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One Night Stand

Title: One Night Stand
Author; stripesco04_nur</lj> 
Rating: R
Pairing: Sammy Black/Julian Drain  brief Vivian/Theon
Summary: Julian finds out about having the best night of your life, and then having it all taken away...
Disclaimer: As far as I know, the Lovex boys are not going out with one another...
A/N: There is a sqeuel already in progress, and it will be up whenever I get the chance. Italics represent flashbacks or previous events.


Julian Drain sat cross-legged on a bed, clutching a black hat with stripes going down on the sides close to him. He whimpered, and tried not to sob too loud; for fear that he would wake up Christian.
The drummer bit his lip as tears rolled down his eyes. He knew that coming on too strongly was a bad idea, and now it showed; as his heart ached badly.
"Sammy..." Julian whispered, not even trying to finish his thought out loud as memories flashed in his mind.

The music was blaring loudly, and Julian could hear it as he walked up Christian's driveway. He saw flashing lights in the windows, and knocked gingerly on the door.
The door swung open, and the drummer was face to face with a very drunk keyboardist.
"J-J-Julian!" Christian slurred, ushering the youngester into his home. The door slammed close behind them, and Julian was suddenly alone as Christian seemed to sway away towards a group of girls...
The drummer couldn't see anyone he knew, so he hid by the stairs and watched a couple kiss and grind against each other in the hallway.
"Hey Julian. I didn't think you were coming."
Julian broke out of his stare of the couple and saw Theon, Vivian, and Sammy coming over to him.
"I wasn't, but then I thought hey free beer!" Julian joked.
Vivian laughed, and pulled Theon closer to him. The drummer noticed their hands intertwined together, and only shook his head at the two.
"Speaking about free beer..." Sammy said, pulling a can from his back pocket and tossing it to Julian. Julian caught it and cracked it open.
"Go. GO!" Theon cheered as Julian chugged the beer and threw it onto the floor. Sammy smiled and rearranged his hat. The movement was so natural and it made the drummer's heart stir a little.

He watched as Sammy disappeared and came back with a bottle of beer for him.
"Better drink this one slowly," The guitarist recommended.
"Wow! Sammy's words of wisdom," Vivian teased, getting to his knees and bowing before Sammy. Sammy rolled his eyes and punched Vivian in his arm, making the other guitarist fall back onto the ground.
"Thank you, Sammy the Great!" Vivian shouted, as Sammy left muttering, "You idiot..."
Julian smiled and untwisted the cap. He watched contently as Theon pulled Vivian up to his feet and the two disappeared into the pulsing house...

More tears were coming out now, and Julian reached his hand up and wiped the tears away. As he let go of his grip on the hat; his nose got a whiff of something so... familiar.
His eyes got blurry again, and he sobbed the same name out loud, "Sammy..."

Julian made his way through the house, putting his bottle on the kitchen counter and heading into Christian's living room. He saw people dancing and lip-singing to new and old music.
Girls seem to flirt with their dances, as they strode up and flipped their butts towards other men in the room. Julian smirked as he denied a girl from flirt-dancing with him.
"And that's why I'm sooo famous and Lovex would be nothing without me."
Julian turned his head and saw Christian sitting on his couch with a random blonde on his lap. He shook his head as the keyboardist took a swig of his beer and tried to kiss the blonde. He missed and kissed her shoulder instead, but she smiled and giggled, and Julian realized that she was as trashed as Christian was.

Julian moved through the packed room and leaned against the opposite wall. As he bobbed his head to the beat he saw Sammy leaning against the same wall.
The guitarist was slowly taking sips of his drink and looking at the happy dancing people. A thought passed through the drummer's head... A very naughty thought...
Julian moved his way over to the guitarist, and tapped his shoulder. Sammy looked at Julian and said, "Bored?"
"Sort of," Julian replied, "Come on Sammy! Let's go dance!"
Julian pulled at Sammy's hand, and tried to edge the older male into the dancing. Sammy restrained from leaving the shadows, and the drummer pouted, "Oh, Sammy... Don't blend in. Have some fun! Even if it's for one night."
That seem to do the trick, and the two made their way into the crowd of people...

