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My Secret

Title: My Secret
Author: [info]stripesco04_nur
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Tre/Richard (my own character!)  Tre/Mike/Billie
Summary: Trying to get on with life after a horrible experience might not be too easy for Tre. Especially when he's surrounded by his own little love crushes!
A/N: It's been awhile since I've written any Green Day slash, and I have no idea if I'll continue it. Probably not. Unless people actually want me to, but don't hold your breath for it. Italics represent flashback/dream, which is in 3rd POV, but then changes into Tre's POV.
Disclaimer: None of this ever happened, and the Green Day guys ARE NOT in a relationship together!



"Don't worry, Tre. If you don't struggle... Mack won't hurt you," A deep voice said from the shadows.
Tre Cool sat wide eyed and afraid on a bed, handcuffed and duct-taped across the mouth, shaking heavily.
A huge knife, close to a butcher almost, started slicing up his arms.
"Oh Mack just loves your skin, Tre... Or Frank," The voice mocked, twisting the knife so it dug deeper into the drummer's upper arms.
"Now that's enough Mack," The voice said, pulling the knife away and laying it down. Tre sighed with relief, until a strong hand was backslapped across his face.
The duct-tape was ripped from his mouth, and as Tre tried to gently stroke his sore mouth, the voice yelled, "You thought you could fucking leave me?! After everything I gave you?! You little bitch!" 
There was a slight rustling and the shifting of clothes. Tre glanced at the person and his eyes widened.

"Please... Don't Richard," He begged, only to be slapped again.
"Shut up you little whore!"

I gasp as my eyes flash open. Groaning and struggling to pull myself up, I blink at the sunlight streaming into the room.
A beep comes from my cell phone, and I reach out to grab it. My arm hisses in pain, and I bite back a sob as my hands curl around the soft metal.
There was a text message from Billie:
~ get your lazy ass over for practice ~ BJ
I sent a reply and dragged my "lazy ass" towards my bathroom. I turned the shower on and slowly start to undress. I sigh as I see my bandages have bled through. Again...
Well what do you get for making your own homemade bandages?

I look away from my reflection in the mirror as I undo the bandages, and slip out of my clothes.
Stepping underneath the spray of water, I wash as fast as I can, but not fast enough...
I howl in pain as the hot water touches the cuts on my arms. I bite my lip hard and continue washing.
When I was done, I bolt from the shower and dry my wet body off. I lick my chapped lips and taste a coppery taste. Touching it and pulling back, I see blood on my fingers.
Shrugging my shoulders, I rearranged new bandages on my arms but was disappointed as the cuts still leaked through...
Taking a weary sigh, I wrapped a towel around my body and headed to pick an outfit out.

Half an hour later, I sat behind my drum-kit at our recording studio watching Mike and Billie.
Oh Billie... Mike... God I love them so much, but they can't know that. It will tear the band apart. Besides there can only be one gay member. Or bi in Billie's case.
I could feel tears in my eyes as my heart fluttered for my best friends. It was this damn crush that had gotten me in trouble with Richard in the first place.
Just cause I couldn't have them... I turned to someone like him.

A voice breaks me out of my stare of the floor.
"Yeah?" I responded.
"You ready?" Mike asks, eyeing me suspiciously as Billie lifts his guitar strap up and on.
"Of course!" I say cheerfully, "It's been so long... Billie." I throw the guitarist a stern look, to which he only grins and says, "If I had had any help..."
"I'm useless. You know that," I say, relishing in the laughter of my two crushes.
"Alright, just a warm-up," Billie said, strumming the intro to America Idiot; Mike and I following suit.

My arm hurt like hell and I knew I was falling behind, from the look Mike was giving me.
I tried to ignore the pain and instead tried to move faster, but that just cost me more pain.
"Fuck!" I screamed, dropping my drumsticks and rubbing my arm.
"Um... Tre?" Billie said, coming closer to me.
"It's nothing... Just a cram-" I was about to reassure them when the door opened and my mind only showed me Richard coming through.
"You came back? Why?!" I screamed, hurling my drumsticks at the intruder. The solid bouncing broke my mind and I saw Jason White staring at me with bewilderment.
"Fuck!" I said sharply, getting up from my drum-kit and leaving the room.
"I guess I'll come back later," I heard Jason mumbled.

