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Title: Cringe
Author: [info]stripesco04_nur
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Tré/Mike
POV: Tré's
Summary: Sex fixes everything!
Disclaimer: This is all untrue! And I do not own the lyrics for "2Nite" by The Cataracs feat. Dev!
A/N: I’ve been wanting to write some hot Trike! shmex for awhile now, but I never realized how long it takes for an idea to actually hit you!  

I giggled uncontrolled as I bounce on the hotel bed; no doubt annoying Mike who sat stretched out on the bed next to me, trying effortlessly to read.
I watch as Mike would occasionally glance at me before letting himself get absorbing into whatever new novel he was read.
Another fit of giggles escaped my lips and I hear Mike sigh before turning a page. Slightly calming down, I reach into the pocket of my trousers and bring out my iPod. Uncurling the headphones from around it, I plug my ears up with the buds and hit the play button.
Instantly my ears are filled with a loud, uncanny, non-drum beat: "Do it tonight, do it forever!"

I smile as the beat continues, and I can't help but nod my head to the beat. Suddenly an urge grabs me, and I struggled to get to my feet. Once that was accomplished, I start to jump up and down upon the bed.
I open my mouth and start belting out the words, "Do it tonight, do it forever! Do it for me, do it for us!" I know I don't have the best voice - that's Billie's job! - I think I'm singing this song okay... And I continue to jump on the bed.

"Tré!" A sharp yell of my name makes me stop jumping and pull the headphones from ears. "Stop jumping, Tré," Mike says, his voice sounding on the boarder-line of agitation.
Normally I would continue to bother the bassist, but he's been tense and downright angry with me for the past two or three days; nearly biting my head off during sound-check yesterday afternoon when I had accidently dropped my drumsticks...
I sigh, letting him know I would stop jumping and clicked pause my iPod before shoving it back down into my pocket. I continued to stand up on top of the bed and glanced at the T.V.
My staring contest with the T.V. ends when Mike gives a loud sigh and his book hits the opposite wall, almost hitting me in the face.

"Dude! What the hell?" I shout, turning to look down at him.
Mike merely rolls his eyes and lays down, staring up at the ceiling while placing his hands underneath his head, and I start to realize how drain he looks.
I bow my head as sadness washes onto my face. I cannot stand having Mike looking the way he does...
Suddenly the answer comes to me and I turn to look at him once more.
He looks up at me with a questioning look as I walk on the bed until my sock covered feet are touching his right leg. I swing my legs over, 'til both of my legs are situated around his waist.
I grin down at him as he blinks up at me. Before he can say anything, I fall... Landing on top of him and earning a groan of disappointment from him.
I giggle as my legs bend against the side of his waist, and my head hits his stomach dead on. I bring my head up and begin to crawl up his lanky torso stopping only when I'm a breath away from kissing him.

"Sex..." I whisper into the quiet hotel room.
"What?" Mike whispers back.
"Sex!" I reply excitedly. Mike rolls his eyes again and says, "No Tré, no sex..."
I pout. "B-but when was the last time we had sex together?"
He turns his head away from me. "Two days ago..."
"I don't mean a blowjob! I mean the last time you fucked me!" I exclaim, leading to him slapping a hand over my mouth. "Shush Tré! Not so fucking loud!" He whispers sharply and I merely mumble incoherently into his palm.
I quiet down and begin to nuzzle into the warm palm as Mike leans back. I feel a jolt from him as I plant light kisses on his palm before turning it over and spreading kisses onto his knuckles.

A smile begins to show on Mike's face as I continue to kiss his hand. I pull my lips away from his hand and look at his mouth, partly open thanks to me! His eyes are close in relaxation and I dart forward, pressing my lips against his own.
Mike surprises me by instantly kissing back and wrapping his arms around me. The strength of his arms makes me collapse onto his chest and I open my mouth in shock, only to have Mike mouth-rape me!
I moan as Mike's tongue greedily laps and sucks at my own. Breathing only when we pull apart a little, I don't complain when Mike lifts himself up, my body following his, and changes our positions.
"Mike..!" I half moan half plead as he hovers over top of me, his lips twitching with a smile as I twitch a little bit underneath his stare. His hips lay against mine and I buck up into them, earning a low groan from him.
"Say my name again..." He groans as I buck up into his hips again.


