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One Night Stand pt 2

Title: One Night Stand
Author: stripesco04_nur 
Rating: R
Pairing: Julian/Sammy and some brief Vivian/Theon
Summary: A follow-up of "One Night Stand".
Disclaimer: None of the Lovex members are together...
A/N: This is the sequel to One Night Stand, and there will be a 3rd part to this as well. I was going to have everything together, but then realized it would be too long. So I'll have the last part up whenever I can! Enjoy!


It been two weeks since the "incident" happened, and neither Sammy nor Julian would speak of what happened.
Whenever the drummer tried to talk to the guitarist, Sammy would just walk away. In fact, he stopped hanging around Julian all together, and the drummer grew sadder everyday...

An annoying stripped crackling from Vivian's guitar made Julian sigh, as he wearily sat behind his drum-kit. Theon had decided to have practice today. Just for fun.
Well what fun was watching the one you love strut around in front of you? That was what Julian thought as he made sure his drums were tight.
"Hey! Not yet, Viv." Theon complained, walking towards the guitarist and punching him lightly on the shoulder.
Vivian simply smirked and glanced around at the others; Sammy was busy plugging his guitar into one of the amps, Jason was tuning his bass, and Christian was playing random tunes on his keyboard.
Vivian turned around, clutching his guitar to his chest, and giving the drummer a grin.
The corners' of Julian's mouth lifted up in a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes. Letting his mouth droop again, Julian sat back and waited for practice to begin.

"So, everyone ready? Alright... 1, 2, 3!" Theon counted down, then sung into the microphone the beginning of Anyone Anymore. The band followed suit, and Julian tried hard to stay focused.
The drummer cussed as he missed important beats. Sweat rolled down, and he struggled to keep up with the rest of the band, but his gaze would shift to Sammy... Who wasn't aware of Julian's stare, and was instead slowly moving his body against his guitar.
Guitar fucking. Julian realized, and tears pricked at the corner of his eyes.
Absorbed with looking at Sammy, Julian missed two important drum beats, and it caused Vivian to glance back at the drummer.
Vivian caught the longing gaze that Julian had, and when he saw it was directed at Sammy his face frowned in confusion.

Sammy leaned back and played his guitar, letting his body move in a perfect dance with it.
Julian kept missing beats and finally he didn't even realize his hand coming up.
Others would say he was ready for a big beat, as his drumstick was curled tightly in his fist, but Julian wasn't ready for a big beat. His hand darted forward, and suddenly there was only silence in the room.
The drumstick rolled on the floor, and Sammy stopped playing. He turned around and marched up to Julian and hissed at him, "Did you just throw a drumstick at me?"
"Oh, like this?" Julian countered, throwing his other drumstick at Sammy's face.
The rest of the band looked with confusion as Sammy asked stonily, "What is wrong with you?"
"Me?" Julian said befuddled. He rose up and walked around the drum-kit so he was looking Sammy in the eye. "What's wrong with you?! You left me, Sammy! How the fuck could you do something like that?"
Sammy groaned, and stated calmly, "Calm down Julian! It was only a one night stand."
Julian's eyes got a little blurry and he whispered, "But, but... I didn't want it to be a one night stand."
"Yeah, well I don't want it to be anything more..."

His eyes becoming even more blurry, Julian leapt at the guitarist. He knew he wasn't going to make Sammy hurt, but he could try!
Sammy shielded himself from Julian's blows, and eventually fought back. Grabbing the drummer's arm and twisting it painfully...
"Ow!" Julian shrieked, pulling his arm away and saying, "You fucking monster, Sammy!"
With that said, the band watched as Julian raced away from the room. Their attention turned to Sammy, who was staring bitterly at the floor.
"Goddammit!" He finally screamed, taking his guitar and smashing it onto the ground. Vivian winced as he watched the guitar splintered and crack.
The band held their breath as Sammy left, heading out the front door...

"Okay. Someone want to explain something to me?" Christian asked, breaking the silence.
"I have no idea what's going on," Theon said.
"What the hell's up with those two?" Jason asked, making the others shake their heads.
"Well, maybe you and Christian should go out and look for Sammy. And Theon and me will try to find Julian, because thankfully he didn't leave the practice space," Vivian suggested.
Christian and Jason nodded their heads and leaving their instruments behind, the duo left.

