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Title: Creations
Author: stripesco04_nur
Rating: R
Pairing: Tré/Mike
Summary: Billie creates a new song, while Tré and Mike create something more...
Disclaimer: It's fake people... Fake!
A/N: It's a spur of the moment fic, so if it seems rush or completely wtf! that's why!


Billie Joe tightened his hold on the pen he was using; letting it run up and down, creating creations on the pad of paper rested on the singer's thigh...

A thump was heard as a man was toss up against a door. He giggled before reaching out and beckoning his partner to come closer. His partner complied and grinned as he placed his hands on the other's waist; letting his fingers curl and clench his partner's ass...
A hearty moan is his reward for squeezing, and the man continues to grope his lover. The other man moans, and moves his head up to claim the other's lips.
The two sweetly bring their lips together, slipping their tongues into each mouths as one of the men begins to grind into the other man...

"G-God, Mike!" 

Mike grins as he squeezes his lover's ass and brings the man towards him. The mouths connect once more, and Mike thrusts forward... Pushing the other man against the door and keeping him still with his body.
When their lips depart, the other man quickly latches his mouth onto Mike's neck, letting his teeth gently graze the tender skin...
Mike moans while slipping his fingers around the man's shirt before letting them rest on his belt-buckle.

"You're such a vampire, Mike."

"Shut up Cool!"

Billie bites down on the pen cap, leaving tiny bite marks as he groans and flicks the pen away. The singer grips his head and tugs at his black locks of hair...

The lovers smile at one another as they finally made their way inside to the bedroom. Mike smiles as he nuzzles into Tré's neck, kissing while his body folds around the smaller man.
Tré smiles too as he grabs Mike's hand and holds it tightly against his chest...
"I missed you..." It sounds more like an accusation as the phrase is uttered from the drummer's mouth.
Mike pulls his lips away and wraps his arms around the drummer, pulling him closer to him while whispering out, “I missed you too..."

Tré snuggles his back into the bassist's chest. His bottom lip quivers a bit and Mike instantly knows that something is wrong.
"Tré, what's the matter?" He whispers, feeling the drummer quickly give his hand a squeeze.
"Why do you always have to do interviews with him? Can't he go alone?" Tré whines.
Mike smiles and pulls his lover even closer. "Don't get jealous because I do interviews with him, Tré. You know my heart belongs to you," The bassist whispers, sitting up and wedging his leg between the drummer's...

Billie hums as he rereads his new lyrics. He shakes his head, and reaches towards the floor. His hand curls around the pen and the singer smiles as he begins to make new creations; crossing out the old and adding new touches...

Lightening flashes, but the lovers are too preoccupied within their touches...
"Mike!" Tré moans. The drummer's fingers tangle into the bassist's hair as Mike sucks a trail down the drummer's chest.
Tré moans again and instantly bucks as he feels his lover's breath tickle his stomach.
His hand leaves Mike's hair and falls against the bassist's face. His fingers lightly touch the bassist's side-burns, and Mike grabs a hold of the hand, earning a squeak of surprise from the drummer.
Mike pulls the hand towards his mouth and lays kisses on every inch of skin upon the hand.

Tré's moans are music to the bassist's ears, and he gently curls his hand around the drummer's hand while he places his body upon the others.
Mike can't help but sound a small moan out loud as Tré places his other hand upon the bassist's growing hard-on.
Tré smiles and leans up, pushing Mike off a little before giving the bassist's hand another squeeze. Mike looks at his lover and sees a familiar cocky grin falling upon the drummer's face...

Thunder roars, but Billie ignores the sound as he tunes his black acoustic guitar. Settling the guitar on his lap, the singer glances at the sheet of paper in front of him... His tongue wets his chapped lips, and his mouth begins to form the words from the paper...

Thunder roars again, but there's too much noise committed between the two lovers...
"Oh... Fuck, Mike!" Tré shouts, letting his head roll back so it leans against the bassist's shoulder. Mike turns his head and kisses Tré's neck.
The drummer moves his left arm up and cradles Mike's head as the bassist bites down on the soft skin. His tongue instantly brushes over the now sensitive skin, lapping at the bruise...
Mike removes his mouth from the drummer's neck and grunts as sweat breaks out upon his forehead.
Tré leans up from the bassist's shoulder, and lets his eyes close shut as Mike runs his hand down his curves...

"M-Mike!" Tré stutters as the bassist grabs a hold of his aching member. It drips with pearl pre-cum, and the drummer brings his hand to rest upon the others.
Together they start up a rhythm before Tré begs for Mike to stroke and, "Fuck faster, Mike!"
Their bodies slide together before Tré spills over Mike's hand, and the clench of muscles is enough to send Mike over the edge...

"Fuck... I'm going to..."

"Perfect!" Billie says out loud, finishing his new song. He leans back and strums his guitar again while softly singing his new song...

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Lol. Thanks!
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