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Blinded By The Syrup

Title: Blinded By The Syrup
Author: [info]stripesco04_nur
Rating: Hard R  (close to NC-17)
Pairing: Guy-Manuel/Thomas
Summary: Fun toys, a hot dinner, and hotness afterwards... Who could have more?
Disclaimer: Thomas and Guy-Manuel are not a couple...
A/N: Please note that this story is a little more explict than the last couple of stories I've posted. So take heed, and also there is whitty bullshit humor in here. Other than that... Enjoy!

"Oh God!" The golden robot choked out as his partner (a silver robot) began grinding against him. Their legs entwined, and another large gasp was heard from the gold robot as the silver thrust his knee beneath the other’s legs.
"Does that feel good?"
"Mmmm... Should we remove the masks?"
The silver robot nodded his head and began making a rhythm with his knee and legs...

No sooner were the two robots suddenly on the ground and tugging at each other. The silver one reached out and helped the gold one settle onto his lap. 
Their legs wrapped around each other, and the gold robot whispered out, "Maybe we should remove some of the... ah... un-extra materials."
The silver smiled underneath his mask and pulled the other closer to him...

"See? Guy-Manuel, you're not looking!" Thomas Bangalter whined, as his lover was watching the oven.
Guy-Manuel sighed, and turned away from the dinner in the oven and over to where his young lover sat, playing with two Daft Punk figures.
"See? Your figure agreed to sleep with mine... Of course who can't resist me?" Thomas boasted gleefully, showing Guy the two figures that had their limbs around each other.
"Why do you always have to play dirty with the dolls?" Guy asked; turning away from the bizarre scene and feeling a little blush float over his cheeks.
"Hey, hey! They're called "action figures" Guy, and besides this is fun. And it passes the time when my chef is slow at cooking," Thomas teased, resulting in having an oven mitt thrown into his face.

Guy-Manuel rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the oven as it beeped, blocking out the constant kissing noises Thomas was making.
Pulling his casserole out of the oven, Guy was suddenly overwhelmed with... "Thomas!" The short man shouted, batting and shooing his young lover out.
"Ah come on Guy. It smells so good."
"I'll bring you some if you sit at the table..."
The taller stuck his tongue at the other before heading back to the table. Sighing wearily, Guy served the casserole onto plates and presenting them to Thomas, who with a cheeky smile dove into his dinner...

Guy-Manuel stared at how Thomas ate like a starved animal; shaking his head and quietly eating his own.

"Come on, Guy!" The whining continued again, and Guy-Manuel gripped the plate he was scrubbing until his knuckles were white.
"Thomas, I swear... I will kill you if you don't stop!" Guy shouted, finally finishing the dishes and starting the dishwasher.
Thomas smiled as he crept silently behind the shorter man; his hands cradling a bottle behind his back...
"No you won't," He stated, smiling as Guy sighed.
"Oh, won't I..." Guy stated beginning to turn around and face his lover, but was stopped and blinded as something wet and sticky was thrown into his face.
"What the...?" He began, but was interrupted by Thomas who snickered and said in a fake worried voice, "Guy are you alright?"
Guy snarled at him, and Thomas tried to quell his laughter.
"Wait. I'll help you," He said as Guy tried to turn and find a towel...

Getting closer, Thomas surprised Guy-Manuel by licking at his face... "What the hell are you doing?" Guy demanded, trying effortlessly to pull away.
Thomas snarled at Guy's attempts, and backed the shorter into a corner of their kitchen. He bended Guy's head back slightly and continued licking around the other's face.
Thomas grinned at the taste of sweet and salty flesh was filtered on his tongue, and started kissing around Guy's face. 
The taller ran his tongue of the lips of his lover's, and when the mouths open their tongues touched each other briefly...

Guy pulled away as he tasted something sweet and familiar in his mouth. He turned his face away from his young lover.
"What?" Thomas asked, staring in shock at Guy.
"You threw chocolate syrup into my face?" Guy accused.
"Maybe..." Thomas muttered and giving his friend another cheeky grin.
Guy-Manuel shook his head and tried to move out of Thomas's embrace, but the younger wouldn't have any of that.
"You still have chocolate syrup on your face," He pointed out.
"Yes, I know. And if you let me go... I'll go wash it off," Guy said, finally getting out of the other's hold and heading towards the sink.

Thomas surprised him by grabbing his arm and pulling roughly until Guy was pressed up tightly to Thomas's chest.
Guy absentmindly began to spit at pieces of his hair that had fallen into his mouth. "Thomas?"
"Shut up! This is hot, and I want this!" Thomas shouted, making the other cringed as he was roughly kissed hard again.
Guy-Manuel was once again blinded by the chocolate syrup that was thrust into his face, and he let Thomas lead him out of the kitchen and into one of their bedrooms.
Shoving him down, Guy clenched the bed sheets; still blinded by the syrup.
Thomas took the opportunity to crawl up Guy's form and lick half the chocolate off. Once the chocolate was out of his eyes, Guy smiled up as Thomas licked his way down...
Guy wrapped his legs around Thomas's waist, pulling the tall man down onto him. Thomas instinctually began to move his hips lightly. 
Guy moaned out at the contact and stared at the bathroom, while Thomas continued to lick/kiss him endlessly...

"Wait, Thomas!" He shouted, making the other stop and stare. "Let’s finish this in the shower..."
Thomas smiled at what Guy meant and he nodded, getting off Guy and heading into the bathroom...

"Oh... fuck!" Guy-Manuel shouted as he came fast; the world spinning white before feeling the pleasure building high for Thomas, who seconds later was exploding within him.
The two smiled sheepishly at each other, before starting to get clean...

Back on the bed, Thomas began kissing Guy again, and the other didn't complain about the hands trailing over his naked hip...
Guy grabbed Thomas's hand that was trailing and placed it around his waist. Thomas looked at Guy, who silent whispered, "Come on, Thomas. Take me again, please!"
The taller nodded, and continued kissing...

The red digits of the clock showed that two minutes had gone by...
Thomas began breathing hard as he stared down at lover who was sprawled out underneath him. Guy-Manuel moved his hands up and down the other's chest, whispering, "You okay?"
"J-just fine. Don't worry," Thomas whispered back, letting his hips move again.
Guy moaned and wrapped his arm around Thomas's back; holding him close and letting his fingers run through the back of his hair...

Silence hung in the air until... "Oh God, Guy!" 

"We need to do that again, Guy!" Thomas shouted excitedly and making Guy-Manuel groan.
"God, it was sooooo hot!" Thomas continued to rant and he looked at Guy, letting his hands run through his hair. "And you..." Guy raised his head to Thomas, "You were pretty hot."
Guy smiled and said, "Aren't I always?"
Thomas smiled too, then rushed out, "Holy crap! You made a joke!"
Guy smacked his fist into Thomas's shoulder, before turning over and muttering, "You idiot..."
Thomas's smile got bigger and he lay down, letting Guy curl into his arms...

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Aug. 4th, 2008 09:19 pm (UTC)
Aug. 5th, 2008 12:26 am (UTC)
Daft Punk Doll Sex = FDASFSVCYSDAGN<3WIN!!
Aug. 5th, 2008 12:38 am (UTC)
Whoa... I haven't heard anything from you in awhile! I'm glad you liked this, though...
Jan. 20th, 2011 07:08 pm (UTC)
It seems I'm three years too late in commenting..
I really love all of your stories and I was just wondering, what exactly was Guy-Man cooking?
Jan. 21st, 2011 12:08 am (UTC)
Re: It seems I'm three years too late in commenting..
Oh I don't really know, some casserole... Lol!
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