Hot tears splashed out of my eyes, and I half ran half walked through the studio, my teary eyes blocking the scenery so I walked right into an empty wall.
Crying and screaming, I punched the wall and sobbed as my arm ringed with pain.
"Tre? Tre!" I heard their voices and I fell to the floor.
"Tre! What's wrong Tre?" Mike says, as he kneels to check me.
"It hurts Mikey," I wail suddenly and Mike gives me a concerned look, so I shrug my jacket off and point to the bandages, which of course have already bled through, again.
Mike stares confused at the bandages, and I hear a sharp intake of breath. I glance up and see Billie trying to regain composure, but failing.
I see him throw a hand over his mouth, and his body shakes a little.

My body sort of mimics his, and I feel my chest tightened.
No. Not a panic attack. God, I don't know what to do if I have a panic attack!
My breath starts getting a little fluttery. "Billie," I say as my chest tightens again. The guitarist looks at me. "Don't panic. Just don't. Don't. Don't. Don't. DON'T!" 
I start shaking and Mike cusses as he strokes my bandages. I lose vision for a second and scream, but suddenly I see Mike and Billie reaching their hands over me; pressing down hard on my chest.
I can't hear what their saying, but their lips are moving. The world begins to spin, and suddenly there's a peaceful darkness...

"Shut up you little whore!"

My eyes flash open and my chest heavies as my heart tries to slow down. I notice right away that I'm not at the studio anymore, and that I'm in my own bed.
Was it all a dream? I thought, but was shocked as arms encircled around me.
"Tre," A gentle voice sounded off. I was terrified it was Richard and felt hands rubbing up and down my chest and back. "You're shaking."
A kiss to the back of my neck, made me even more nervous.
"Shh, calm down Tre," The voice reassured me, and then it hit me. I knew that voice.
"Mike!" I said, twisting around until I could see the bassist smiling at me.
He opened his arms to me and I all but collapsed into them; letting him hold me.

"Tre," He says after a few moments of silence, "What happened to you? Where'd you get those huge gashes from?"
I untangle myself from his embrace and slid away from him.
"I... I can't tell anyone, Mike. At least not now," I say quietly. I see him nod his head, before he pulls me closer for another hug. I sigh as his hands lay on top of my own.
He grabs one of my hands and clasps it firmly in his own hand.
"If it makes you feel better Tre... I've had feelings for you. For a long time actually," Mike says quietly.
I turn to him surprised.
"Really?" I ask, getting excited. He nods his head, and I squeal with delight.

Suddenly all I can see is him and me... together... forever!
"I've loved you too, Mike... And Billie," I shut my mouth close as Billie's name tumbles out. Mike gives me an incurious look, and I hear laughter coming from my closet.
Looking at my closet, I see Billie walking from it to the bed.
"Told ya, he loved me too!" The guitarist said, getting onto the bed and pulling me towards him.
Mike sticks his tongue out at Billie, and I give them both a quizzical stare.

"Oh come on Tre. We're not completely blind," Billie says, kissing me fully on the lips as Mike kisses the back of my neck.
"Mmmmm!" I moan as Billie's tongue dips into my mouth, and Mike's makes a trail up to my ear.
They pull away, and I pout, but they pull me closer to them.
I snuggle against the two of them, as their arms wrap around my body.

"Will you tell us what happened, Tre?"
I tried to get the awful memories out of my mind. "Maybe... But not today," I say, letting my tired eyes close as the heavy weight of arms hold me tight...

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May. 28th, 2009 10:13 pm (UTC)
awww... cuteness! Meanie (evil) Richard, but cuteness!
But theres one part I have to laugh about; Billie was hiding in the closet! dX
Jun. 30th, 2009 05:52 pm (UTC)
Holy... *melts*
Pleasepleaseplease continue this! It's fantastic!!!
-J X
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