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Silence Of The Dark

Title: Silence Of The Dark
Rating: PG
Pairing: Thomas Bangalter/Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
Summary: Paris encounters an severe earthquake...
Author's Note: I wrote this a while back. And I was quite emo that day. So sorry if it makes you get a little teary. I got a little teary when I was editing this...
Disclaimer: Thomas and Guy-Manuel DO NOT have a relationship with each other. Though many of us (myself included) like to think/imagine they do!


Of all days to get mad at him! Thomas Bangalter thought bitterly at himself as he stood in his and Guy-Manuel's apartment building. Dishes were top sided and everything was in a complete wreak...
An earthquake, rare, had somehow happened in the outskirts of Paris. And of course when the earthquake had begun, Thomas and his lover (Guy-Manuel) had had a quarrel. Which, of course, resulted in Guy running away (again).

Usually when they fought, Thomas didn't care where Guy ran to, because his lover always found his way back, late at night, and they would usually apologize and have make-up sex or whatever.
But this time... When the ground began to rumble and shake...

Damn! Where's Guy? God, I hope he's okay. Thomas thought worriedly, making sure the aftershocks were gone before heading out of his apartment and heading in the direction of their record studio.
Many buildings were collapsed, and Thomas was very lucky that his was still standing, only swaying slightly.

As he neared the record studio he heard smashing of glass and screaming coming from the city.
There are already looters? Thomas thought, finally reaching the studio and unlocking the doors.
The studio was still standing, but inside everything was smashed. Glasses were smashed in pieces, and all the furniture was toppled.
Thomas entered the record room and swore heavily when he saw his keyboards smashed and laying sideways on the floor. Guy's drum-kit was collapsed all around and their sheets of music were blowing everywhere.

Thomas continued to look around at the destruction of instruments before saying out loud, "Dammit!"
There was a little rustle sound and Thomas tensed up, hoping it was only a rodent or bug.
"... H-help? Is t-there anybody... there...?" A shattered voice ranged out and Thomas's heart froze.
"Guy?" He whispered maneuvering his way through broken instruments and random items.
He heard a whimper and saw a heavy filing cabinet lying on the floor. And further down, pinned underneath the cabinet was...

"GUY!" Thomas shouted.
His lover turned his head a little to the side and stared up at Thomas. The filing cabinet was almost completely crushing Guy and he was already bruised and bloody.
With ambitious strength, Thomas hauled the cabinet off his lover and winced as it landed with a bang.

"Guy?" Thomas whispered softly, crouching down next to his friend and watching as Guy-Manuel began pulling himself into a sitting position.
Guy winced at the sharp tug that surged up his stomach. 
"You came..." Guy began, stopping to suck in some air, "for me?" 
Thomas nodded his head and walked around Guy. He sat on the floor behind Guy, and brought the shorter man into his lap. 
Guy was bewildered for a second before relaxing into Thomas's lap.

Guy-Manuel pulled at a string around his neck. A robot Thomas doll fell out of his shirt and he held it up to Thomas. Thomas smiled, making Guy blush. 
Thomas reached around his own neck and pulled out a similar doll with robot Guy-Manuel on it. Guy smiled, and the two watched in silent as the two robot characters magnetically "grabbed" each other's hands.

Pain snuck back into Guy and he took a sharp breath and collapsed backwards. Thomas was lucky that he had Guy in his lap, as Guy's head hit his lower stomach.
Thomas quietly hummed some random tune, while playing absentmindly with Guy's hair; stroking and rubbing his fingers through the long, wavy hair.
Thomas placed his head on top of Guy's head and ran his nose through the hair; smelling the original scent of Guy. He let his lips linger on top of Guy’s head; pressing a tight kiss to the crown of Guy’s head.


Thomas raised his head off Guy's, as he heard his lover speaking. He looked down and saw Guy-Manuel was fully awake and crying silently.
"Guy...?" He began.

