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The Dare

Title: The Dare
Author: [info]stripesco04_nur
Rating: PG
Pairing: Julian/Sammy
Summary: Forced to do a dare, Julian must realize that he just might have feelings for Sammy...
Disclaimer: This is all fiction... Sammy and Julian are not together... :(
A/N: Another Lovex fic by me! Please read and comment if you like!

"Come on Julian... It's just a dare."
"I know it's just a dare... But, but, but..."
"There are no buts, Julian. All you have to do is kiss Sammy on the lips, and Theon and I will hand over fifty bucks each..."

His mind replayed the conversation he had with Vivian and Theon. God, why didn't he just say no? Probably 'cause he was such a "softie".
Julian peered over the bunch of equipment boxes over to where the guitarist was sitting on the floor, mending a broken string.
Julian took a deep breath, and was about to come out of the shadows, but his body began shaking, and the little drummer ducked down as Sammy's head whipped up, surveying the area.
Seeing nothing the guitarist went back to fixing his string.

"Hey is he having second thoughts, or what?"
"Shush Theon!"

Julian gulped and took a deep breath, thinking, All I have to do is kiss him... How hard can it be?
Coming out of the shadows for the second time, Julian marched right over to where Sammy was...
"H-hey Sammy," He said.
Sammy raised his head and gave the drummer a smile that made his heart thud.
"S-s-so w-w-what're you doing?" Julian stammered, cursing himself about his nervousness, and inability to start a conversation.
"Just fixing a broken string..." The guitarist murmured, looking back down at the guitar in his lap.
"C-can I watch?" 
Sammy raised his head and stared suspiciously at Julian, but then nodded his head and bent back down...

Julian watched, but wasn't really interested in a broken guitar string... But Sammy's fingers! Skimming around the guitar... God he couldn't tear his vision away from the guitarist's fingers.
His heart began to thud heavily and Julian prayed Sammy didn't hear.
Sammy looked back at the drummer and noticed he was staring off into space.
"Julian, is there something wrong?" He asked.
The drummer didn't respond, but nodded his head...
Sammy moved the guitar off his lap and motioned for Julian to say something.

"Well... You see," The drummer began trying how to fit this sentence together, "The guys... They dared me to do something stupid, and now I don't think I can go through with it."
After finishing, Julian placed his head down.
Sammy stared at the young drummer before asking, "Does this dare have anything to do with me?"
Sammy took a deep breath and removed his glasses, handing them over to Julian. The drummer stared dumbfounded at the glasses on his lap, and raised his confused gaze to Sammy.
"Don't look so alarm. I know... They dared you to get my glasses, right?" The guitarist said, bringing his guitar back onto his lap and struggling to fix the string.

Julian winced as he saw Sammy struggle to concentrate without his glasses, and he edge closer to the guitarist, laying his hand over-top the others.
Heart beating madly, and having Sammy's strong gaze set on his face made Julian feel a little dizzy, but somehow he was able to place Sammy's glasses back on his face; feeling his heart skip a beat as his fingers made contact with the soft skin...
"They didn't dare me to get your glasses, Sammy," Julian said, trying to look away, 'cause he could feel a blush spreading throughout his face.
The guitarist moved his guitar again, and tentatively moved so he could pull the drummer's face back. Julian refused at first and Sammy whispered out, "What they dare you to do, Juke?"
Hearing the "Juke" made Julian turn towards the guitarist and rush forward; mashing their lips together in a tight lip-lock.

Julian pressed farther as he felt Sammy starting to respond to the kiss, but as the need for air got higher... They pulled away from each other and Julian happily watched the guitarist who looked bewildered.
Sammy looked at the drummer and said, "That's what they dared you to do?"
Julian bowed his head; he could hear the hint of anger in Sammy's voice and he didn't understand why. Wasn't Sammy pressing back against my lips, too? He thought silently.
"Yeah..." The drummer began, "To kiss you on the lips... But," Julian started to become desperate as Sammy was starting to get up off the floor.
"Sammy..." He choked off before rushing out, "I think I might be in love with you!" After finishing his outburst, the young drummer fell back against the floor, and curled into a ball. Tears started to spill, and his breath got ragged...

A soft hand massaging his shoulder had the drummer tilting his head, and he saw Sammy kneeling beside him. The guitarist smiled and pulled Julian up and into his lap.
A hand pushed the drummer's head into the curve of Sammy's neck, and he heard the soft whisper, "That's all I needed to hear, Julian..."
Julian smiled and moved his head out of the guitarist's neck, and began kissing him again. Sammy smiled into the kiss, and pulled the young drummer closer... Till Sammy was lying on his back on the floor and Julian was crawling over-top of him, still kissing!
Julian ran his tongue over the guitarist's lips; smiling as he open. So much wonder was in store for the young drummer as he explored Sammy's mouth, but decided he could explore later. 
Moving away from Sammy's mouth, the drummer began kissing his way down the guitarist's neck; eventually curling and sucking at where the neck met the collarbone.
Sammy moaned, and wrapped his arms around the drummer; keeping him in place...

Both drummer and guitarist jumped, and let go of each other as they saw Jason looking at them.
The bassist shook his head at the two, and muttered, "Please don't do anything "weird" out here, especially around our instruments..."
Not bothering to get a response, Jason left, and Sammy began pushing himself off the floor. 
Julian was quite comfortable, and he refused to move from the strong body...
Sammy pushed Julian off him, but grabbed his hand as the drummer looked worriedly at him. 
"Hey, come on... Let's go some place more private," The guitarist whispered, getting to his feet and literally dragging the drummer behind him...

"So that'll be a hundred," Vivian stated, smiling as he and Theon watched the guitarist and drummer run off together.
"Here," Theon said bitterly, hating losing the bet, but still looking bewildered by the whole scene.
Vivian thanked him and began making his way down off the cat-walk, as the singer followed.
At the bottom, Theon asked, "How'd you know they would get together?"
"Come on... Are you completely blind?" Vivian said, but as the singer got more confused he said, "They always seem to give each long stares, and..." Vivian stopped as he noticed the singer's face scrunched up in confusion.
"Ah hell! Just let me do "match-maker" for everyone else..."



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Aug. 4th, 2008 09:07 pm (UTC)
that was cute...!nervous!juke is the best
Aug. 4th, 2008 09:19 pm (UTC)
Aw! Thanks!
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