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The Artist

Title: The Artist
Author: [info]stripesco04_nur
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sammy/Julian
Summary: Julian helps Sammy get art ideas!
A/N: Something I came up with. It was inspired by the scene Something in Across the Universe. Pretty dirty, but I like it! Enjoy!
This is NOT true. Sammy and Julian DO NOT have a relationship with each other.


Sammy sat staring at his sketchbook. Ideas flooded his mind, but he didn't seem to have the energy to move his pencil across the pad of paper.
He smiled as he was startled out of his daydreaming by a pair of arms hooking themselves around his waist. Drips of water fell onto his arms and the guitarist felt pressure against his back.

"You're thinking too hard Sammy," Julian whispered, nestling his head against Sammy's shoulder and peering at the empty sketchbook.
Sammy sighed in agreement. "You're wet."
"And..." The guitarist turned slightly and noticed that Julian's hair was dripping wet and wild looking, and he was only wearing boxers. "You're clothed in only boxers."
Julian smiled and said softly, "I thought the artist could use a little inspiration."
Sammy chuckled. "I think the artist would like some inspiration. What did you have in mind?"

Julian smiled seductively and grabbed a hold of Sammy's hand; pulling the guitarist to his feet.
He led Sammy away from the table he was working at to the only bed in the room. Standing before the bed, Julian pressed a tight kiss to the guitarist's lips.
Sammy sighed and let his eyes slide shut as his arms instinctively circled around the drummer's waist, and Julian wrapped his arms around his neck.
Breaking the kiss for air, Sammy whispered against the drummer's lips, "I think the artist needs good setting."
Julian smiled and removed his arms from the guitarist's neck. He got onto the bed and made himself comfortable, while Sammy stood watching him.
"There's a requirement, Sammy," Julian said, "No shirt or pants."

Sammy chuckled again and stated, "Oh, you really want me to strip don't you?"
A blush fell upon the drummer's face and he spoke quietly that Sammy didn't quite hear him. "Please..."
"Well... If you insist," Sammy said, reaching up and removing his glasses and placing them on the dresser closest to him. He then turned back to Julian and began pulling his scarf off; which resulted in clapping from Julian.
Rolling his eyes, the guitarist fingered his shirt, before hooking his fingers on the bottom and lifting up. He winced as the air bit at his now bare torso.
Sammy took a look at Julian who sat staring hungrily at him. How did Julian find him attractive? Sammy would probably never find out; he never had abs like Vivian or Theon for that matter. Not that he was complaining. He was glad that Julian did find him attractive.
Turning his attention to his pants, Sammy took his time to finger his belt buckle and he could see Julian bouncing with anticipation.

He smiled as he heard Julian huffing with want... with need.
"Patience, Julian. The artist needs time to make it perfect," He stated still letting his hand hover over his belt buckle.
Sammy was startled as arms wrapped around him and he found himself on the bed with Julian hovering over top of him.
"Fuck that! This is abstract art! It needs to be rushed!" The drummer shouted, unbuckling the guitarist's belt and unzipping his pants.
Sammy watched bewildered as Julian removed his pants and settled himself against his hips.
"Come on wake up!" Julian giggled, massaging the guitarist's cock through his underwear. Sammy groaned at the attention and his cock stirred slightly. The drummer removed his hand and leaned up before throwing himself against Sammy; letting his hips roll against the guitarist's cock.
Sammy groaned in disappointment, but suddenly moaned as the drummer's hips had finally awoken his cock...

Smiling, Sammy reached up and pulled Julian closer to him. His mouth claimed the others, and his tongue pushed without invitation; though it was happily welcomed as Julian did the same to his own mouth.
Through the "dance of tongues", Sammy snuck a hand down Julian's boxers; grabbing a hold of the drummer's own cock. The attention made Julian whimper into the warm mouth.
Sammy gave a few strokes that left the drummer moaning before he removed his hand. Pulling from the kiss, the guitarist raised his hand and gave his index finger a quick lick before shoving it into his mouth and letting his tongue swirl around it.
Julian watched with his heart racing.
"Mmmm. Juke, you taste good this evening," Sammy commented as he kept sucking his finger.
"Just for you... Artist." Julian replied, getting heated by Sammy's actions.

Sammy used his other hand to pull his underwear down and his hand began stroking his semi-hard cock.
"This was good idea to get me jacked off, Julian," The guitarist said softly. Julian frowned and quickly removed his boxers and snuggled close to Sammy.
"No. I... we..." The drummer stammered, "Ah! Just fuck me! Please Sammy?"
Sammy pretended that he was only going to jack off, and as he pretended to leave, Julian clung against the guitarist's form quietly saying, "I want need to feel you. And who knows... maybe this will help you come up with a new idea."
Sammy smiled and pulled Julian closer to him; letting their skin meet and letting his finger tease the drummer's entrance.
Sliding his coated saliva fingers into the drummer; had Julian tensing before relaxing and pushing back onto the fingers.
Sammy crooked his fingers in a scissoring motion, and grinned as the drummer flinched and moaned in his arms.
"Don't tease... Sammy..." Julian half moaned.

Sammy removed his fingers, and let his own self slide into Julian. His size was different and the drummer's body instantly clamped around the guitarist's shaft.
Both moaned, and Sammy let Julian's muscle get use to the new size before grabbing the drummer's hips and letting his own rocket into the first thrust.
Julian yelped and Sammy stopped; worry in his eyes. "Did I hurt you?"
Sammy took slower thrusts until Julian begged him to go faster. Julian cried in pleasure as his and Sammy's bodies seemed to move as one...
Sammy grabbed a hold of Julian's cock and began pumping him; letting his thumb trace around the tip of it. Julian groaned and leaned forward, kissing the guitarist's neck as his hips began moving of their own accord.
Sammy pulled him close and listened to Julian shudder as he came.
Flexing his arms around the drummer, Sammy howled as his own orgasm washed over him...

Panting and smirks on their faces, Sammy quickly and quietly slide out of Julian and laid against the sheets. Julian curled against him, and the guitarist opened his arms to him. Julian smiled and let Sammy's arms fold around him.
"I hope this was towards the artist's liking," Julian whispered his eyes beginning to close and Sammy kissed his forehead.
"It was, Juke." He whispered as the drummer fell asleep and curled into the sheets.
Sammy quickly detached himself from Julian's side and moved from the bed. He grabbed his glasses off the dresser and grabbed his sketchbook.
He turned and watched Julian sleeping soundly. He sat on the corner of the bed and started sketching a picture of Julian sleeping, with a smirk printed on his face.
Sammy's hand moved fast across the page, and he started humming "Something" by The Beatles.

"This was perfect inspiration, Juke."

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