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Promises, Help, and Flashbacks

Title: Promises, Help, and Flashbacks
Author: stripesco04_nur
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
POV: Beginning is Brendon's, but the rest is Ryan's
Summary: His eyes finally open up and he stares up at me, with his chocolate orbs bearing into my green...
"Ryan...?" He whispers, and tears fall freely down my cheeks as I hug him to me tightly.
"Oh Brendon! You're going to be alright now..." I say through the sobs that quietly wrack my body.

Disclaimer: I do not own the P!ATD boys. This was made just for fun. Not making money off this! I swear it!
Author Notes: This is the probably the longest chapter I wrote for this story!  I hope  you like...
Dedicated to sspencerr
Jimmy (i_am_tre)
and... smiliedolphin!
and everyone else who likes or reads this story!
Warnings: Possible Death

It's all dark around me... The fire's gone... and a faint white light shines it way through the blackness...

I head towards it, but every time I get closer it's so far away.

"Stay..." I whisper gently as the I near the light again. This time the light doesn't leave and I can get closer to it... But as I get closer, I hear a sharp intake of breath.

It sounds like Ryan, and it sounds like he's crying... But what is he crying for?

"Ryan?" I call, turning my back on the light.

As soon as I turn around the light vanishes and I am thrown, once again, into darkness...
More crying is heard and I try hard to find my way through the dark.

~~ Ryan's POV ~~

I'm crying now. I can't help it. Everything I had bottled up inside me comes loose and I'm probably squeezing you too tightly now, but I don't care as I clench you harder to me and the tears roll down my cheeks.

"Brendon..." I sob, leaning back and trying hard to stop the sobs that keep flying from my own lips.


There it is again. The sweet saying of my name on the wisp of the wind...

"Ryan..." This time I lift my head from the pillows and see you, struggling to open your eyes!

"I'm here Brendon!" I say, as you turn your head slightly, in my embrace.

His eyes finally open up and he stares up at me, with his chocolate orbs bearing into my green...

"Ryan...?" He whispers, and tears fall freely down my cheeks as I hug him to me tightly.

"Oh Brendon! You're going to be alright now..." I say through the sobs that quietly wrack my body.

"Why are you crying?" You ask, and I sigh deeply as your fingers gently brush away the tears streaming down from my eyes.

"Its a long story Brendon..." I whisper to you as you curl around in my arms. Finally you are on top me and I smile, (for real, this time) as you lean your lips closer to me.
I close the gap, by lifting my head off and capture yours with mine.

"Mmm..." You moan softly before we pull away for air, "I'm tired, Ryan." I smirk as you drop your head down against my chest.

Before you fall back to asleep again I shake you a little. "Ugh... What Ryan?"

"Do you remember anything that happened, before you were brought into here?"

He sits up, slightly, and ponders at the question, "I... remember..." He stops in mid-sentence and lowers his gaze. I tilt his head up, and stare at him in the eyes as he takes a shaky intake of breath, "I remember... falling... Then sharp pain, above my stomach. I remember nothing, but darkness and bright flames that kept coming out of nowhere and latching themselves upon me. I remember screaming as the flames began to "eat" me. Nobody was there; nobody helped."

He finishes talking and stares up with me with watery eyes...

"Oh Brendon. I remember the flame "destroying" you." I say hurriedly.

"How could you know about the flames?" He asks, face scrunched up in confusion.

"I feel asleep and saw you... on top a stage. The fire came and it... "attacked" you. I remember screaming your name and you screaming in pain, before I woke up." I answer as you look at my shirt, adverting your eyes from me...

"Brendon?" I say softly, rubbing my hand through your hair.

"Are we bonded?" Your question has me startled for a second before I laugh out loud.
"Sure Bren. We're bonded." I say, chuckling as you smile too.

"So this means... you haven't forgotten my request?" My eyes almost doubled their size. I had thought you would have forgotten about that little scene.

"I haven't forgotten, Brendon. It's just... You're better now, or getting there, that I have to "remember" that request of yours Bren." I say as you shake your head.

"Maybe... But Ryan I don't want you to forget that request of mine." You say it sharply and I stare at you on my chest.

"Why? Brendon?" I beginning to get annoyed at how he's choosing not to answer me. I was about to open my mouth with a smart-remark, but a loud pounding against the hospital door stopped me...

"Ryan Ross open the door." The doctor's voice was stern as he continued to pound on the door. I didn't even budge as Brendon stared at the door.

"Ryan! I'll will get inside that room, and you'll be moved to a "safe" place, until Mr. Urie is stable and well."
I respond by tightened my hold on Brendon...

Finally I hear yelling outside and next second the jiggling of keys and screaming of "find the damn right one!"

"Ryan?" You look up at me as we hear the screaming and the throwing of keys against the wall, and the shouting for another pair of keys.


"I love you. More than anything... If Brent hadn't introduced me to your band, I doubted we'd (you'd) get this far... " I smile softly as you continued to say how much you love me...

To stop the more "I love you's", even though I love them, I kiss you. Letting your tongue into my mouth and moaning in pleasure.
You fall sternly against me and I rub up the sides of your body.

We were so lost in each other's that we don't realize that the doctor has gotten inside. He sighs heavily before motion me to the two nurses behind them.
Brendon is so lost in the kiss that he doesn't seem to notice the doctor and the male nurses now heading our way.

I pull sharply away from him and say, "I love you Brendon." He nods and shivers slightly as the nurses get even closer to the bed.

One of them grabs me and pulls me out of the bed and you fall heavy back against the cold bed.
I begin to scream and start thrashing in the nurse's arms. I tear at his arm and actually bite him. He shrieked in bewilderment and drops his arm to examine the bite mark.
At the chance I run back to you, Brendon, but I'm stopped. The other nurse grabs me and pulls me away, kicking, and screaming.

As I try to get back to you, a sound makes me go still... The heart monitor starts beeping frantically, and the doctor starts screaming for more nurses or doctors to help, "Get an oxygen tank in here! Dammit! He needs CPR!"
More shouting is heard and the room is packed with more noises and nurses and doctors.

I fall silently into the nurse, as he drags me away from your room.
But before we leave, I hear the worst sound ever...

The long beep of the heart machine.

My heart fells like it just shattered and I start to cry as the mocking begins inside my head....

*Brendon Urie is dead...
Brendon Urie is...

I feel the insanity claws trying to grab me as I fall into the hallway and begin to cry. Never minding that I was making a scene in front of many.
Because all I could hear and feel was the long beep and my heart, shattered, the pieces breaking even more...

Please Leave Anything! And... *hands out tissues* If it made you *ahem* T__T (cry)


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(Deleted comment)
Nov. 24th, 2007 03:56 pm (UTC)
Aw... It's okay Spencer. *Hands out more tissues*
I'm glad you liked this!

~~ Stripes
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