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What a Blast

Title: What a Blast
Author: [info]stripesco04_nur
Rating: PG
Pairing: Guy-Manuel/Thomas
POV: 1st  Thomas
Summary: An accident leaves Guy-Manuel in a coma, and Thomas grieving...
Author Notes: Something that just came to mind, and I wrote out...
Disclaimer: Thomas and Guy-Manuel do not have a relationship, and I do not own the lyrics as well.

I grimaced, as I watch the drunk off their asses sway to the beat. 
"How'd we get signed to play here?" I asked Guy-Manuel who was standing next to me. He shrugged his shoulders and continued to work on the mixing table.
I sighed bitterly before going back to remixing 'Da Funk'.  As I was just getting into remixing the best part of our song, I noticed a drunk teenager swaying widely around our cables and wires.
"No. Get away from the wires!" I shouted, waving my hands in hopes to get his attention. He didn't see me, and I watched as he slipped on one of the wires and his drink spilled all over the wires.

There was a soft silence that filled the air, and then a huge spark that came with an almost sonic boom...
I felt something hit me and through my blurry vision, I swear I saw a ball of fire explode from the middle of the floor. Screams shouted out from every direction, and I suddenly felt tired. I fell backwards, and welcomed the soothing peacefully darkness...

"Hey, look!"
"It looks like he's coming through!"

Excited hushed voices float along the breeze that I feel on my face. I groan and crack open an eye, immediately shutting them from the bright light above.
Finally I open my eyes again, and the light's not too bad. I struggle into a sitting position and notice two things.
(1)  I'm not at the club anymore and this is certainly not me and Guy's apartment.
(2)  Busy P and the club's owner M. Thornet are sitting in chairs watching me.

"What... happened...?" I say raspy. My throat feeling dry and scratching as I talk. M. Thornet offers me a drink of water from my hospital bedside. I thank him, and as I drink, I give Busy P a look.
He sighs and begins telling me everything that happened...
"Our mixing table blew up?" I repeat once he's done. Busy P nods his head, and I touch my forehead briefly, feeling the bandage around it. 
"So I didn't dream getting hit in the head, did I?" I ask them, and they shake their heads no. I lie back against the bed and let out a very deep sigh.
I close my eyes for a second... Guy...  My eyes flash open and I lift myself up a little higher; worrying both Busy P and M. Thornet.

"Where's Guy?" I asked. M. Thornet gives Busy P a look, before glancing down towards the floor. "Hello!" I shout getting them to look at me, "You know, Guy-Manuel... my partner? Short, long hair..."
"I think you should rest some more Thomas," M. Thornet instructs, trying to pushing me back down, but I fight it. 
"I'm not going to rest, until someone answers me!"
Busy P sighs, and says quietly, "When the blast went off, Guy-Manuel was in the middle of the mixing table. The blast hit him hard and well..."
I stare at him in disbelief. I finally find my voice and say softly, "He's dead, then?" 
Busy P looks at me and says, "No, Thomas. He's not dead. He's in a coma."
I give him a look while thinking, He's in a coma?
"I want to see him!" I say, struggling to get out of the hospital bed. "No, Thomas. You should rest, and when you're stronger you can see Guy-Manuel," M. Thornet says, but I ignore him and stand on shaking legs before them.

"Take me to him... Please P!" I shout, begging him with my eyes. Busy P looks unsure, but finally agrees with me, and leads me into the hospital hallway.
So much commotion out here, and I walk shakily after P. He leads me into another hospital room, and nods his head at me. 
I enter the room, and noticed a form laying on one of the beds in there.
I rush over and stare in shock silence at Guy-Manuel silently lying on the bed. "Oh God, Guy!" I say, plopping myself down on one of the chairs and reach out to grab a hold of his hand.
Tears begin to fall, and I squeeze his hand tightly. I swear I felt a returned squeeze, but when I look at him through my tears all I see is the oxygen tube running through his nose, a drip going into his veins, and his eyes close...
The tears come out faster, and I lay my head halfway on his chest, gasping for breath...

I don't remember falling asleep, but I'm awakened by Busy P who gently leads me away from Guy's bedside. I sit in my own hospital bed, and stare at nothing... Feeling the emptiness take hold...

It's been three days since the 'accident' happened, and I've been released yesterday, but it's not like I'm going to actually leave the hospital.
Not with Guy-Manuel the way he is. He hasn't woken up yet, but the doctors say that he's made some progress. 
I hold Guy's hand and let my thumb rub against the back of his hand. I pull it up and kiss it. 
Sighing, I place his hand back down and get up, stretching and saying, "I'll be right back Guy. I'm going to go get a drink of water."

I take a large gulp of water from the hospital's fountain, and then head back towards his room. As I pass other rooms, I hear a familiar sound...
'Turn your face away from the garish light of day,
Turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light
and listen to the music of the night...'

I look in and see one of the patients’s listening to the 'Phantom of the Opera'. I smile, remembering how much Guy-Manuel loved that musical.
Suddenly a thought comes to mind, and smiling even wider, I head back to his room...

I stare at Guy, and stroke his hand whispering, "I'm back Guy. And I'm going to sing something for you. I know I don't have a good voice, but I hope you like it, and open your eyes to tell me that you liked it."
I sit down in one of the chairs and take a deep breath before singing in French;
"Dites you’; la part de ll avec moi un amour, une vie… me mènent, sauf moi à partir de ma solitude… Dites que vous me voulez avec vous, ici près de vous… N'importe où vous allez m'avez laissé partir aussi" 

I finish singing and open my eyes which I must have closed while singing. I glance at Guy-Manuel, but he looks the same. As I sigh... I see him move a little.
"Guy?" I whisper quietly, getting excited as Guy starts to move. My breath hitches as Guy's eyes open and he squints up at me.
"Thomas?" He whispers back, struggling to get into sitting position. I reach over and help him up.
"Oh, Guy!" I say, letting my guard down and hugging him tightly. I bury my head into his neck, and curse myself as tears fall again.
Guy returns the hug; letting his hand roam through my hair. 
"Thomas... Why are you... crying?" He asks, and I grip him tighter, not wanting to let go.
"It's nothing, Guy. Just happy you're finally awake!" I say, finally pull away from him, and watching a smile come to his face.

"Come here," Guy-Manuel says, and I lean over closer towards him. He leans up and catches my lips with his. We kiss like there's no tomorrow, and when we break for air, Guy whispers against my lips, "I love you and your voice..."
I place my hand against his cheek, and say, "Je t'aime aussi..."

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Oct. 5th, 2009 03:54 am (UTC)
AWWW this is sweet :D
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