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The Sickness Of The Moon

Title: The Sickness Of The Moon
Author:[info] stripesco04_nur
Rating: PG
Pairing: Werewolves! Sammy/Julian
Summary: Julian gets sick during a full moon...
Disclaimer: This is not true. So please do not sue!
A/N: It's been awhile... And I'm not sure I like this story. :|  Oh well... Read and enjoy!






The full moon blazed brightly and it quickly illuminated the room...

Julian froze as he caught a glimpse of the moon through the window as he was ushered into the room. Shock covered his face, and he felt someone touching his face.
"Julian. Can you hear me?"
Julian glanced up to see Theon looking at him with concern. The drummer nodded, wiping his running nose with the back of his hand. His body ached and the poor drummer tried desperately to swallow, but kept feeling the soreness as his own spit trailed downwards.
Pulling his shaky hands onto his lap, the drummer asked in a quiet sick voice, "Where's Sammy? I-I need S-Sammy..."
"Shh Julian," Theon said, giving the drummer's shoulder a squeeze as he guide the youngster towards the bed, "Sammy's not here, but he will be shortly."
"But... I need him now," Julian coughed out, feeling an itch overcome his body. He tried desperately to fight the itch and kept throwing random glances at the window.

Theon caught the drummer looking again and again at the window. "Sacred that something might get you?" The young naive singer laughed at his own joke, and Julian stared at him thinking, you poor fool.
The itch came back, stronger now and Julian still fought it. "Theon... I need Sammy. Please go find him!" The drummer begged, closing his eyes and clasping his shaky hands together.
"Man, you must really not feel well," Theon stated, making Julian roll his eyes. The singer moved towards the door, but was surprised as it opened and Sammy and Vivian walked into the room.
"Sammy!" Julian cried. He lifted his arms up to the guitarist, who swept in and sat down next to Julian.
"Julian?" Sammy said questionably, trying to put his words together, but stopped as Julian hid his face against the guitarist's neck. Warm tears sprang from the drummer's eyes, and Sammy could feel the wetness. He looked up at Vivian and nodded his head, and Vivian nodded back.
Theon caught the glance and looked confused until Vivian ushered the singer out of the room.

As soon as the door closed shut, Sammy pried the drummer from his neck. "Julian?"
"I-I c-can't stop it Sammy!" Julian cried, placing his face into his palms.
"Then let it come, Julian. It's okay," The guitarist mumbled, pulling Julian back into his embrace.
"I don't want to hurt you!" The drummer said, feeling the itch running up his spine. He closed his eyes and groaned as he tried to take another pain swallow.
"Julian," The guitarist said, placing his hands on the drummer's cheeks so he was forced to look into Sammy's dark blue eyes. "You won't hurt me Julian. Let it come..."

Julian nodded his head, and pushed himself from the guitarist's arms. He walked towards the window and looked up at the moon.
The moon entranced him and he couldn't pull himself away. The itch ran up his body again, but Julian didn't fight and it turned into bearable pain.
His body shined a twisted white and faint purple color, but Julian kept his eyes locked with the moon...

Soon the itch was gone and Julian relaxed his intense stare from the moon. He tried walking forward, but fell and gave a howl of despair.
His body ached with the sickness, and Julian barely got himself to stand on his four paws. He padded forward from the window and through his sharp eyesight he saw a reflection of himself through a broken mirror on the floor.
A young black wolf's face shown back at him and the drummer instantly swatted at himself. His claws nicked at his neck, and he howled out again.
Julian turned his face from his own reflection and gazed around the room. Sammy was nowhere to be seen and Julian cocked his head from side to side, trying to hear him.

Sammy where are you? Julian thought, whimpering slightly.
I'm here Juke.
Julian tensed as he felt a voice inside his head. Sammy! How can I hear you?
The guitarist began and the drummer heard a noise. He turned and stared dumbfounded as another larger wolf stepped out of the shadows.
S-Sammy. Y-you're a... Julian stammered in his thoughts.
Yes. The wolf came up to Julian and started sniffing him. Julian knew that if he was human he would have been blushing crazily. He dashed his dirty thoughts and instead focused on Sammy.
Sammy looked stronger and bigger, and his fur was a mix of brown and black.
Like my color? Sammy asked and the drummer gave him a wolf smile.
How is I couldn't sniff you out? Most lycans have a unique smell that's different from humans. Julian asked.
You're too young and inexperienced.
Julian snarled and Sammy rushed on, I’m pretty good at hiding my scent.

Julian stared at Sammy until the aches came back and the drummer collapsed onto the floor.
Sammy... I still feel awful. He thought, closing his eyes and wrapping his tail around himself.
A whine broke free from Julian and he was surprised as he felt something touch his neck. He kicked out instantly and the touch on his neck got tighter.
Don't fight me Juke. Sammy stated and it was then that the drummer noticed that he was being picked up by the scruff of his neck.
Julian let his body droop and Sammy lifted him off the floor, and then jumped onto the bed.
Sammy dropped Julian, and curled himself against the pillows. Julian followed and snuggled against the other.

Sleep grabbed at his eyes, and Julian soon felt Sammy licking around his face.
Sleep Juke. You need it. The guitarist said softly, letting his head rest on the drummer's shoulders.
Thank you, Sammy. The drummer whispered, closing his eyes and instantly falling asleep...

Early the next morning, Sammy opened his eyes and blinked tiredly. A breeze bit at his skin and the guitarist saw that he was no longer in wolf form, and neither was Julian.
They were both naked and curled around each other and it made Sammy smile.
He reached and pulled the covers up and over them. Julian muttered something and turned so he had his back against Sammy's chest.
Sammy leaned forward and kissed Julian on top of his head.

"Sleep-tight my little wolf boy..."

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Nov. 24th, 2008 04:20 am (UTC)
this is just endearing...i like it.
Nov. 24th, 2008 12:29 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :)
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