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Stuff Cow

Title: Stuff Cow
Author: Stripes
Rating: PG-13
I like cocks better...
I do not own Green Day nor do I make any money from writing these stories!
Inspired by this picture

"I didn't know that hotels had DVD players!" Tré exclaimed as he bounded into Mike's hotel room. "They do when they know that Green Day is staying at their hotel," The bassist said, giving a delicious look to Tré as the drummer bounced up and down, making his T-shirt slide up and show a little bit of skin.
"So did you bring your movies?" Tré asked as he made himself comfortable on the bed.
"Of course! I always bring my movies... Is the only way to find some quiet time without being annoyed about you and Billie fighting about something stupid... like the last hot-pocket," Mike said, reaching towards his backpack and pulling out what looked like a CD case.
"But that son of bitch did steal the last hot-pocket," Tré whined, "And it had my name written all over it, too.

"Sure it did," A cool voice dejected from within the room. Tré was startled and glance up to see Billie standing in the door of the bathroom. The drummer gulped as he blushed at seeing the front-man's naked chest, and Billie chuckled as he left the bathroom.
"Here," Mike's voice broke through Tré's stare with Billie's chest, and the drummer quickly accepted the case from the bassist and began to skim through the DVD collection.
As Tré quietly hummed to himself as he read off titles of movies, Mike began to change into his pajama bottoms.
After accomplishing getting his pants on, Mike reached down and began to pull his shirt up and off.
Tré began to cheer, "Alright Mike! Take it off!"
The bassist rolled his eyes and threw his shirt at Tré, hitting the drummer in the face and earning a small curse from him. Mike smirked as Billie laughed at Tré.

"Found anything to watch yet, mister Cool?" Mike asked.
"Yeah! Let's watch My Bloody Valentine!" Tré shouted, pulling the disk out and waving it towards the bassist. Mike frowned and Billie noticed the frown.
"What's wrong, Mike?" The singer whispered.
"You know how Tré gets when he watches horror movies..." Mike said softly.
"Don't worry... I bought something for him today," Billie said confidently as the two turned back to Tré who was already putting the disk into the DVD player...

Thirty minutes into the movie had Tré crying and clinging to whoever would let him.
"Damn it, Billie! I told you!" Mike accused, shaking the crying drummer from his arm again.
"It's not my fault!" Billie retorted; squirming as the drummer began to cling to him.
"I thought you bought something for him?" Mike questioned as the characters on the screen began to scream in agonizing pain.
Billie gave a huff and shoved the drummer away from him and into Mike. Tré turned and clung onto the bassist's arm, his nails digging painful into the sensitive skin...
"Ow! Tré, let go!" Mike yelped, but the drummer shook his head. Tré placed his head against Mike's shoulder and snuggled it closer as his fingers clenched tightly against the bassist's arm...

Mike winced again and look up to see Billie holding the DVD remote. The singer pressed the STOP and OFF buttons on the remote and the room was soon quiet and dark, aside from Tré's choking sobs.
Billie turned the lamp by his side of the bed on, and walked over to where his own bags were located. Mike watched as the singer dug through his bag and soon turned back to the bed with a white bag.
"Tré," Billie cooed, holding the bag in front of him, "Look what I got for you, Tré."
The drummer turned his head from the bassist's shoulder and silently released his grip on the arm. Mike breathed a sigh of relief and flexed his arm to get the blood flowing again...

Billie reached his hand into the bag and pulled out a stuff black and white cow. Mike giggled at the toy and Tré stared at it bewildered before turning his head back to Mike's shoulder and continued his death grip on the bassist's arm.
Billie frowned at the drummer's behavior; usually Tré loved getting stuff animals from Billie or Mike.
"It's a cow, Tré," Billie said softly, climbing into the bed and rubbing the stuff animal against Tré's cheek. Tré smiled and released his grip again while turning back to the singer, "I know it's a cow, dumbass. I'm not that stupid!"
Billie smiled and rubbed the cow against the drummer's cheek again while saying in a high-pitched voice, "Come on Tré, I wasn't cheap!"
Tré smiled and stiffly accepted the stuff cow. "But I don't like cows..." Tré whispered as he looked down at the blankness expression of the cow.
Billie rolled his eyes and Tré look up at him. "I like cocks better..." The drummer said, still looking at the cow.
Both Billie and Mike looked at each other uncertain at what Tré meant, and the drummer glanced up to his band-mates. He giggled at their perplexed faces and said, "I meant roosters, you sickos!"

Mike shook his head as Billie giggled at the drummer. Tré held the cow out towards them and Billie quickly leaned his head towards Tré, catching the drummer into a sweet kiss.
The cow dropped from Tré's hands as the drummer was suddenly cradling the singer's head as Billie kissed him hard. Mike gave a noise in the back of his throat and both broke away from their kiss.
Tré leaned down in the bed and looked up to see his band-mates hovering near him. A cocky grin was plastered on the drummer's face and Mike leaned down to brush his lips against Tré's.
Billie smiled at them and turned around to turn the lamp off, sending the room into darkness.

The cow remained motionless and emotionless as it watched from the end of the bed. It didn't even blink as wandering hands began to touch private places...

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Dec. 1st, 2009 02:13 am (UTC)
Is there anyway you can make me that cow?
Because I would be like fuck yeah!
I loved this.
Poor-not-so-poor tre xD.
Dec. 1st, 2009 02:47 am (UTC)
Billie smiled and rubbed the cow against the drummer's cheek again while saying in a high-pitched voice, "Come on Tré, I wasn't cheap!"

Dec. 1st, 2009 03:13 am (UTC)
oh my god that was soso cute.
i wouldn't mind being the cow though.
Dec. 2nd, 2009 10:55 am (UTC)
"I meant roosters, you sickos!"

Muwahahahahaa! Surrrre you did, Tré...
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