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Digital Love (Standalone)

Title: Digital Love
Author: [info]stripesco04_nur
Pairing: Thomas Bangalter/Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo
Summary: Guy-Manuel finally admits the feelings he's had for Thomas...
Disclaimer: The Daft Punk duo are not a couple. Thomas is married, and this was made to sastify my slashy thoughts of the two...
Author Notes: I basically wrote this story about 2 months ago, but it took awhile for me to post it onto my Livejournal account... So please enjoy!
Beta: Jimmy ~ [info]i_am_tre

Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo relaxed in two chairs, as Thomas's voice blurted out from their stereo: Last night I had a dream about you...
Guy tapped his fingers against the table. 

"So," Thomas began, shutting the stereo off and turning his attention to his best friend, "How do you propose we remix Digital Love?"

Guy-Manuel's mask flashed a rainbow color as if it was thinking right alongside with him. "Well," He said after a moment of hesitation. "What if we add a little keyboard to the mix, and a little more bass beat?"
Thomas's own mask seemed to bore into the others and Guy quickly gazed to the carpet floor.

"You okay Guy?"

Guy whipped his head up at the remark. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"You sure. 'Cause you seem... a little dazed today," Thomas said quietly, reaching across from his seat and giving Guy-Manuel's shoulder a nice squeeze.
Guy bit back the moan that was threatening to arise due to Thomas's touch.


"Like I said before Thomas, I'm fine. Really. I'm just a little tired today," Guy explained, upset when Thomas removed his grip from his shoulder.
"Alright then," Thomas coughed shortly.
"You said we should more keyboard and bass?" He said getting back on track. Guy mutely nodded his head, "Unless you have a better remix to try..."


"But you're always the one who comes up with remixing songs. Let alone, ours." Guy protested. 
Thomas smiled behind his mask and got out of his chair and rubbed the top of Guy's mask.
"That may be so," He started, "But I believe it's best if you join in the "fun" of creating remixes too."

"Jeez, thank you Thomas." Guy said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. He batted at the hand that was patting his mask, letting in a strangled sigh.
Thomas watched amused as Guy tried frantically to shove his hand off his mask. He leaned down on Guy's mask; resting quite peacefully before, "Dammit, Thomas. Get off me!"
Thomas only chuckled as Guy's hand again batted at his own, and he gently reached out and laced their fingers together. 

Guy looked at their robotic-gloves tangled together, then took a deep breath and glanced up at Thomas's mask. Thomas's mask show no signs of emotion, but underneath...
The emotion of this "little-act" was enough for Guy, and he squeezed Thomas's hand gently. He smiled with relief as he felt an increase squeeze back.

"Come on, Guy." Guy raised his tired gaze to Thomas's mask, "Let get to remix..."
Guy nodded his head and lifted himself out of the chair. He headed into their recording space of the studio, and skimmed his fingers over one of their electric keyboards in the room.
He stared bewildered as no sound emitted from the instrument.

"Um... Thomas, the keyboard isn't working," He mumbled out.
Thomas appeared beside Guy-Manuel and ran his own fingers over the instrument. It remained silent as before.
"Well?" Guy inquired as Thomas swore underneath his breath.
"Perhaps it's unplugged. I mean... We were moving around in here," Thomas answered more to himself than to Guy.

Guy watched his friend drop to the floor and follow the cord to where it was "supposedly" plugged in.
"It wasn't plugged in Guy," Thomas announced, plugging the cord in.
"It wasn't?" Guy asked hurrying over to investigate. In his hurry, Guy didn't see the one cord that was on the floor and he tripped!
Guy shrieked loudly and waved his arms around to try and protect his fall...

Minutes later Guy-Manuel awoke. He groaned and tried to push himself up, but his right arm tingled and hurt badly.
He bit back a cry as he pushed a little harder onto it. Pain twingled up and tears prickled at the corner of his eyes.
His weight sagged on his left arm and he fell down again.


Guy freezed; hearing the sound. He looked down and horridly realized that he had fallen on top of Thomas. Blushing madly, Guy tried to scrabble to his feet, but his right arm kept tingling and he couldn't get up and continued to fall restlessly onto Thomas.
Thomas groaned as he was coming to, and he felt Guy-Manuel rearranging himself on top of him, then falling back down again...

