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Shoulder Snuggles

Title: Shoulder Snuggles
Rating: G
Pairing: Short Theon/Vivian and slight Sammy/Julian
Summary: Julian just wants to sleep, but how can he when he's on a bus filled with two people bickering all the time?
A/N: Just something I wrote a month ago... Enjoy!
Disclaimer: Theon and Vivian do not have a relationship together, and I'm not sure about Sammy and Julian...



When Vivian and Theon fought, it was if hell had finally come to Earth; two demons battling out words of loath and bitterness towards each other.
The rest of the band could only groan and walk away or when on the bus, try to drown the couple's fits of rage with their iPods blaring.

Julian groaned as he rubbed his sleep-filled eyes. He winced as he heard Theon accuse Vivian of stealing one of his CDs. God forbid if anyone touched Theon's CDs. No matter how many CDs the singer hand on tour, he always seemed to know when someone took one.
Pushing his covers back and swinging his legs over the edge of his bunk and jumping down, Julian left the bunk area and headed towards the front of the bus.
He swayed a bit as the bus lurched, but remained unharmed as he walked from the bunk area.

"Close the door please, Julian. I can't stand another argument between those two," Jason sighed from the bus couch. Julian turned and closed the door; silencing the words, "Damn it, Vivian!"
Leaning against the door, Julian yawned and glanced out the window. Darkness was the only thing he could see and the drummer blinked his tired eyes.
"I hate when they get like this," He commented, yawning again and rubbing his face.
"Me too," Jason agreed, "Especially if it interferes with your bedtime."

There was a ripple of laughter, and Julian blushed as he saw Sammy and Christian watching him. 
"Shut up!" The drummer muttered, walking from the door towards the guitarist and keyboardist.
Sammy patted the empty seat next to him and the drummer smiled sheepishly before sinking down next to the guitarist.
"I hate the way they ruin my videos," Christian mumbled, throwing his camcorder onto the table and began fumbling with his digital camera.
Julian placed his arms on the table and rested his head on his arms. His eyes tiredly took in a blank piece of paper that Sammy was drawing on, and the camcorder.
Sighing deeply, the drummer asked, "Does anyone have an iPod I can listen to?"
"Yeah," Sammy said. He fumbled with his jean pocket and dropped the pencil he was using.
Julian slide closer to him as if trying to help him find his iPod, but instead let his head hang over the guitarist's shoulder. He let his head drop, and his cheek snuggled against the guitarist's shirt material. His eyes began closing of their own accord, and Sammy stopped digging through his jean pockets as he felt the drummer's steady breathing against his neck.

"He's asleep, isn't he?" Sammy whispered out loud. Christian glanced up from his digital camera and his face soon elaborated into a smile too big for his face.
"That's too cute!" The keyboardist shouted, bringing his camera up and snapped a picture of the two.
Sammy only smiled and picked up his dropped pencil, and began drawing again as Julian snuggled against his shoulder.

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