As soon as his name leaves my mouth, his lips are on mine again. He thrust his tongue into my mouth as I do the same, but I let him dominate me and lean back as he moves his lips from my mouth to my neck.
He bites and I shiver at the contact before he starts licking the new fresh wound. His hands encircle around my waist and begin to push my shirt up.
I laugh as Mike curses at the fact that my shirt doesn't just get pushed up and disappear magically.
"Let me," I offer as I sit up and fumble with the bottom of my shirt. I tease him by pulling it up slowly and then "accidently" dropping it back down again.
As I reach down to pull my shirt up again a warm hand cups mine and I hear Mike whisper, "Stop the fucking teasing Cool..."
I smile as he releases my hand and reaches down to pull my shirt up himself. As soon as my shirt is off, Mike tosses it carelessly onto the floor of the hotel.
I don't mind as Mike leans me back down and presses his lips against my naked chest. I moan as he continues to kiss down, eventually dipping down so his mouth is ghostly wetly over one of my semi-hard nipples.

Mike grins before letting his mouth fold over my nipple and I suck in a breath of surprise before arching my back off the bed as Mike begins to suck and twirl his tongue over my now harden nipple.
He moves his mouth from my nipple back up to my mouth and he kisses me sweetly; his clothed chest colliding with my salvia covered own.
"No fair..." I faintly whisper out as he tenderly pecks at my lips.
"What's not fair?" He asks.
I rub my hand down his clothed chest. "This," I say pointedly and he laughs; before pulling back and peeling his shirt off and tossing it onto my own shirt on the floor.
"Maybe we should... Um..." I clear my throat and roll my eyes down to my jeans, which have become uncomfortably tight in the past ten minutes...
Mike laughs and pulls away from me. I watch bemused as he unzips his striped sweat-pants and pulls them down before discarding them onto the floor along with his socks.
I bathe in his beauty and blush fiercely as he turns to look at me. I turn my blushing face away from him, but a hand pulls me back to look at him and I swallow any noise of protest as he begins to unbuckle and unzip my pants.

My pants fall to pool around my ankles and I struggle to kick them off; only to have Mike grab them off and throw them onto the growing pile of clothes on the floor.
Mike looks at me and blinks before muttering, "Commando again, huh Tré?"
I blush and weakly nod as he continues to glance at my... um...
"Well then..." He begins, never finishing his sentence before pulling his own boxers down and casting them aside. I gape at Mike's cock throbbing with the need to release in front of my face.
Before I can say or do anything, Mike has me pinned underneath him and his hands go everywhere...

"Mike!" I moan loudly into his mouth as he kisses me again and begins to grab a hold of my own cock. His worn guitar hands gently massage the flesh; molding up and down, and eventually running a finger across the head of my cock.
I wrap my own arms around him and pull him even closer as he moves his hand up and down. I move my hands up his back and gently tug at his brown hair, earning a low moan from him.
Mike pulls his hand away and I pout before he places his hips on top of mine and begins to buck down. Our erections meet and I moan heavily, not ashamed at all.
Mike stops his hip rolling and sits back up. I look up at him with heavy lust filled eyes.
"Lube..." He mutters as I sit up and kiss his lips, pulling his bottom lip into my mouth and sucking.
"Pants," I mumble against his mouth. He pulls his lips away and reaches down to grab my jeans off the floor. He fumbles until he finds the little bottle of lube I secretly carry around in my back pocket.

Throwing the pants back onto the floor, Mike turns back to me and presses his body against mine.
"Only you carry lube in pants," He mutters against my neck as he begins to suck at it again.
I groan and arch back. "No I'm not... Billie does the same thing!" I protest.
Mike shrugs his shoulders and I instantly know I've been caught. "Well, he used to... That's where I learned it from... From him..." I begin to babble and only shut up as a salvia coated finger is snuck up my ass.
I stare wide-eyed at Mike who merely crooks his finger and says, "Seems like the only thing to shut you up. And personally I don't care where you learned how to carry lube around in your back pocket from."
I groan and struggle as Mike adds another digit; scissoring me as I moan like a whore underneath him.

