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Drunk or Sober?

Title: Drunk or Sober?
Author: [info]stripesco04_nur 
Rating: PG ~ For brief language
Pairing: Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie
POV: Ryan's
Summary: Ryan just wants to sleep, but Brendon can't help being... Brendon!
A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [info]i_am_tre, (Jimmy)!!! This is all for you girl! Thanks so much for beta-ing my stories! Sorry it's so short...
Disclamier: Ryan and Brendon aren't together. :(

I awoke to heavy banging against my hotel door. Groaning and spitting out words of sadism, I unwound myself from the warm blanket cocoon bed and made my way to the door.
Unclasping and unbolting the door, I open it and was surprised when a smaller thin form latched onto me from the hallway.

"Brendon?" I whispered. The youth refuses to say anything and continues to press his face against my chest.
I say his name again, and he barely shrugs his shoulders before moaning out.

"Are you alright?" I ask; bringing the young man into the hotel room, and shutting the door close behind us. Brendon groans and grabs a hold of his head.
I move my arms around his waist and guide him into the bedroom. He kicks off his shoes and crawls underneath the covers.
"Make yourself comfortable," I say sarcastically.

"Sorry for stealing your bed... Ryan," He says, patting the bedside next to him, and batting his beautiful chocolate eyes at me. 
Damn. I cannot resist those eyes!

"It's okay. But why are you knocking on my door at 1 in the morning?" I slide into the bed and Brendon edges closer to me.
"Because... I think I had too much to drink, and now my head is full of swishing motions," He sighs, leaning even closer to me. I slant back and Brendon whispers, "Ryan, I may be completely half drunk or half sober, but I really want to do this."

I watch as he moves his lips towards mine. I close my eyes; not believe that I was going to kiss Brendon!
But all I felt was a soft wetness hit my cheek, and then a heavy thud against my shoulder blade.
I glance down and see that Brendon has passed out; his head against my shoulder, slurping soundly.

"Goodnight Brendon," I whisper, ruffling his hair, and kissing his forehead.

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May. 28th, 2008 09:23 pm (UTC)
aww, it made me giggle. it was nice and fluffy.

thank you :)

May. 29th, 2008 02:39 am (UTC)
You're welcome! :)

~ Stripes
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