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Affair [2/3]

Title: Affair
Author: [info]stripesco04_nur 

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Tré/Mike  little bit of Tré/Billie
Summary: Who will Tré choose?
Disclaimer: This is all fiction: purely made up shit that people seem to like… a lot!
A/N: There is more to come… I just got lazy and decided that it’s going to be a 3-pt story. Enjoy!

Part 1



Tré sighed as he sat on the lazy-boy, nervously picking at the dirt hidden underneath his nails.
"Is Billie here yet?" A voice - Mike's voice asks, breaking through the drummer's hazy thoughts.
I wish... Tré thinks silently before giving Mike a slight shake of his head.
The bassist frowns and walks over to the drummer. Standing in front of Tré, Mike watches his lover with sudden sympathy.

"Tré," He says softly, pausing so the other man will eventually raise his gaze to Mike's. "Is everything okay?"
Tré's eyes quickly dip down; avoiding the other's as he tries to swallow the lump in his throat.
"Tré..." Mike begins, sitting down on the arm of the lazy-boy and gently moving his hand so it rested on the drummer's shoulder. Giving the shoulder a little squeeze, Mike opens his mouth again but the soon continued knocking begins.

Tré wills back tears as Mike leaves him to go answer the door. His heart thuds as Billie is ushered inside and the singer makes his way towards the couch.
Billie nods to Tré, but his eyes twinkle as if to say: Our little secret, Frankie...
"So what did you want me here for Tré?" Billie asks as innocently as he can, plopping down on the sofa.
"Oh wait! Before we begin, does anyone want a beer?" Mike asks, cutting through Tré's answer.
"Yeah!" Billie smiles, but Tré doesn't make eye-contact with the singer.
"No," Tré says softly.
"No beer!" Tré snaps. "I want you to sit down for this one, Mike... Please."

Mike raises an eyebrow at the drummer's little outburst, but silently makes his way towards the couch and sits down next to Billie.
Tré lifts his gaze from his fingers to his band-mates, who stare at him all concerned-like.
"Mikeitkindofjusthappened!" Tré rushes out, placing his hands over his eyes.
"What..?" The bassist says stunned.
"I've been unfaithful to you," The drummer chokes.
Billie snorts at the term, earning a glare from Tré.
"I've been having an affair with Billie for the last three months, Mike."
Mike says nothing as Billie's eyes widen at the drummer's honesty.

"I-I love him Mike. And I'm go-going to leave with him tonight," Tré whispered, loosing eye-contact once again with the bassist.
Mike said nothing. In-fact there seem to be little to no emotion whatsoever on the bassist's face, and this was what made Billie gulp as he turned to his best friend.
Silence descended upon the trio until Tré broke it, "I'm going to go pack a few things, Billie."
The singer nodded his head as the drummer left the room... Only to be followed by the bassist. Billie watched his best friend follow Tré up the stairs before giving a huge sigh and falling slack against their couch.
Damn it Tré! You picked wrong! Billie thought bitterly.

The slam of the bedroom door caused Tré to look up from his packing. Mike quickly leans his back against the door and closes his eyes. His hands skim towards the door knob and quickly turn the lock; locking the door before advancing towards the drummer, who quickly stops his packing.
"Mike?" Tré asks, uncertain about how close the bassist is getting towards him.
"You thought you could leave me?" Mike hisses, finally standing in front of Tré and reaching out to grasp the drummer tightly by his arms. Tré gives a little yelp as Mike digs his fingers into the skin.
"Mike let go!" Tré whimpers as the bassist continues to stare at him.
Mike's jaw tightens for a moment before he grabs the drummer and shoves him hard towards the bed. Tré falls onto his back and lays still; too stun to do anything else.

"What did I do wrong, Tré?" Mike asks after a moment of silence between the pair.
Tré shakes his head and whispers, "You didn't do anything wrong, Mike."
"Then why were you with Billie?" Mike gives a little choke noise. "Why are you leaving for him? He's married... God-damn it!"
Tré sits up on the bed and says softly, "Mike..."
"Do I not entice you anymore?" Mike asks suddenly, locking his eyes with Tré's. "Does this not make you want me?" The bassist continued, putting his hands on the bottom of his T-shirt and pulling up as fast as he could.
Tré's eyes took in the blur of a grey shirt being tossed carelessly on floor and they widened as he saw Mike's naked chest...

He had always seen Mike's chest, but damn... Was it always this muscular? Tré made a quiet mewl like noise and blushed as he felt himself become hard.
Mike smiled softly and slowly began to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants, letting them fall unceremoniously to the ground.
Tré's cock began to strain against his jeans, and he licked his lips.
Before he knew it, Mike had Tré pinned underneath him on the bed. The drummer whimpered again as Mike kissed him gently on the lips.
"I love you, Tré." Tré gave a small moan as Mike's lips brush closely by his ear. "Let me show you..."
Before the drummer could say anything Mike moved his lips down from his ear, across his cheek, and down his neck; sucking at the sweet skin he found.
Mike grounded his hips down and nuzzled his face into Tré's neck. Tré let another moan escape him and he wrapped his arms around the bassist's back; holding him to him like a vice.
Mike soon pulled away and reached out to pull the drummer's own shirt off. Once it was discarded to the floor, Tré's hands went to his own pants, trying to pull them down until a warm hand cupped his own.
"No, Tré. Not yet,” The bassist whispered, pushing the drummer's hands away.

Tré was about to protest until he felt warm lips trailing down his chest. A cool breath washed over his chest and his nipples began to grow hard.
A shiver ran up Tré's spine as Mike bent down and licked at one of the harden nubs... His mouth glistened before he placed his lips on the still swollen nub and suck gently before biting down on the sensitive piece of flesh.
"Ah! Mike!" Tré swore loudly.
Mike soon left the semi-hard nub and worked his way down, kissing along the waist-band of the drummer’s jeans.
"Mike... Mike, I'm not wearing anything under the jeans..." Tré was still gasping for breath as the bassist tug the jeans down and was met with the drummer's straining cock.

Mike didn't even look at Tré as he dipped his head forward and brought the hard cock into his mouth. 
"Fuck! Mike!" Tré shouted, grasping the bed sheets tightly into his fists.
Mike hummed as he let his tongue lick the side and head of Tré's cock, his cheeks flattening in and out as he gave huge sucks against the cock.
"Mike!" Tré mumbled closing his eyes as he lost himself down the bassist's throat.
Mike swallowed and moved his mouth from the cock, and glanced up at the drummer's face. He leaned over Tré and sealed their lips together in a hot kiss.
Tré could taste himself in Mike's mouth... And fuck! Did it get hotter in here? 

"I want you to fuck me, Mike!" 
Mike grinned as he watched the drummer's cock beginning to become hard again.
"Fuck me! Fuck me!" Tré whined, reaching out to splay his hands upon the bassist's shoulders.
"I thought you would rather have Billie," Mike said sourly.
Tré's eyes widened and he felt like his heart had split in two... He could only look up weakly at the bassist who held him down with a piercing glare. 

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Jan. 5th, 2010 04:32 am (UTC)
Yes Tre, it did most certainly get hotter in here
I think I'm hooked to this story now, hurry up an make another(please)! =D
Jan. 5th, 2010 07:53 pm (UTC)
oh geeze.
i love this so much.
Mar. 5th, 2010 01:23 pm (UTC)
I mean, yes! Sorry got carried away there :P

I love this. I needs moreeeeeeeeeee, *cough* when you're ready, pretty please!!
:D :D
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