Crap! Guy thought, I'm lying on top of Thomas, and can't get off!
Thomas moved so he was resting on his elbows and Guy still tried to put pressure on his right arm. 
"Guy, you can get off me now," Thomas said, trying to slightly buck the other off. 
"I'm trying," Guy answered, struggling to his feet and bang his masked head into Thomas's mask.

"Oooo..." Guy groaned, holding his masked head and whimpering softly. Big black spots started to appear and Guy's world went suddenly black.
His body slacked against Thomas's, and he moved his feet and questioned, "Guy? Could you please get off me?"
When there was no respond, Thomas lifted himself up all the way, and shook his back. Guy-Manuel's arms loosen and he slipped off Thomas. 
The taller barely had enough time to spin around and grab a hold Guy; making sure he didn't bang his mask on the floor.

With the calm breathing coming from Guy, Thomas could pinpoint that Guy was knocked out.
Wondering why Guy couldn't get off him, Thomas rubbed his hand along Guy's jacket. His hand skimmed over his right arm and Guy's breath hitched, before returing to a steady breath...

Thomas quickly removed the robotic gloves and pushed the jacket sleeve up. Guy's hand looked completely normal, but up on his forearm there was a big black and blue bruise beginning to form.
"How did that happened?" Thomas asked out loud, placing his arms underneath Guy-Manuel and lifting him into his arms.
Guy mumbled something in French, and Thomas merely dumped him on one of their couches in the louge area.

Guy-Manuel shuddered and groaned as he shifted slightly on the couch. Bad dreams affected his sleep and he continued to change positions on the couch.
Thomas watched his friend shift, and murmured underneath his breath, "Come on, Guy. Wake up, so we can get to remixing."
Finally after an hour of watching, Thomas realized that he had to use the restroom, and he stood debating whether or not to go.
After his bladder answer the question, Thomas rushed from the scene to the nearest bathroom.

Guy-Manuel continued to move about on the couch before his tired eyes opened. He was bewildered at the darkness around him, until he realized that his mask was still on.
He rose to a sitting position and felt a twinge of numb pain from his right arm. He pushed his jacket sleeve up and noticed a bandage covering the middle part of his arm.
"Thomas..." He whispered silently.

"Oh, hey. You're up!"

Guy looked up to see Thomas coming through the door. Guy quickly averted his gaze and Thomas caught on.
"You okay Guy?"

"Did you do this?" Guy asked, quickly changing topics to throw Thomas off gaurd.


"Oh... Well, thank you."

Thomas smiled until he noticed Guy getting onto his feet. "Whoa Guy," He said, nearing the other, "I believe it's best if you keep resting."
Guy shook his head in a "no" fashion, struggling to his feet and staggering a bit.
"I'm fine..." He began, noticing the other's masked face loom into his own. "Really Thomas, I'm fine. All I need is..."

Thomas looked expectly at Guy and when the other couldn't find his voice, he shut his mouth sharply. 
"Guy?" Thomas began again, stepping in front of his friend and shoving his palms against the other's chest.
Guy shook as the palm hit him and he started babbling about what he needed. What he needed was?
"I just need..." He started again, but when he was stopped again, Guy took off running; his legs shaking the entire run.

Thomas stood unsure of what had just happened, and the slamming of one of their storage doors confirmed that Guy hadn't left the building.
He sighed tiredly and headed over towards the shut closet. He banged again and again on it and said, "Come on Guy. You know you're not okay. What's wrong? Please tell me Guy."
No sound was emitted from inside and Thomas continued to plead with Guy, until finally Guy's voice muttered, "It's unlocked Thomas."

Thomas stopped his pounding and tried the handle. To his utter surprise the door swung open and he trudged inside; the door shutting behind him.
It was dark and smelled musky in here and he blindly grabbed the wall for support.
"Guy where are you?" He asked, coughing.
A click was heard and suddenly a dim bulb hanging from the ceiling illuminated the room.

An old air mattress lay on the floor with a couple of musky old blankets on top. Thomas glanced at the mattress, wondering why again they had an old air mattress in here?
He then shifted his gaze to Guy, who was sitting on an old stool in the closet.

"Guy," He said softly, kneeling down by his friend. He began rubbing circles over the tense knees and eventually Guy looked at him.
"What's wrong?"

It was just a simple question, but if Guy answered it... It might as well be the end.
He turned his face and bit his lip; deciding whether to answer or not.