"Julian... Juke! Little Juke where are you? God Vivian... Where is he?" Theon asked as he and Vivian looked in all the spare rooms of the studio.
"Not sure, but keep looking," Vivian replied.
The two continued their search and constant calling, until they heard a muffled sob coming from one of the storage rooms.
Vivian knocked gingerly on the door before opening it. He and Theon stumbled a bit as there was no light in the room. Sliding his fingers against the wall, Theon flipped the light switch up and the room was flooded with light.
He and Vivian were upset to find Julian crying heavily into an old pillow that was probably thrown in here awhile ago.
"Julian! Oh God Juke!" Vivian said, rushing forward and wrapping his arms around the drummer.
Julian refused to budge, but did lean a little bit into Vivian's touch.
"Julian, what happened between you and Sammy?" Theon asked, settling beside Vivian and rubbing circles on his back.
The drummer rose his head and looked at the two before crying out, "H-h-he took eve-everything f-from me!"
Theon and Vivian shared a shocked look at each other before Vivian bended down and brought the now sobbing hysterical drummer into his arms...

In a small but lively pub, Jason and Christian finally found Sammy. They were afraid that he had really left, until Christian suggested that they check this pub.
"Fuck, Sammy... You should cut down on this heavy drinking," Jason joked as he noticed beer bottles around Sammy.
Sammy just snorted and consumed half of the beer that was in his hand.
"Yeah Sammy. 'Cause there can only be one bad heavy drinker in a band... And well, I've already won that title! Fair and square!" Christian said, making the guitarist's mouth twitched into a smirk.
Christian smiled too, and ordered a round on the three of them...
It seem like many hours passed by, as the three sat drinking their problems away, but in reality in was only twenty minutes.
"S-so Sammy... *hic* you have to tell us what happened between you and Julian. *hic*" Jason hiccupped.
The guitarist mumbled something and tried to reach for his fourth or fifth beer, but Jason batted his hands away.
"Tell us, please Sammy."
Sammy bit his lip, and turned away from the bassist's stare. He turned back and whispered, "I-I kind of slept with Julian."

Jason gasped, and Christian looked in drunken shock at the fact that there was no beer left in his glass.
"When did you...?" Jason began, choking on his sentence.
"Two weeks ago. During Christian's party..."
"Shit Sammy! What the hell is wrong with you?" Jason yelled, making other customers turn and look at them.
"What's wrong with me?" Sammy roared, "He's the one who made me dance with him, and kiss him, and... more..."
The guitarist took another swig of his beer before getting to his feet and swaying a bit. He grabbed the bar stool to steady himself and Jason said, "Sit down Sammy. I didn't mean to yell at you."
"You had every right to yell at me, Jason. I-I really need to get outta here! See you," Sammy said, rushing from the pub and leaving Jason to look unhappy at Christian. Who had a drunken smirk plastered on his face...

"We're back!" Christian announced as he and Jason came through the studio door.
"God, is it really that bad?" Jason mumbled as he found Theon and Vivian on the couch, holding a very clingy Julian.
Theon stood up and stretched before shaking his head. "Did you guys find anything out from Sammy?"
"Did he say anything?" Jason asked, looking at the drummer.
"Nope. He keeps saying that Sammy broke him, but that's all..." The singer whispered.
Jason nodded his head and whispered softly so only Theon and Vivian could hear, "They slept together..."
Theon's mouth fell open, and Vivian couldn't come up with anything to properly say.
"Yeah! They totally had sex together! And on my bed no less... Hey Julian, was it big heavy delicious sex?" Christian shouted drunkenly.
Julian looked at the keyboardist and Vivian saw tears come to his eyes. Before Theon or Vivian could say anything, Julian was up and away, again.
As a door slammed shut, Jason screamed at Christian, "You fucking idiot!"
They each took turns slapping Christian around, until he was no longer drunk and was cursing them venomously.

