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Touch Me

Title: Touch Me
Author: [info]stripesco04_nur
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
Summary: Ryan and Brendon have some alone time together...
POV: Ryan's
Disclaimer: This is utterly untrue, and I do not own Samantha Fox's lyrics, "Touch Me"
A/N: I don't care if Panic! broke up... It's still fun to write Ryden, and it's been awhile since I wrote any!


It was one of those days where both Brendon and I could actually have some peace and quiet to ourselves.
Jon and Spencer were both doing God knows what in the rec. room of the cabin, and Brendon lay against me on the bed in our my bedroom.
I gave a sigh before stretching my legs all the way out. Brendon hums and moves his head from the pillow to my thigh.

I smile as I sit up more and lean against the wooden headboard. Brendon turns on my lap so he's looking up at me with his infamous grin tugging at his lips.
I watch bemused as he stretches on my lap; his back arching and his naked chest rising and falling as he leans back down onto my lap.
"Brendon..." I giggle, shaking my head at him. Smiling up at me, he lifts his index finger and places on my bare chest. I glance unsurely at the finger and Brendon giggles at me before using his finger to run down my chest and across my naval.
I squirm as he uses his other fingers to tickle me.
"S-stop... Brendon!" I laugh as his fingers tickle my ribs and he only gives me an innocent look before continuing his tickle assault.

Finally after batting his hands away, Brendon settles down and rests his hand on his chest. He smiles up at me and I can't help but return the smile...
I take my right hand and rub it through his soft locks of hair; letting my fingers almost massage his scalp, while he purrs like the cat he is.
My fingers tingle as they connect with strands of soft hair before I trail my hand down from his hair to his face. I softly rub against his cheek and feel the slight hint of stubble and smoothness.
Brendon glances up at me as I rub his face.
I remove my hand, but keep my index finger on his cheek. I move my finger towards his lips and tenderly rub against his lips.

Brendon surprises me by opening his mouth and letting his tongue touch my finger.
I stifle a moan as I feel Brendon's tongue lick at my finger. Brendon smiles at me before leaning his head up and bringing my finger into his mouth.
A gasp escapes my lips as shivers run up and down my spine. Brendon simply sucks at my finger; his cheeks flatting in as he sucks and licks up and around the tip of my index finger.
I groan in disappointment as Brendon releases my finger, and he merely glances up at me and winks.
I watch confuse as Brendon takes my right hand in his own and directs my fingers towards his mouth...
A loud moan rushes from my lungs as Brendon sucks at all the tips of my fingers. He nuzzles against my palm and licks in-between my index and middle finger.
Brendon giggles, and the sound makes my fingers tingle and something else stir...

Brendon continues to suck at my fingers as I shuffle and spit out heated moans. My pants start to become constricted and I blush as Brendon doesn't even seem to notice yet...
He simply moves his own hand down his chest and rests it on top of his black boxers. My eyes widen as he starts to rub his crotch through the fabric.
"Mmmmm... Ryan..." He moans against my fingers.
"That's it!" I half shout, making Brendon look up at me through lust filled eyes.
I gently pull my hand away, and lean my head down to press a quick kiss to his lips.
Pulling back from the kiss, I successfully move my body so Brendon is pinned underneath me and I'm hovering over-top, straddling his hips.

"Kinky!" Brendon exclaims at my movement. I sigh and lean down on him; my eyes locking with his chocolate ones. I press my palms against the mattress beside him and continue to hover over him.
I lick my lips; but Brendon beats me to it, lifting his head so his lips connect to mine.
I instantly close my eyes as Brendon licks at my lips. I part them and the taste of Brendon is suddenly on my tongue.
I pull away from the kiss, much to the disappointment of Brendon, and start to kiss at his neck. My body collapses somewhat on his and my hips instinctively roll against his own, causing a moan to escape him.
I lift my hips up and then grind them down, loving the hearty moans Brendon gasps out as our erections connect with one another...
Continuing to kiss at his neck, I feel him wrap his legs around my thighs; keeping me close as his hips jerk up to connect with mine coming down.
I find his pulse and latch my lips upon it, feeling him gasp and grab onto my back.


