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Too Early

Title: Too Early
Author: stripesco04_nur 
Rating: PG
Pairing: OT3!
Summary: It's too early to have an interview!
Disclaimer: This is all fake!
A/N: It's short and I personally don't like it... But what do you expect after 3 weeks of not writing slash?


8:02 A.M.

Billie Joe sighed as he slumped down onto the couch provided in the mostly vacant room. Rubbing a hand across his face, he cursed deeply at whoever signed them to have an interview this fuckin' early in the morning!
"It's too... fuckin' early man," A familiar voice that sounded sleep-deprived sounded out. Billie smiled as Tré almost collapsed next to him on the couch.
The drummer pulled his feet back so his shoes created a loud scraping noise and curled them up onto the couch. Instantly the drummer's head was in the singer's lap, and Billie laughed an almost coarse laugh as Tré mumbled again, "Too fuckin' early..."

Smiling down at the drummer, Billie lifted his right hand and rested it on Tré's head; eventually letting his fingers run through the soft reddish-brown locks.
Tré sighed contently. His eyes closing as he pushed his face against Billie's thigh, and reaching out to grasp the singer's knee.

There was another deep sigh, and Billie felt the couch sink a little as Mike plopped down next to the singer.
"I told you not to stay up too late Tré," The bassist accused.
Tré groaned and moved his hand off Billie's knee to try to smack the bassist. Mike laughed as the drummer finally realized that he couldn't hit him and went back to snuggling on Billie's lap.
"But you are right about one thing Tré," Mike said, making the drummer perk up a little bit. "It is too fuckin' early!"

Billie smiled at the bassist comment and didn't object to Mike leaning his head down so it rested on his shoulder.
Lifting his left hand, Billie wrapped it around Mike and began to slowly rub circles on his back.
Mike hummed in contentment; his warm morning breath tickling the singer's neck. Tré shuffled on his lap as Billie continued to rub the bassist's back.
Mike rubbed his face against Billie's collarbone before stating, "No matter what you do... You still smell so good, Bill."
Tré snorted as Billie giggled at the compliment.

Mike smirked before leaning forward and latching his lips onto the soft skin of Billie's neck. The singer shivered and Mike laughed; the sound vibrating against Billie's throat.
Tré gave a sound that sounded like disappointment and Billie leaned down as Mike's lips left his neck and kissed the drummer on his head.
A smile crossed the drummer's face, and both Billie and Mike laughed out loud.

"Shh..." Billie cooed; rubbing his fingers through the drummer's hair and pulling the bassist's head back down onto his shoulder. He smiled as his band-mates snuggled closer to him...

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Thank you!
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