Finally, knowing he couldn't run from the truth anymore, Guy whispered, "I'm in love with you, Thomas."
Thomas reeled back, almost choking before calming himself down and saying, "Lots of people love me Guy. Look at the fans, they're dying to see me without the robot costume."
Guy sadly shook his head, and Thomas felt bad. He watched as his friend silently got to his feet.

"You don't understand," Guy stated with remorse, making Thomas's heart break a little.

Guy started to walk towards the door before he was suddenly grabbed around the waist and smashed into Thomas's own side. He squealed at the "closeness" they were at now.
"Don't understand?" Thomas repeated sternly. "You really believe that you were the only one who had "feelings"? That I wouldn't actually "want" this?" 
Thomas nudged his hip into Guy's and laughed as the other man whimpered.

"That's what I thought," He smirked, "Now hopefully this will make things a little smoother." 
Thomas took a hold of Guy's clothed hands and removed the gloves from them. He grabbed them and squeeze.
He let go and grabbed a hold of Guy's mask; twisting slightly and pulling it up...

Guy-Manuel blinked as his eyes adjusted to the new light. He ran his fingers across his cheeks and over his hair, before looking at Thomas.
"Whoa," Guy breathed as Thomas had removed his own mask and gloves and stared at Guy, normal-like.
The mask were set down by the wall, and Thomas moved closer to his friend.

"You're pretty sure I don't understand?" Thomas said softly, pulling the other's face closer to his and smacking his lips upon the other's.
"Mmmmm...!" Guy responded, moving his body closer to Thomas's. He felt Thomas's tongue run against the bottom of his mouth and he opened happily. 
There was a pure moment of mashing of tongues, and low moans that filttered the air.
Guy pulled back, gasping for breath and the duo stared at each other before lips hit each other again...

Guy-Manuel giggled as Thomas kissed his cheek and worked his way down his neck. His legs got wobbly and he was grateful when he felt Thomas grab a hold of him and pushing himself into his chest.
Thomas sucked in a greedy fashion at Guy's pulse and Guy moaned loudly; throwing his head back to allow more access.
Thomas stopped kissing and worked at Guy-Manuel's jacket zipper. He tugged it down and tore from Guy's body. His eyes gazed over Guy, who was only cladded in a T-shirt.
Thomas pulled away and removed his own jacket and Guy noticed him in only a long-sleeved shirt.
Guy suddenly shivered and he rubbed his arms gently. Thomas notice this and stepped forward; wrapping his arms around the other's.

"Mmmm..." Guy mumbled as Thomas had his arms wrapped tightly around him and the two of them were laying on the air mattress.
Thomas continued scattering kisses along the backside of Guy's neck and on top of his head. Guy only sighed with content as he was pulled more and more into his friend's chest.

"Still sure I don't understand?" Thomas asked again, breaking the icy-silence that was hanging in the air.

"Well," Guy started, "You only kissed me. You never went far and..."


"And made Digital Love with me..."

Thomas chuckled loudly and squeezed Guy to him gently. "Are you sure you really want to do that?"


Thomas muttered an okay and released his arms. Suddenly Guy was lying on his back on the mattress and Thomas was crawling on top of him. 
Thomas straddled his legs and kissed Guy on the mouth again. He left Guy's mouth and kissed at the base of the neck; sliding his hands up underneath the T-shirt.
The T-shirt slide up and was tossed carelessly into a corner. Guy felt a little shy and he tried to cover up.

"No, Guy. Don't cover up. You're beautiful..." Thomas instructed, removing his own shirt in the process. Guy smiled softly and relaxed his arms.
"So you still sure you want to go through with this?" Thomas asked, resting his head on Guy-Manuel's bare chest.
Guy nodded his head and Thomas muttered an okay. A hand started at his belt buckle and Guy forgot the rest...

Orange, blue, red, violet, and white!
Those were the only colors Guy-Manuel could see at first as pleasure filled his body. The colors swirled and danced around him, then suddenly vanished instantly. And the only light shown was from the dim bulb...
He took in sharp breath and choked a little.

"Guy? Are you alright? Do you want me to stop?" Thomas asked worriedly. "Is it too much for you?"
Guy snorted at that and said shakely, "N-n-no. It's f-fine, I'm fine."

"You sure?"

"Yes, Thomas. All I need is for you to "move" or whatever."

