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And I Always Will

Title: And I Always Will
Author: stripesco04_nur 
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie
It had been quite a while since they had last been in such a predicament, and yet their bodies seem to remember one another…
Disclaimer: Brendon & Ryan are not my property nor are they are in a committed relationship together.
Somehow, probably due to the release of Vices & Virtues, I’ve had this urge to write some Ryden…


It had been quite a while since they had last been in such a predicament, and yet their bodies seem to remember every single little jolt of pleasurable sensations that tingled up each other's spines.

"God, I missed you," Ryan breathed heavily against the onslaught of his former singer's lips lifted upwards to connect with his.

"That makes two of us," Brendon whispered huskily. He pulled away from the supply of Ryan's kisses to lean against the luscious pillows littered around the guitarist's bed.
Tilting his head upwards, he took to just observing how different Ryan looked now - his hair was much longer, but not too long, and there was a layer of muscle surrounding his shoulder and arm. Brendon smirked as he reached up to tug at random strands of hair.

"Your hair's longer, Ry," He stated obviously, twirling the lock of hair and blushing as the older man chuckled softly.

"And yours is shorter," Ryan retaliated, letting his fingers brush through the short but thick dark curls.

They both chuckled at that statement, and breathed deeply as silence began to fill the room. But it was short lived as Ryan bended his head down and pressed tiny kisses against Brendon's neck.
Brendon hummed lightly, turning his head slightly so Ryan had more access of his neck, and his body jolted as a warm hand began rubbing against his crotch.

"Mmmmm... Brendon..." Ryan mumbled, pulling away from the singer's neck and beginning to fully assault his somewhat plumb lips. 

The hand switched from simple rubbing, to curling and pulling a bit at the younger man's stiff member - still clothed behind a pair of Nintendo boxers. Because even though they had rushed into the bedroom - blinded by the spiral of a passion once thought to have been lost - and had stripped out of their tight confining clothes, they had somehow kept their undergarments on. Well, 'cept for Ryan, who had once again proved the commando theory of himself right once again.

"Fuck, Ryan!" Brendon choked out as Ryan skillfully managed to rid the singer of his last cover of protection above his shame.

Blushing profusely, Brendon shivered once more as Ryan's hand curled, almost tightly, around the length of his cock and squeezed just a bit.
A deep moan spilled from his mouth, and Ryan smirked as he tugged a little bit harder and Brendon thrashed below him, caught up in an immense rush.

"I-I... I'm close... Nnnggh!" A jolt went through Brendon, but he didn't come undone just yet, and Ryan quickly removed his hand from the burning member.

"What th-" Brendon began, but Ryan instantly shut him up by fusing their mouths together.

The kiss was, if any, messy. Brendon's mouth was relaxed open and Ryan seemed to pull the very breath from the singer's lungs. With the singer relaxed and more in tuned to the kiss, Ryan miraculously reached down with one hand and cupped Brendon's ass, while his other kept pulling Brendon's face towards his own.

Brendon choked a soft gasp as he felt fingers brush against his ass-crack or entrance. One finger penetrated, and Ryan twirled it around the tight, very tight, space.

"Fuck, Bren. You're tighter than usual," Ryan commented, pushing in another as the muscles slowly began to lift off the intruding presence.

"Ugh!" Brendon choked off, whimpering at the stretched feeling. "Been awhile..."

Ryan hummed in understanding, and crooked his fingers slightly. A groan was his reward and the guitarist slowly pulled his fingers out.
"Turn over, babe," He whispered.

"Wait, Ryan!" Brendon said, causing disappointment to cross the guitarist’s face. "Let me..." Brendon's voice broke off quietly, and Ryan stared at him in confusion. Clearly his throat, Brendon whispered softly, "Let me ride you, please Ryan?"

A smile broke through the confusion, and Ryan nodded his head.


Their roles switched, and Ryan gasped loudly. His hips moved forward and his back arched as Brendon used his mouth to dampen his hard cock.
"Will make it less painful," Brendon had whispered before kissing the hot flesh and finally forcing his entire mouth upon the shaft, slicking it up and causing slight convulsions from Ryan.

"That should be good enou-"

A sharp kiss.

"Shut up!"

Brendon chuckled and reached unsurely at the salvia coated cock, and positioning it towards his entrance that hovered over-top of Ryan's hips. Sinking down, Brendon let out a pleasant groan as he felt himself get filled.
Knees bent around Ryan's hips, Brendon pushed off the mattress a bit before sinking down again, and taking more of Ryan in him.

"Oh fuck, Brendon!" Ryan cursed, his own hips bucking upwards and slowly creating a rhythm of friction between the two bodies.

"Ryan..." Brendon's voice sounded a little deeper, and Ryan grinned softly as their movements became a little more erratic.

Ryan's thrust upward brushed a certain spot and Brendon leaned his head back in exclaimed appreciation, his cheeks a light pink and his hair dripping with sweat.
The older man smiled, and leaned upward on bent elbows to capture the younger's mouth once again, as their bodies continued to rock against one another.

In-between the kiss, Ryan snuck a hand around Brendon's own cock and tugged fiercely at the straining loin. Brendon groaned again, shuddering and rocking forward in Ryan's hand.

"I'm g-gonna-" Nothing more was said as Brendon spilled over Ryan's hand and upon both their stomachs, mostly Ryan's though...

"God, Bren." Ryan moaned as Brendon's muscles clamped upon his cock and with one last thrust upward Ryan came undone and he muffled his cry against the rush of Brendon's lips that began to press against his own.

Slowly, still clutching one another, Brendon moved off of Ryan and the guitarist mumbled a disappointment noise. Brendon chuckled lightly, picking up some discarded shirt and slowly tried to wipe his own spunk off both Ryan and his stomachs.

Achieving only a little bit, Ryan chuckled as Brendon threw the shirt to the floor and he quickly drew the young singer into his arms.

Brendon glanced at Ryan, his eyelids drooping a bit, but not before letting his arm wrap around the guitarist's waist, his face tucked into the crook of Ryan's shoulder.

"Love ya, Ry. Always will," Brendon whispered.

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Apr. 6th, 2011 10:50 am (UTC)
oh my GOD.

can i just say, that was HOTHOTHOT and amazingly hnnnnnnnng (please excuse the incoherency).

it's been a while since i've read fic and this seems to be like a great "welcome back" present, hehehe.
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