and breathed deeply.

"Little shit..." He muttered darkly, before removing his boot from Guy's back and pushing roughly past Thomas, who stood bewildered about what to do.

A tiny gasp echoed around the empty alleyway, and Thomas instantly rushed forward.

"Guy-Manuel!" He cried, bending down onto his knees and getting his nice white jeans dirty in a process to aid his friend.

"I'm fine," Guy-Manuel insisted, trying to pull himself up. His legs shook underneath the new bruises and he leaned against the wall. Thomas watched him carefully and tried to lay a comforting hand on his shoulder... Only to watch Guy tense up and shake at the touch.

"Are you sure?"

Guy didn't answer and he pushed off the wall, trying to walk away from the problem like he always did... However, his legs didn't seem to want to cooperate and he felt himself falling forward.
He braced himself for the smack against the hard cement ground, but was surprised when instead he landed in Thomas's arms.

Looking up he saw Thomas biting his lip while he situated them both on the ground. A hand gently began stroking his back and Guy felt the tears he had tried to keep at bay spill out at the comfort his friend was showing him.

"You weren't supposed to see that," He cried, turning his head so he rested it against Thomas's chest.

"What happened?" Thomas asked softly, still rubbing at Guy's back.

"He knows," Guy cried again. "Damn it, Thomas! Why'd you have to kiss me onstage?"

Thomas tightened his hold and rested his hand against Guy-Manuel's back. He leaned his head down and rested it on top of Guy's head, and whispered, "Three reasons. One, I love you. Two, it was a great way to work up the crowd; you heard them howling at it… Three, I. Love. You!"

A kiss, maybe more, were littered on the top of Guy's head, his cheeks, and even at the salty water trickling from his eyes.

"You don't need 'em anymore, Guy," Thomas said, wiping away any stranded tears that fell. "Come back with me."

Guy glanced at him, unsure if this was a practical joke. But Thomas held out his hand and his eyes shined with nothing but pure love and Guy-Manuel instantly grabbed his hand.
Thomas smiled and placed a small, shy, kiss on Guy's lips.

"Come on," Thomas coaxed, getting to his feet and helping Guy up. "I'll take care of you... now."

Guy, stubborn as usual, took the hand but refused to accept any other help until he almost collapsed once again. Thomas was instantly there, letting Guy use him to lean on.
And as Thomas helped Guy hobble out of the alleyway, maybe, just maybe, he could actually believe someone really loved him...

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You mean to my journal or one of the daft punk affilated communities?
'Cause I'll always be posting here! Lol! This journal is full of blood, sweat, swearing, and the occasional soda-spills, lmao!

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