I smile as I hear him moan my name out loud. Continuing to kiss his neck, I move my hand from the mattress down in-between our sweat covered chests.
I trail my hand down farther until it rests on Brendon's waistband of his boxers. Moving my head away from his neck, I kiss at his lips again letting our tongues touch one another as my hand dips into his boxers and slowly grasps Brendon's erection.
Brendon gasps out loud and I smile before letting my mouth leave his and latch upon his collarbone.
I start pumping at Brendon's erection and giggling as his body moves against my hand. I quickly remove my hand and Brendon pouts; his legs tightening around me and causing me to moan as his hips jerk upwards against my own.

I remove my lips and lean up a little to glance down at him. Brendon smiles up at me before rubbing his hands along my backside.
I melt at his touch and rest my head on his chest as he continues to rub my back.
"This is the night..."
I lift my head off his chest and see him singing some classic rock song. He stops singing and looks up at me. Lust fills his entire face and he nudges his hips up against mine.
"Touch me, touch me!" He continues to sing as we both rock against each other. "I want to feel your body! Your heartbeat next to mine! Touch me, touch me Ryan!"

I smile as he sings before pulling away from him. "Turn over for me, Baby," I whisper as he begins to pout.
He does what I ask and he turns over so his ass is sticking up in the air, I leave the bed and head to the dresser. I rummaged through the first drawer before finding the tube of lube.
I quickly head back to the bed and stop dead at the sight of Brendon lying on his back completely naked...
"I thought I told you to turn over," I whisper harshly.
Brendon cracks an eye at me, "You took too long."
I roll my eyes at him and pull my pants down so both Brendon and I am naked. It's not the first time we've done this so it's nothing new when we gaze at each other’s bodies.

Climbing onto the bed, I shove the tube into Brendon's hands and say against his lips, "Lube me up, Babe."
Brendon nods his head and uncaps the top of the tube and squirts some of the lotion onto his hand. He rubs his hands together before diving forward and grasping my cock.
I groan at the contact and Brendon rubs up and down on my cock; his finger touching the head of it.
"Stop, Bren. Or I'm going to come..." I mumble as he finally releases my cock.
I open my half-closed eyes and see him lay on his stomach.
I smile before crawling up his torso and letting my cock touch the crack of his ass. Brendon mumbles something and I use my hand to help guide my cock into his ass.

The lube softens the invasion, though Brendon still winces.
"Shh," I coo gently to him as I slip my entire shaft into him. I rub at his shoulders and feel him loosen up a little.
"After all the time we do this," I start to say, "You should be use to me, without the need to be stretch!"
Brendon laughs and I start to thrust in and out of him. A rhythm starts up and Brendon bucks back into me as I jab against his prostate.
"R-Ryan... I n-need..." He starts to whine and I laugh before reaching around and grasping Brendon's cock.
I pump him along with my thrusts before he screams and I feel wetness on my hand.
Brendon's body instantly shuts down and I scream his name as his body tightens down upon my cock.

I lay against his back, letting our bodies calm down before pulling out of him and moving so I'm resting next to him.
Brendon moves so he's cuddling against me.
I smile and wrap my arm around him; holding him close as his eyes blink tiredly.
"This is the night..." He mutters drowsily and I shush him into sleep...

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Aug. 14th, 2009 09:59 pm (UTC)
HOT!!!I love kinky!Ryan,hmmmm oh how i wish i was Brendon.O*coughs* This was beautifully hot and adorable!! awwww xoxo
Aug. 15th, 2009 05:42 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
Aug. 15th, 2009 10:51 pm (UTC)
Aww, that was cute :)
I could totally picture Brendon sining that song lol
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