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One Night Stand pt 3 (last part)

Title: One Night Stand
Author: Stripes
Rating: R
Pairing: Sammy/Julian
Summary: Ending to "One Night Stand".
Disclaimer: This is pure fiction, I own nothing!
A/N: Finally! The ending to 1 Night Stand. I know most people are excited about that, and I apologize for all the errors I made in this last part. It was kind of rushed, and I only slightly edited it. I thank everyone who left great comments about the story and I will be doing new Lovex stories soon! Enjoy!


Sammy and Julian both groaned as they heard repeated banging on their hotel door.
"Hurry up and get downstairs for breakfast guys," They heard Theon's voice say from the other side. Julian groaned and rolled away from Sammy, sitting up and instantly ducking back underneath the covers.
Sammy stared befuddled at the drummer's reactions, and Julian simply said, "Its freezing!"
Sammy smirked and reached around for his glasses, sliding them onto his face. He pushed back the covers and slowly got out of the bed.
A cold breeze hit his bare arms and Sammy shivered. He padded to the air-conditioner and saw the knob turned below the cool symbol.
"Hmmmm," The guitarist mumbled, adjusting the knob so it was in between warm and cool. "You'll feel better now Julian."

Julian shook his head and continued to sink farther into the covers.
"Come on you little grub," Sammy said, walking around the bed and shaking Julian, who was completely curled into a ball-shaped cocoon of some sort. "We have to go get some breakfast."
"Mmmm... Stop!" Julian whined, trying to pull away from Sammy's fingers that were pulling the covers off.
"Come on..." Sammy cooed, and finally the drummer pushed the covers off and slide to the side of the bed, letting his legs dangle down.
"Do we have to take a shower?" Julian asked as he stretched and grabbed Sammy's glasses.
"Nah, just put your jeans and shirt on," The guitarist said, sighing in annoyance as Julian smiled with his glasses on.
"Dirty..." Julian's smile got a little bigger and Sammy shook his head, saying, "I don't want to know what thought has possessed your mind right now."

The two sat staring at each other for awhile, until Sammy darted forward and snatched back his glasses.
Julian pouted and Sammy quickly wrapped an arm around the drummer. Julian relaxed into the touch, leaning his head onto the guitarist's shoulder.
After a minute Sammy got to his feet and pulled Julian up as well. "Hurry up and get dressed," He whispered before disappearing into the bathroom...
Julian grabbed his little over-night bag and retrieved his jeans, and a dark green T-shirt. Quietly putting them on, the drummer waited patiently for Sammy.
He walked around the hotel room, but stopped as he saw a reflection of himself in the mirror.
Oh God! He thought. Look at my hair!
His hair was messy and ends were standing out, and the drummer cussed before digging in his bag for a brush. Finding one, he brushed savagely until his hair was smooth and straight.
"You okay?"
Julian looked up to see Sammy already dressed; his hair brushed and hidden underneath his bandanna... Scarf. And had his jeans and a shirt on.
"Yeah, I'm fine."
"Well let's go downstairs and get some food. 'Cause I don't know about you, but I'm starving," Sammy said, as Julian placed his brush back down.
As they head towards the door Julian's stomach growled and a blush filled his face. Sammy laughed loudly before grabbing a hold of the drummer's hand and heading out of their hotel door...

The ding of the elevator went off and the remaining Lovex members turned towards it in apprehension.
The doors slide open, and Julian and Sammy stepped off; their hands still intertwined.
Christian gave a huge whoop, and the drummer and guitarist froze as they were met with hugs and loud happy noises being made.
Julian smiled brightly, and wrapped his arms around Sammy's side. Theon patted Julian on his back, while Sammy glanced unsurely down at the floor.
He had only promised to give Julian one day of love, and everyone was acting as though they had finally gotten together...
Sammy turned his head and saw the drummer giving him a questionable look. The guitarist smiled and pulled Julian closer, and yelled, "Hey Vivian!" The other guitarist turned and Sammy went on, "You're jealous!" Sammy kissed the side of Julian's head, and the drummer's smile got even bigger.
"Get a room!" Vivian yelled while Christian countered, "They already did! At my house!"
Julian froze and so did Sammy.
Theon notice it and said sternly, "Christian, drop the house thing, please."

Two hours later, Julian and Sammy walked into Sammy's apartment.
"Wow. Spacey," Julian commented as he saw the guitarist's huge apartment. It was messy, but nowhere messy as Julian's small apartment was.
"Thanks," Sammy sighed, shutting the door and dropping his duffle bag onto the floor.
"So what do you want to do for the rest of the day?" The guitarist asked.
Julian smiled seductively and head over towards the guitarist. Soon there was a pair of lips against Sammy's. Sammy sighed again into the kiss, and Julian pulled away.
"Let's not get too carried away, Juke." He warned as the drummer latched his lips against the guitarist's again.
Pulling apart yet again, Julian whispered softly against Sammy's lips, "Hold me, please!"
The drummer pulled the guitarist's hands around his waist and let go...

Sammy yelped in surprise as he suddenly held Julian as the drummer fell.
"What are you up to, Julian?" He whispered, supporting the drummer and letting him sit on his couch. Julian sat on the couch before sliding down and sat on the floor with his back against the couch.
Sammy threw his hands up in desperation, "What the hell?"
Julian grabbed his hand and tugged him down beside him. Sammy stared in confusion as he sat next to Julian.
"Just sit back and relax," Julian instructed, his eyes closing as he snuggled next to the confused guitarist.
Sammy shook his head in bewilderment as Julian scooted and was on his back looking at the ceiling.