The songs went by and Julian blushed as he pressed himself up against Sammy. Sammy danced a little, but mostly looked away or ignored the cooing gentle touches that Julian made.
The drummer sighed and said, "My God, Sammy. Dance with me. No one’s going to judge us."
Sammy looked at the drummer and gave a loud sigh. He let his body follow naturally to Julian's and his hands wrapped around Julian's waist; guiding the drummer closer to his body.
"So what's up with the hat, Sammy?" Julian asked, as his body fitted with Sammy's.
"Felt like wearing it..." The guitarist mumbled, keeping his hands on Julian's waist.
"But you're still wearing your bandanna..."
"Scarf." Sammy interrupted sternly.
"Scarf, sorry. Didn't know it was a "touchy" subject," Julian said.

The two continued to mindlessly talk and dance with one another. Neither seemed to realize that they were getting closer and closer; until Sammy's lips came out of nowhere and pecked at Julian's.
Julian's eyes closed and he kissed back. His eyes fluttered open as Sammy pulled away. Julian saw the puzzlement on Sammy's face, and he simply pushed himself closer to him.
Sammy seemed to get the message and leaned back down, kissing softly. Julian could feel his whole body shaking. It was like he had just gotten electrified.
Nobody said anything, or judged them. People seem to be more preoccupied with dancing with their own couple, and Christian was completely wasted, with a stoned out cold blonde on his lap. Vivian and Theon were in the other room trying aimlessly to shove their tongues down each other's throats.

The small touch of Sammy's tongue against his lips made the shock run through Julian again, and the drummer happily let his mouth open.
His tongue seemed bewildered by the bombardment of another and it shyly touched Sammy's before pulling away. Sammy moved his one of his hands from Julian's waist to the small of his back, keeping the drummer close to him.
After awhile, Julian began sampling some of Sammy's mouth as his tongue seemed to get braver. They pulled away for air, and tenderly kissed at each other's lips again...
"Maybe we should take this somewhere else," Julian mumbled half-blinded against Sammy's lips. The guitarist smirked and grabbed a hold of Julian's hand; leading him through the crowd and up the stairs.
Julian's heart began beating madly and he was sure he was going to have a heart attack because of it.

Julian sniffled again, and jumped from the bed he was sitting on as if it were made of fire. He accidentally dropped the hat, and he sunk to the ground, crying mutely.
He looked from the bed to the door and could remember it swinging open for the biggest mistake of his life...

The spare bedroom door swung open, and Julian and Sammy made their way inside, their lips still connected...
Sammy pulled away from the drummer's lips, and pushed Julian onto the bed. Julian landed with a thump and bounced a little on the bed.
He giggled and saw the moon shining bright through the windows in the room. He heard a click and saw Sammy shutting and locking the door.
"That way we won't get bothered," He whispered, turning his attention back to the drummer.
Julian grinned and opened his arms for the guitarist. Sammy smiled and got onto the bed; letting his body relax as Julian wrapped his arms around him.
Sammy looked up the drummer and the two kissed again. When they pulled apart again, Sammy leapt from the bed, and said, "This'll help a little."
He grabbed his hat and tossed it carelessly onto the bed. Julian grabbed it and placed it on. He pulled it down in the front so it covered his eyes, and he looked at Sammy.
Sammy laughed and flicked the hat off of Julian. The drummer pouted, but stopped as he watched the guitarist start to shed his shirt.

His lower region stirred and he wasn't aware of it growing as his hungry eyes feasted upon the guitarist's bare chest. The little filter of hair decorated on his chest and the little pudgy layer of fat on his stomach made Sammy so real and perfect in Julian's eyes.
Julian began mimicking the guitarist, starting with his shoes and socks, and then working to remove his own shirt.
Sammy smiled as Julian began shucking off his clothing. "Eager?" He whispered as he curled up next to the drummer in only his boxers.
"Damn tight jeans..." Julian cussed, trying to pull his jeans down. Sammy laughed and helped Julian pull his jeans down. The drummer kicked them off his ankles and they landed in a pile next to Sammy's on the floor.
"Oh. Someone's very eager," Sammy stated, confusing Julian until he caught the guitarist looking at his...
"Shut up," Julian mumbled, blushing as he tried to look away.
"I can take care of it," Sammy said seductively, kissing underneath the drummer's ear. The bear brief passing of air under his ear made Julian shiver, and he swallowed thickly.
"Show me..."

