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Inside My Mind's Reality

Title: Inside My Mind’s Reality
Author: stripesco04_nur
Pairing/Characters: Pavi Largo & Luigi Largo (no incest this time!)
Summary: Pavi escapes into a different reality within his mind where his brother gives him supporting hugs…
Disclaimer: I do not own Pavi or Luigi!
A/N: This is supposed to take place before Pavi starts stealing masks. Probably when he’s about 17 – just before his “accident”. Written on a whim and the fact that my roommate is purposely making me stay up late… Ugh!

A human mind can sometimes create vivid realities within a person's physique when the human body that houses it endures too much pain...

This was a testament proven true as Pavi barely fought back as his older brother Luigi brought his fist down across his face, and the younger Largo crashed to the floor.

"Fuckin' cunt!" Luigi yelled, whipping his knife out and letting it rest against his younger brother's cheek, slowly letting it slide across Pavi's face and creating a thin red line.

Pavi didn't respond and only lay upon the floor, his eyes slowly falling close as he felt Luigi bring his blade across his cheek. His mind throbbed, and a completely different scenario appeared before the young Largo...

Rotti Largo's office sparkled in an ivory goldish color, and Pavi glanced around the room confused.

Padre?" He called out.

The elevator dinged and Pavi swirled around to inspect the intruder. Luigi walk through the doors, and Pavi instantly began to cower from his older brother.
Luigi noticed the behavior and he rushed over to his younger brother, concern etched onto his face.

"Pavi, what's wrong?" Luigi asked, bringing his hand up to gently stroke the side of Pavi's face.

"U-um..." Pavi stuttered, completely loss for words as his brother stared tenderly into his eyes. He couldn't help but move his face against the palm of his older brother's hand.

Luigi moved his hand away and reached forward to wrap his arms around Pavi, bringing his younger brother flush against him. Pavi jolted as he leaned his head against his brother's chest; Luigi's arms tightening around him.

The hug lasted longer than Pavi would've expected, and the younger Largo sighed in contentment as he heard his brother whisper over-top his head, "It's okay,

"Pavi! You little shit!" Luigi stood terrified as his younger brother didn't move from the ground. Aiming a soft kick to the ribs, Luigi was rewarded with a faint moan that spilled from Pavi's lips.

Satisfied that he wasn't dead, Luigi left his younger brother on the floor and headed for the door...

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