Guessing that I'm stretched, Mike removes his two fingers and I hear the flip of the cap. I glance at him, smiling as he looks back at me.
"Want to do the honors?" He whispers, pressing the bottle into my shaky hands.
Not bothering with a reply, I squirt the liquid into my palm and rub it together. Mike watches me sharply and only closes his eyes as I grab at his cock and begin to rub up and down, letting the lube trail off my hands and onto his cock.
"S-stop, Tré," He mumbles pulling my hands away and reaches out to grab my hips. Lifting them up, he secures them around his waist before angling his cock into my entrance.
My body jerks at the presences of Mike's cock and I know I must have gotten tight, 'cause Mike hisses. I try to relax my body, but it's been too long since him and I have had sex... this way.
"Tré," Mike groans rubbing his hands along my hips as he pushes in a little bit more, "You need to relax, baby..."
I nod mutely, turning my head away as a few tears leak out.
"Are you crying?" He asks, and I shake my head. "Bullshit!" He snaps. "Don't worry... You'll get use to it soon."

He begins to thrust softly into me, and I whimper. We've had sex before like this... So why does it hurt now? I think as Mike continues to thrust slowly in and out of me...
"Whoa!" I breathe as the pain starts to disappear as Mike's found my sweet spot.
"Found it!" Mike says cheekily as his hips buck up into me. I start to moan and beg, "God Mike! Faster!"
He obliges and he drives into my prostate faster and harder, and I writhe like mad underneath him. I move my hand down and start to stroke my cock.
Mike notices and grabs my hand away, and wraps his own hand around it.
"Come on Tré," He whispers, stroking me as fast as his thrusts are.
I blindly begin to buck into his hand and soon I feel a familiar tigheting feeling coil for release...

"Mike!" I shout, loosing myself onto his hand and in-between our bodies. Mike's not too far behind... After another two heavy thrusts, he stops and just looks down at me.
He leans down and our lips meet softly. He pulls back and gives one final push into my body...
"Tré!" He yells, louder than my shout.
I smile and rub at his shoulders as he softens and pulls out.
He rolls off of me and lies on his back, looking up at the ceiling... I smile and cuddle closer to him.

Mike doesn't object. On the contrary, he wraps his arm around me, pulling me even closer to him.
I lay my head on his shoulder, drifting in and out of sleep as I watch his chest rise and fall.
"Sex..." I start to say and Mike looks down at me as I place a hand on his chest, "Fixes everything!"
Mike snorts and begins to rub a hand through my hair.

A loud knock at our door startles us, and we listen to the knocking like deer caught in headlights.
"Guys!" Billie Joe's voice shouts from the door.
"It's Billie," Mike whispers to me and I nod my head.
"Better go see what he wants," I whisper back, getting off the bed and padding towards the door. I open the door and stand in the doorway in all my glory.
"Oh God, Tré!" Billie groans, shielding his eyes from me, "Warn me next time! Where's Mike?"
"He's in the middle of past-orgasm, and needs some cuddling time!" I reply.
"Oh... Oh!" Billie shrieks, now understanding why I'm standing in front of him naked. "Well... I'll leave you two... Later!"
I watch amused as Billie almost trips trying to get away.

I walk back into the room and shut the door. I grin at Mike who raises an eyebrow at me.
"Its fun making Billie cringe!" I say as I get onto the bed and cuddle into the bassist's side. Mike laughs and wraps an arm around me, and pulls the comforter over us...

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Aug. 6th, 2009 03:43 pm (UTC)
oh mike/tre how i love thee :D

you had a few problems with tenses in the beginning, you kept switching between past and present, but other than that this is fabulous, and i loved the inclusion of billie at the end XD
Aug. 6th, 2009 09:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks! And I apologize about the switching... I seem to do that whenever I write in 1st POV.
Aug. 7th, 2009 01:24 pm (UTC)
1st person is hard to do, so don't worry about it :D
Jun. 22nd, 2010 08:28 pm (UTC)
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