Jason fell heavily onto the couch beside Theon and Vivian. Christian sat on the floor, wincing at the bump he felt on the back of his head.
"What are we going to do?" Theon sighed letting his head lean into the crook of Vivian's neck. The guitarist wrapped an arm around the singer and both sighed wearily.
"I have no idea." Jason said bitterly.
"Well it's obvious that they are both crushing on each other," Theon began, but was interrupted by Christian, "Well Julian, but I don't think Sammy is..."
"Nah," Vivian butted in, "I've seen the way he looks at Julian. Pure love."
"But why is he pushing Julian away?"
"Maybe he doesn't want to hurt Julian or the band..."
"We still have to help them," Theon protested, letting Vivian's hands massage the tension away.

The four grew silent, until Christian piped up, "I know what we can do!"
"No, Christian we are not going to get them drunk and then handcuffed to each other," Jason said, making Theon and Vivian giggle out loud.
"I wasn't going to say that. But that is a good idea, Jason." Christian mumbled, "I was thinking; what if we get some rooms at a hotel, with one bed, and put Sammy and Julian in it?"
Nobody said anything for awhile until Jason responded, "That just might be crazy enough to actually work."
Christian's face turned into a smile as he and Theon planned the arrangements...

After a loud talk on Christian's cell-phone, Theon and Christian returned to others with solemn faces.
"What happened? Did we not get rooms?" Jason asked.
"We got rooms alright, but that bitch misheard me. I said five rooms. She gives me three! Only one room with one bed, we all get only one bed in our rooms! Damn it!" Christian cussed.
"I don't think that'll be a probably," Vivian stated, getting off the couch and pulling Theon into his chest.
"Maybe for you guys, but..." Christian glanced at the bassist, who simply shrugged his shoulders.
"Its fine by me, but if you touch me Christian... I swear I will slaughter you." The bassist warned, making the keyboardist cringed.
"How are we going to convince Sammy to come to the hotel?" Theon asked, snuggling his head back against the guitarist’s chest.
"Leave that to me and Jason," Christian said smugly, heading outside with Jason behind him...

"And why would I want to stay at a hotel?" Sammy asked after hearing why Jason and Christian had come to his apartment for.
"It'll take your mind off Julian, and maybe relax you. 'Cause we have a big tour coming up in another month or so," Christian explained.
The guitarist sighed wearily and shook his head. "Maybe you don't need me," He whispered dejectedly, "I mean you already have Vivian as a guitarist."
"Don't say that Sammy!" Jason shouted, "We all need you!" He left out the fact that Julian needed him. A lot.
Sammy sighed again, looking down at the carpet before asking, "You aren't trying to set me and Julian up?"
Jason bit the inside of his mouth and Christian said, "No. Of course not. We just think it'll be better for you to relax at a hotel. Because you'll just have memories of Julian when you look around your walls... Well maybe it'll be more convincing if you were looking at the walls of my house."
"Christian!" Jason shouted, slapping the keyboardist. 
Sammy glanced at the ground, and then slowly stood up. "I'll go get some of my things."
Disappearing into his bedroom, Jason and Christian smiled hugely. 
A vibrate against his leg made Jason pull out his phone:
"Have you guys convinced him yet, 'cause we already put Julian into his their room," Theon asked on the other line.
"We just did. We'll be there in about fifteen minutes. Twenty at the latest," Jason replied.
"Good. See you soon," Theon said.
"Bye," Jason responded, flipping his cell-phone shut at the same time Sammy came out of his room with a small duffle bag.

The ride to the hotel was silent, except for the blaring music Christian kept putting on.
"You just don't have any music taste," Jason commented as they pulled into the hotel parking lot.
"Well, you just don't have any good ears. This music is amazing!" Christian retorted, making Sammy laugh out loud.
After parking and grabbing their stuff, the trio walked through the hotel doors and headed over towards the reception desk.
"Um... We here to check in," Christian stuttered as a beautiful brunette sat behind the desk.
Jason snickered and Sammy looked around at the pictures hanging on the walls.
"Name, please?"
Christian gave her the name, stuttering the whole time. She left without a noise and was soon back with three card keys.
Christian couldn't say anything as his body froze when her fingers touched his briefly, and Jason grabbed the love-stricken keyboardist away, muttering a "thank you".

