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Title: Fifteen
Author: stripesco04_nur
Tré/Larry Livermore (Lookouts!)
Tré’s fifteen and hasn’t been kissed yet…
I do not own Tré or Larry!
Just a fluff story that I came up with when I was listening to Taylor Swift’s song “Fifteen”.

The breezy November wind swirled, making many trees rustle and groan as their leaves fell to the ground.

A young boy, his hair somewhat spiked up in what seemed to be an attempt at a mo-hawk, sat on his family's wooden porch. His head rested on his knees and he shivered as the wind picked up...

"Hey Tré!"

The boy raised his head, and small smile crawled upon his face. "Larry..." He whispered softly as another person joined him on the porch.
Larry gave a grin as he sat next to the boy. When Tré continued to snuggle his face into his knees, Larry began to get worry.
"Tré, what's the matter?" He asked softly, throwing an arm around the boy's back and rubbing in a soothing motion.
Tré raised his head from his knees and said softly, "I'm fifteen, Larry. Fifteen!"
Larry nodded his head as Tré continued, "Fifteen... And I haven't been kissed yet."

Larry snickered and Tré sent him a dark look. "You want to get kissed?" Larry asked, watching as Tré blushed and nodded his head. "Well then, let's go down to Gilman Street and find some lucky girls!"
"I've already tried every time we're down there... I don't think anybody likes me," Tré's lips quivered and Larry frowned at his sad friend.
Before Tré could say anything, Larry had placed his hands on Tré's face and pulled the boy's face towards him.
"I like you, Tré..." Larry whispered, leaning forward and pressing their lips together...

Tré offered a squeak of surprise, but soon gave into the kiss.
The kiss wasn't deep, and Larry soon pulled back smiling at Tré whose eyes were fluttering open.
"Larry..." Tré began but Larry shushed him, "Now you can tell people that you were kissed at fifteen."

Tré couldn't ignore the smile now growing on his face...

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