Sammy smiled and kissed from underneath Julian's ear down towards his neck. He kissed/sucked on the tender skin where the neck meets the shoulder.
He licked the spot and made Julian moan out loud. He placed his teeth on the wet spot and bit down.
"Ow!" Julian yelped, flinching.
"Sorry, just getting you ready," Sammy muttered as he licked the fresh blood away.
The guitarist moved his mouth from the new hickey down onto the drummer's chest. Sammy's breath ghosted over Julian's nipples and he instantly closed his eyes.
Sammy teased Julian's nipples before moving down and slowly pulling down the drummer's boxers...
Julian blushed ten times redder as his erection showed more now that it was exposed. Sammy smiled at it and patted it softly, making Julian moan.
"Will this help, Julian?" Sammy asked, dipping his head down and bringing Julian into his mouth.
"Holy shit, Sammy!" Julian screamed, instinctively bucking his hips.
The guitarist nodded his head and let his tongue mischievously run all over Julian's cock. Julian moaned and shuddered as he felt Sammy's heated breath and licks.
"S-S-Sammy," He stammered, letting his arms wrap around the guitarist's shoulders. "I'm g-going to..." Julian couldn't finish as he felt his body shuddered and something seemed to rip right from him.
Sammy swallowed all of it and removed his mouth from Julian's cock. He grinned at Julian and reached up his face to remove his glasses. He placed them on the nightstand and Julian began fingering his scarf...

The drummer began pulling at the scarf and Sammy stiffened. "Don't." He warned, but Julian ignored him. He pushed the scarf off and stared as Sammy's hair fell down, curling at his shoulders.
A smile crossed the drummer's face and he shrieked out loud, "Your hair's that long?"
The guitarist shook his head, and threw his body on top of Julian's; pinning the younger under him.
Julian moved his arm and let his fingers run through Sammy's hair. Sammy quietly purred against the movement and he tenderly kissed Julian.
Julian moved and Sammy slide halfway off the drummer. They continued to kiss, even as Julian grabbed the guitarist's hands and brought them over his naked hip.
They broke apart for air and Julian whispered against Sammy's lips, "I need to feel you Sammy... Please, take me!"
Sammy nodded, pulling his own underwear down and off before sadly looking at Julian.
"What?" Julian asked.
"I don't have any lube..." The guitarist mumbled.
"That's fine, Sammy," Julian said, chest fluttering up and down from heavy desire.
"I don't want to hurt you Julian," Sammy stated, hanging his head down.
"Hey," The drummer said impatiently, "You won't hurt me. I know you won't..."
"Fine," Sammy responded...

At first it felt awful and sick. Not to mention it hurt like hell. Julian bit his lip, but still gasped as he felt Sammy slide completely into him.
His body shook and ached. Tears pricked at the corner of his eyes, and Sammy saw them.
"Is this too much Juke?" Sammy whispered, feeling upset.
"N-n-no..." Julian choked out. Sammy leaned forward and kissed the salty tears away, unintentionally moving his hips so they made Julian cry out in pleasure.
Sammy grinned and moved his hips up. The movement gave so much pleasure to Julian, and he soon forgot the pain and began begging wordlessly for more.
Once they had gotten their pattern together, Sammy began speeding up his thrusts until he felt a rippling feeling beneath his belly.
"Oh fuck! Julian!" He screamed, wrapping his arms tightly around Julian and pulling the drummer closer to him. His body shook and suddenly he was exploding into Julian and screaming unintelligible words...

Julian began pumping his own cock, and letting it cum again. Sammy smiled again, and pulled gently out of Julian. The drummer smiled and they pulled the covers down and snuggled underneath the sheets.
"That was..."
"Breathily amazing?" Julian interrupted Sammy, who mutely nodded his head.
Sammy leaned his head onto the pillow and tiredly closed his eyes, as Julian curled into his arms...

Everything was perfect that night... So what went wrong? That was the question that kept replaying in Julian's head. Julian rubbed a hand through his greasy hair as he stared at the door with hateful eyes.

Julian awoke the next morning thanks to the sun shimmering into the room. He smiled as he felt Sammy shift next to him. He closed his eyes and snuggled his face into the pillow.
"Oh shit!"
Julian winced at the shout, and wondered what was wrong...
"Oh God! This wasn't supposed to happen!" He could hear Sammy ranting and was disappointed as the warm body left. He heard rustling of clothes and the buckling of a belt.
Julian wanted to lift his head up and ask Sammy what was wrong, but he decided against that.
"I'm so sorry, Julian," Sammy whispered, before walking and unlocking the door.
The quiet slamming of the door made Julian's heart break. 

It was announcing that he was only a one night stand...

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Sep. 7th, 2008 01:52 am (UTC)
i is sad that Sammy left him...T_T
Sep. 7th, 2008 02:03 am (UTC)
I know... :(
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