"So what level are we on?" Sammy asked as they walked over to the elevators.
"Fourth," Jason said after reading the back of the card keys. "Here you go Sammy."
Sammy took the key card and glanced at it. 414. He sighed, and tiredly closed his eyes.
The elevator's ding brought the guitarist's eyes open and he shuffled after the others into the lift...

Arriving at the fourth level, Jason and Christian pretended to say their goodbyes and what-not, but secretly followed behind Sammy as he headed towards his hotel room.
They held their breaths as Sammy slide the card key into the lock and a green light buzzed.
Sammy walked through the door, but stopped as he noticed lights on in the room.
"What the..." He began edging into the room and seeing Julian lying on the bed.
"GODDAMMIT!" He shouted, making the drummer flinch and wake up. Julian stared at the guitarist, and Sammy turned and headed towards the door.
Jason and Christian blocked his exit, and he tried effortlessly to fight them off. 
"You won't need this," Christian said, grabbing Sammy's card key from him.
"Damn you guys!" Sammy shouted as the two left and the door slammed shut.

Julian who had risen from the bed went over towards the steaming guitarist.
Sammy noticed him out of the corner of his eye and warned, "Don't even fucking start!"
Julian stopped walking towards him, and hid against the wall as Sammy shoved through, throwing his duffel bag onto the corner of floor.
The drummer followed silently behind and heard Sammy state, "One bed, huh? Well this certainly was a set-up."
Julian listened to the guitarist curse at the fact that Jason and Christian had taken his hotel key.
"Theon and Vivian took my key too, Sammy." He piped up. 
There was heavy sigh and Sammy whispered, "Theon and Vivian too?"

Sammy began to looking around the room, and when finding the mini-fridge full of beer he grabbed two and sat at the table in the room.
Untwisting the cap and gulping half of the bottle, made the drummer cringed at the sight. Usually Sammy didn't drink that much...
He's doing that because of me. Julian thought sadly, heading over towards the guitarist.
"Sammy..." He began, but quieted down as he caught the guitarist's sharpened look. Backing away, Julian crawled onto the bed and curled into the left side, letting his face fall against the covers...

"Have they made up yet?"
"Hush, Theon. It's only been an hour..."
"Well, I want them to get together soon!" The singer pouted, bolting from his position on the bed.
"Oh no you don't," Vivian said, grabbing Theon and pulling him back down.
The two landed with a thump on the bed and suddenly they were kissing like they hadn't seen each other for weeks.
Vivian pulled away from Theon's mouth as his hand rested on the singer's belt buckle. 
"Go ahead Viv..." Theon urged, his eyes growing dark to the desire that was consuming him...

Sammy and Julian made no communication whatsoever:  Sammy had finished his first beer and was working on his second, staring at nothing but the table in front of him. Clearly in deep thought. 
Julian was staring at the wall with his back to Sammy, daydreaming about being with the guitarist...
A smile plastered across the drummer's face as he dreamed about being kissed again by the guitarist.
A rumbling noise from his stomach made the drummer sit up. Sammy chuckled and Julian blushed.
Getting from his seat, Sammy searched the fridge and sighed. 
"Sorry Julian. All they have is a bunch of candy bars."
"That's fine."
Sammy threw a couple candy bars at the drummer, and then sat down again...
Julian gorged the bars down and felt very sleepy. He laid his head down and struggled to keep his eyes open, but failed. 
Sammy smiled as he heard the quiet hmmm breathing of Julian...

Julian wasn't aware of falling asleep, but was soon rubbing tiredly at his eyes. He glanced around the room and didn't see Sammy anywhere, but a flush from the bathroom answered his question.
The bathroom door swung open and Sammy walked out with only sweat-pants and a shirt on.
"Good you're up," He stated as he noticed Julian staring at him, "Hurry up and get ready for bed."
The drummer stared dumbfounded at the guitarist, and Sammy sighed, "I meant go get your pajamas on, so I can sleep underneath the covers..."
Julian left, grabbing the candy wrappers off the ground and throwing them into the trashcan. Grabbing his pajamas, Julian headed into the bathroom...
Brushing his teeth in a hurry and changing as fast as he could, Julian emerged from the bathroom in only his boxers and a very baggy T-shirt.