"I... n-never m-meant anything I-I ever s-said. The stuff that w-would u-usually get us fighting," Guy stammered, choking on tears before he continued, "I-I love you Thomas. S-so much. I'm sorry, so sorry... sorry."

"Shh, shh Guy. Its okay, you've always been forgiven. I love you, too." Thomas shushed Guy-Manuel's cries and kissed the top his head again.
Another rumble was heard and the ground shook, slightly.

Guy whimpered and moved so he was not leaning his back against Thomas, but turned around and looking up at the taller.
Thomas leaned downward and let his lips linger on Guy's. The shorter man kissed back with so much passion they both landed on the floor; Guy on top of Thomas.
They continued kissing, and brought themselves into a sitting position; still kissing.

A louder rumble sounded and the ground shook with more force than the last time. Glass that wasn’t shattered before, begun to… and Guy screamed. Thomas shushed Guy, pulling him into his chest and tucking his head underneath his chin.

Guy-Manuel cried into Thomas's chest as the ground beneath them shook heavily, and furniture was heard scrapping around beside them. The walls seem to be getting closer and closer, and Guy screamed out loud, moving away from Thomas.
Thomas suddenly grabbed a hold of Guy and threw him against the floor. He crawled up the stunned shorter man's form. He kissed Guy softly on the lips, and then said, "Look at me Guy." 
Guy stared at him, but as the rumbles got louder he winced and let his gaze wandered.
"No. Guy-Manuel look at me!" Thomas said with more force. Guy returned his gaze to Thomas's face.

The ground began shaking uncontrollably, and Guy wrapped his arms around Thomas's back; keeping his lover right over top of him.
"I love you Guy. So much, that it would kill me if you were to die first..."

Guy's eyes widened as he realized, what Thomas was saying; he wanted to be killed in the earthquake first!
"No!" He screamed, hurling his body up against Thomas's. He flipped their position and stood staring down at Thomas. Thomas looked up at him with wide eyes.
"Guy..." He began, but a loud snapping and ripping noise stopped him. 

One of the keyboards had somehow come unplugged and as the shakes were beginning to get worse and worse… The keyboard bounced across the room with the shaking of the floor, eventually getting suspended into the air and that’s when it came crashing down towards the ground.

Falling and crashing right into Guy-Manuel!
The shorter man cried out and fell forward onto Thomas. Blood ran out his mouth and he whimpered at the weight that was now upon him.
"NO!" Thomas shouted angrily, grabbing his once beloved keyboard and throwing it across the room. He shook Guy and the hurt man only raised his head tiredly.

"God, Guy. This is exactly why I didn't want you on top of me! Look at yourself..." Thomas began ranting heavily, wiping away the stranded blood flowing from Guy’s half parted lips, but stopped when Guy began closing his eyes.
"No, Guy. Don't close your eyes, please. Stay awake for me," Thomas whispered softly, stroking Guy's hair.
Guy's eyes flickered and he took a ragged breath of air. He leaned more heavily on top of Thomas; laying his head on the taller's chest and listen to the thudding heart beat.

Thomas bit his bottom lip with worry as Guy-Manuel simple snuggled against him and his eyes held no spark or anything.
"I'm cold..." 
Thomas blinked. Guy was talking?
"I'm really cold Thomas..." Guy said again, shudders wracking his body. Guy curled as much he could into Thomas's warm chest and neck; refusing to move.

Thomas wrapped his arms tightly around Guy's form, feeling the shudders going through the short man. 
"Don't worry Guy... I'll keep you warm," Thomas said, biting back the sob that was threatening to arise. 
Guy nodded and kept taking shallow breaths before his body stopped shaking and there was an odd silence in the air.

Thomas was about to scream Guy-Manuel's name again, but there was enormous rumble and sickening crack against the side of the studio...
Objects went flying, sparks lit the room up a little, and wires dangled carelessly against the sockets.

And then suddenly... there was only darkness and silence...

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