"It looks like a rabbit!" Julian said excitedly after a few moments of silence.
"What?" Sammy questioned.
"Your ceiling... It has patterns and you can see shapes. It's sort like cloud gazing, but indoors!" Julian explained.
"That's it!" The guitarist shouted, getting to his feet and grabbing Julian up.
"What..?" The drummer whined.
"We're going shopping." Sammy said sharply, grabbing his car keys and pulling the drummer out of his apartment...

"Okay, Julian... You got to learn that there are some colors that you just can't wear," Sammy said softly, as Julian modeled for him in a paste yellow shirt.
"This isn't my color?" The drummer complained.
"Afraid not..."
"Damn it! I can never find any good shirts," Julian said, going back into the dressing room and taking the shirt off.
"Here, try this one on." Sammy said; flinging a black shirt over the door.
After a brief moment of clothes rustling Julian emerged and Sammy gasped.
"That shirt is perfect on you!" He exclaimed.
The drummer shyly smiled, and the guitarist shoved him back into the dressing room, saying, "Hurry up and change. And then we can leave."

"Hey! How you ever heard of this band, Panic at the Disco?" Julian asked, as he and Sammy browsed for CDs.
"Heard of them. Sort of like them... Not that much," Sammy said, glancing at the back of a heavy metal album.
"I'm hungry," Julian whined, placing the CD down and checking his cell-phone. "Wow. It's almost five thirty."
Sammy looked up at him, and placed the CD back before grabbing a hold of Julian's hand and leading the drummer out of the store.
Soon they were back at Sammy's car and throwing their new purchases into the trunk, and speeding over to Julian's apartment...
Both seem to be out of words, and Sammy turned on the radio. Some where between a song, Julian hesitantly reached over and laid his hand upon the guitarist's. 
Sammy smiled weakly and brushed his thumb over the drummer's knuckles. 

"So it's not much, but it's all that I can afford at the moment," Julian said, unlocking his apartment door.
Sammy walked in and took noticed of how small the apartment really was. Julian had always said his apartment was small, but Sammy had never really believed him... Until now.
"At least you have a roof over your head," The guitarist mumbled, venturing around.
Julian hummed before saying, "So... You want to order a pizza?"
Sammy looked up at him.
"A pizza and a movie, and then..." Julian choked off.
Sammy headed over to the choke-up drummer and wrapped his arms around him. "That sounds great, Juke," He said softly, petting Julian's hair.
"Mmmm... O.K." Julian mumbled, leaving from the guitarist embrace and pulling out his cell-phone.

"Let's watch this one," Sammy said, after going through Julian's video collection.
"The Land Before Time?" Julian asked shocked.
"Why not? It's such a timeless classic," The guitarist countered. Julian shrugged his shoulders and said quietly, "I wish the pizza would hurry up. I'm freakishly starving!"
"Don't tell me patience!"
A knock at Julian's door stopped the conversation, and the drummer bounded over and paid for the pizza...

Eight o'clock p.m. 
Sammy smiled as he heard the end credits rolling from the movie. He weakly fluttered open his eyes and saw the room dark; except for the glow of the television.
He groaned and tried to get into a different position, but found that he couldn't. Due to Julian being in his arms.
The drummer was asleep, his back against Sammy's chest and head tucked somewhat into the guitarist's neck.
"... Sammy..." Julian whispered, making the guitarist smirk slightly.
"Julian," He said tenderly shaking the other's shoulder, "Wake up."
Julian woke with a start and ended up on the floor of his apartment.

He glanced at the TV. and said, "Oh... The movie’s over."
"Want me to tell you how it ends?" Sammy asked.
"I know how it ends!" The drummer shouted.
"Sure you do..." Sammy said sarcastically.
The two sighed and Julian turned off the TV. as Sammy got up.

"Well... I guess I should leave now," Sammy said, heading towards the door.
"Wait Sammy!" Julian shouted, fast-walking over towards the guitarist, and kissing Sammy again.
Pulling apart both felt a twinge of hurt as they stared at each other.
"Bye," Julian whispered, trying desperately to stop the tears from coming.
Sammy noticed the struggle and left without a word.
Once the guitarist was gone and the door was shut, Julian headed over towards his couch and collapsed onto it.
He'll never love me! I was a fool to even think that he might like me too. The drummer thought, crying into his couch pillows.

Sammy stood at the top of the stairs, glancing out and watching the traffic speed through the highway.
Sighing and knowing he couldn't run from the truth, the guitarist headed back to the apartment.
He stopped at the door, and was hurt to hear sobbing coming from the door.
Never realizing the door was unlocked, Sammy opened the door and rushed in.
"Julian!" He yelled, running over to the drummer.
Julian looked in shock as Sammy plopped down next to him on the couch and brought the drummer into his arms.
Julian tried to be silent, but he sobbed and leaned his head back down against Sammy's shoulder.
"Shh. It's okay," Sammy whispered softly, kissing the back of Julian's head so he started to somewhat calm down.

"S-Sammy, why'd you come back?" Julian said after he had calmed down.
"I'm only lying to myself if I said I don't love," The guitarist replied, repeatedly kissing the drummer's head.
"S-so you do care!" Julian shrieked happily.
Sammy smiled and nodded his head.
"I love you so much Sammy!" Julian yelled, twisting around and pouncing onto the guitarist.
"I love you too, Juke." Sammy said, smiling as he found the drummer on top of him.
Julian smiled and leaned down, kissing Sammy with a fiery passion...

In his mind the drummer knew that he never was a one night stand.

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Oct. 10th, 2008 10:32 pm (UTC)
*SQUEAL* adorable happy ending! ^O^
Oct. 11th, 2008 08:48 am (UTC)
Really? ........ For some reason I really don't like the ending...

Oh well, glad you liked it! :D
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