Thomas muttered an okay and rocked his hips forward causing the other to scream out in pleasure.
Guy shrieked loudly and grabbed at Thomas's shoulders to steady himself as Thomas continued to thrust up into him.
"Oh God, Thomas! This is... just perfect!" He screamed, clinging to the other's lanky form. Thomas smiled mischeviously and continued with his perfect timing thrusts.

"Jeez, Guy. You're so tight!" Thomas stated.

"Is that a bad thing?" Guy countered.


Guy-Manuel smirked and kissed the base line of Thomas's neck before hiding his face in the taller man's shoulder. His hand wrapped around his thick cock, and he pumped it frantically; matching the rythm.
Thomas pulled Guy closer as his thrusting became a little more frantic...

"Fuck!" Thomas screamed, climaxing and sending hot juices into Guy. Guy-Manuel continued to pump himself, and seconds later he was coming...

Thomas smiled and pressed his lips to Guy. "You okay?" He asked softly, pulling away from the tender kiss.
"Yes, Thomas. Jesus, this is excatly what I wanted," Guy replied.

"Should I... um...?" Thomas stammered, clearing his throat and nodding in a "you-know" fashion. Clearly indicating about their positions.
"No. Not yet, Thomas. Please, I just want to feel you inside me..." Guy pleaded.
Thomas nodded his head again; agreeing, then wrapping an arm around Guy-Manuel, holding him in place.

Guy tucked his head underneath Thomas's chin, letting his hair tickle Thomas. Thomas rested his side cheek on top of Guy's head.
A cool breeze blew in and the duo didn't even care, as their bodies fitted nicely together...

Finally after a two minute silence, Guy-Manuel pushed against Thomas's chest. They pulled apart and Guy was left whimpering about the lack of heat.
"Here," Thomas said, throwing Guy his Calvin Klein boxers and quickly pulling his own pair on.
Guy felt a twinge of shyness come on again, and he hurriedly pulled his boxers on before turning around to Thomas.
"Was this a one time thing?" He asked shallowly.


"You know... Like, you only slept with me because of my crush over you?" Guy asked.

Thomas stood still, thinking about how to answer such a question. "No, Guy," He said finally, "I didn't sleep with you because of your crush. I slept with you because I sort have had "feelings" for you too."
A huge smile plastered across Guy-Manuel's face and he walked over to Thomas and hugged him tightly.

"You really mean it?"

"Yes, Guy. We're together, since starting this whole music career."

Guy tightened his grip and pulled Thomas over to the air mattress. They fell down upon it, and wrapped their arms heavily around each other.
Guy felt his back hit Thomas's chest and he felt an arm drape over him, almost in a protective way.
He yawned and buried his face into the musky air mattress...

A coldness went through him like electricty, and Guy-Manuel shot up. There were no hands, arms, or any limbs wrapped around him and he choked out, "Thomas?" 
His mind began racing and he prayed that it wasn't all just a "wet-dream".


"I'm right here Guy," A voice answered. "I didn't leave you. I only decided to turn off the light and grab the blankets."
There was a weight increase, and a blanket was thrown over Guy's body. He smiled softly as Thomas brought him back into another spooning position. 

"How's the arm?" Thomas asked, reaching over Guy and stroking his hurt arm gently.

"It's... better now," Guy replied, yawning again...

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Apr. 26th, 2008 05:07 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
Don't worry... I'll be writing more!
Apr. 25th, 2008 04:32 pm (UTC)
Oh dear~! >3<

I look forward to reading more~ :'D
Apr. 26th, 2008 05:07 pm (UTC)
That's good to hear, 'cause I'll be posting more stories soon!
Apr. 29th, 2008 04:02 am (UTC)
... I tried to hold in my fangirl squealing during this.

I love that you mentioned their robot suits. It's usually one or the other, so it's nice. XD (And I tend to forget about their suits when writing th- oops, did I say anything? ;] )

It's so hard to find Daft Punk pic. (SRS BSNZ FANDOM. :|)

But, yeah~ I enjoyed it!

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Apr. 29th, 2008 11:20 am (UTC)
Thank you!

Yeah... I know what you mean. It is hard to find Daft Punk pics. But there is always fan-art! :)
Jan. 14th, 2011 01:58 am (UTC)
Amazing Amazing Amazing AMAZING! *0*
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