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Title: A Look At "One Night Stand"
Author: stripesco04_nur</lj> 
Summary: Just a brief "back-staged" on my story --> One Night Stand. Includes deleted parts that I didn't put into the finish story. And some commentary... Enjoy!
Disclaimer: I really don't think I need to have a disclaimer, but just to be safe... None of this ever happened and this is all from my twisted, creative mind! :D
Bold italics represent originally pieces, italics represent stories...


One Night Stand: the first part:

Nothing can really be said about the first part of One Night Stand...

It was originally going to be a stand alone, but when I was editing it I recall noticing how well I could make it into a sweet love story with a hint of angst.
So it ended into a 3-part story... With a happy ending!

Also in the beginning of the story, with the house-party; I originally had Jason at the party, but for some reason took him out of the first part of the story. (He just didn't seem to have a purpose there).

One Night Stand: the second part:

On the second part, there were only a few minor deletions or modifications.

A rumbling noise from his stomach made the drummer sit up. Sammy chuckled and Julian blushed.
Getting from his seat, Sammy searched the fridge and sighed. 
"Sorry Julian. All they have is a bunch of candy bars."
"That's fine."

That’s in the story, but it was actually going to be something like this:

The guitarist ransacked the fridge once again, and found a small container of salad. Pulling it out, he threw at Julian, then sat back down and began drinking again...
Julian stared at the container and mumbled a thank you towards Sammy, before realizing he didn't have a fork.

Okay for the ending about Julian asking Sammy for one day of love... Lots of people asked me why Sammy is saying he likes him when he pushes him away…

Well originally I had that Sammy went through the same thing Julian is. He had feelings for someone, but it ended badly, and he didn't want the same thing to happen to Julian.
In other words... He was let-down and when he slept with Julian he felt like he was going to let Julian down.

There was also another theory that I wrote, but didn't use...

Where Sammy has a crush on Julian, but is threatened by their tour-manager, (who is later fired) and Julian tries to find out why Sammy listened to him (tour-manager).

The second one is B.S.  This is probably why I didn’t use it...

One Night Stand: last part:

There was a lot of deletion in the last part. Mostly because I was overwhelmed with other projects and kind of wanted the story to end.
So here are a few selections that I kept out of the finish story:

Sammy & Julian, and the Eyeliner:

Julian pouted as the guitarist placed his glasses back on.
"Don't pout Julian. I need these glasses more than you," Sammy replied, making the drummer smile in appreciation.
Julian moved from the bed and dug threw his bag, pulling his jeans and a T-shirt out. After placing it on the drummer placed his pajamas back into his bag, and his hand brushed against something cold.
Curling his fingers around cool object, Julian pulled it out and noticed it was his eyeliner pencil.
A smirk crossed his face and waited patiently for Sammy to come out of the bathroom.

Sammy walked out of the bathroom, and soon took noticed of the smiling drummer.
"Someone's happy," He observed.
Julian kept smiling until Sammy sat down next to him on the bed. With one quick motion, Julian was pinning the guitarist down on the bed.
"Julian?" Sammy whispered as Julian straddled his hips and removed his glasses.
Sammy was confused as hell, especially when he felt something against his eyes. He blinked, and Julian cussed.
"Don't blink Sammy, and look to the left corner of the room," Julian commanded, and Sammy realized what the drummer was doing.
"I don't really like wearing eyeliner Julian."
"But you wear it all the time when we do photo shoots, and music videos," The drummer whined, ignoring the guitarist's protest.
"That's because I'm required to."

Julian pulled away from his right eye and stared long and hard at the guitarist.
"No you're not. Jason and Christian never wear eyeliner during our music videos."
"They wore it for our Turn video," Sammy countered as Julian continued to make a line underneath the guitarist's other eye.
Sammy sighed and let the drummer continue to work his magic.
"There done!" Julian exclaimed, putting the top on and pulling away from Sammy.
The guitarist sat up and the drummer gasped, "You look terrific Sammy!"

Sammy snorted and threw his legs over the side of the bed and got off the bed.
He headed towards the mirror. His eyes seem to pop out more, and the guitarist smiled.
"Here are your glasses Sammy," Julian said from behind him, pressing the glasses into the guitarist's hands.
Sliding his glasses onto his face, Sammy took notice how good he look. And his smile got bigger...
"You did a good job, Juke."
The drummer's face blushed and he mumbled a thank you.

I thought that piece was cute, but it would be sort of long so I removed it...

Sammy & Julian and the "Verbal Mall":

Heading towards the shopping exit, Julian let his hand droop and lace together with Sammy's. Sammy held it, and brushed his thumb around the back of his palm.
Julian smiled until he heard it...
The drummer froze and Sammy spun around.
"What'd you call us?" Sammy yelled, surprising the two boys who had yelled the word.
"Fags! That's what you are," One of the boys yelled.
Julian tried to walk away and pretend it didn't happen, but Sammy wouldn't budge. The guitarist kept yelling at the two boys, who would yell back, and it made the drummer feel tired.

Pulling once more at the guitarist's hand, Julian sighed as he saw the look of determination as Sammy stared the boys down.
The look almost scared Julian and he whispered so only Sammy could hear, "Can we go? Please Sammy; it's not worth it..."
Sammy blinked out of his stare and saw Julian begging wordlessly to leave.
"Sure," He replied, turning around and walking with the drummer towards the exit, but not before lifting his hand up and flipping the two boys the birdie.

I thought this piece would have been funny and nice, but I left it out. And what you just read above was only a little bit of the actually piece.
It might be fun to make it into a nice short S/A...

The ending was actually different then what I originally had planned. I was actually going to have Sammy come back and find Julian crying in bed, and the two pronounce their love for one another and eventually have sex again but with more meaning.

So that's about all for my story, and I thank everybody for all the great comments!

Below is a picture/banner of my story:

It was made by one of my best friends, who read the story, loved it and made this!
(It's small, and it says Sammy and Julian. True Love Is Never A One Night Stand...)
With her permission, I'll be posting this on DeviantART. So you'll probably find a better look of it there.

Please leave anything!