Sammy was already in the bed and reading a book he brought. He glanced up at Julian, but quickly went back to his book.
Julian sighed, and turned off the hall lights, and got into the bed. He curled on his side, and listened to the stillness of the room...
There was a flutter of pages being turned, and a humming noise coming from Sammy.
Soon the drummer was asleep again, slurping softly against his pillow...
Sammy looked from his book to the sleeping drummer. He smiled softly and reached over; smoothing down Julian's hair and hearing the drummer sigh.
He removed his hand he whispered softly, "I do care, Julian..."
Closing his book and feeling his eyes grow drowsily, the guitarist removed his glasses before reaching up and turning the light off; sending the room into pitch blackness...

Both in deep sleeps, neither drummer nor guitarist heard the click of their lock and the squeaky sound of their door being opened.
"Aw... They aren't curled up together," Theon pouted as he and Vivian came into the room. 
Sammy and Julian were both asleep with their backs facing each other.
"This will solve that," Vivian whispered heading over towards the air conditioner and turning the knob from in between cool and warm to below cool.
"That's mean Vivian," Theon whispered, not trying to hide his look of amusement.
Vivian only smirked as he grabbed the singer's hand and they left the room.

After Theon and Vivian left, Julian switched positions before delving into a beautiful dream:
"This is so pretty, Sammy!" Julian shouted as he saw the sun setting behind a pair of mountains. Hands looped around his waist and Julian smiled as Sammy kissed at the base of his neck; letting his lips leave warm spots on his neck.
Suddenly there was shouting and blackness and... and... falling!
Julian's eyes shot open as he gasped for air. Just a dream. He thought, breathing deeply and trying to get back to sleep.
The air conditioner kicked on and the room became icy and Julian blindly shivered. Barely awake he moved towards what he thought was warmth...

Sammy awoke from a peaceful sleep to see Julian curled into his chest. One of Julian's hands was fisted into his shirt and the other over his shoulder.
Julian sighed and burrowed his head underneath Sammy's chin. 
Sammy was about to shake the drummer off of him, but declined against it and fell back asleep; too tired to do anything.
Sometime during the night, Sammy's own arm wrapped around Julian's frame, holding the drummer close to him.
Feeling pressure on his back made Julian wake up and groggily look around.
He saw Sammy holding him and he smiled brightly, shouting out loud, "You do care!"
There was a snort and Sammy awoke with annoyance...

"Get away," Sammy snarled, shoving the drummer away from him. Julian's eyes became huge and suddenly there were tear tracks running down the side of his face.
Sammy felt guilty as he heard Julian beginning to sob. He tried to cover his ears, but the sound of Julian's crying could still be heard.
"Stop Julian! Please... Shush... Shh, shh..." Sammy murmured, trying to calm the drummer down.
"W-w-why are y-you a-acting like th-this S-Sammy? I lo-love you!" Julian cried.
"I was scared Julian. Really fucking scared..." Sammy said softly. 
Julian kept on crying and didn't object to being pulled into a warm chest. Weakly grabbing a hold of Sammy's shirt, the drummer smashed his face into it and muttered, "Why were you scared Sammy?"
Sammy wrapped his arms around Julian and patted his back.
"I've always liked you Julian, but I wasn't sure that you did too, and when we slept together I thought it was just a one-night stand."
"But, you could have stayed... I wanted to be with you Sammy!" Julian sobbed again, and Sammy made hushing noises.
"I didn't know that before..." Sammy mumbled, tears coming to his eyes as he saw Julian break in front of him.
He kissed the top of Julian's head repeatedly until the drummer was done crying.

Julian looked up at Sammy and then placed his head against Sammy's chest. He mumbled against the fabric, "Sammy, please love me for one day. That's all I ask."
Sammy looked at the walls before tilting the drummer's head up. Unshed tears were plastered in his eyes and Sammy wiped the stranded ones away and planted his lips upon the others.
They pulled away for air and Sammy whispered, "I'll give you one day of love, and then I'll decide if I want to stay with you or not."
Julian nodded his head, and the two held onto each other as they snuggled back down underneath the covers...

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