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Smoke Apparitions

Title: Smoke Apparitions
Author: [info]stripesco04_nur 
Rating: PG
Pairing: slight Hatter/Mad March apparitions
Summary: The Caterpillar uses his smoke to show Hatter his true feelings…
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters!
A/N: This was written in a rush, and I don’t really care for it. Especially since I didn’t write any good Hatter/Mad March slash in this one…

Hatter peered from one of the hospital's windows towards the somewhat slanted casino that shimmered brightly off in the distance.
His right hand cupped his face and held it as he continued to gaze at the casino.

"Something seems to be troubling you, boy."

Hatter gave a start at being pulled away from his confused thoughts, and looked down at the man in the boat.
"Nothing's troubling me, Caterpillar," Hatter said frowning at accusation. He jumped down from his perch at the window and walked alongside the pool. He shivered inwardly as he felt those big bug-like eyes centered upon him.

"I guess I better go. The shop-"

"He's not as lost as you think he is," Caterpillar interrupted softly, making Hatter stop in mid-step in front of the double doors.

"W-what?" He stammered turning around to face the weird man who was busy sucking greedily at his hookah.
The Caterpillar ignored him and continued to suck as much smoke as he could into his body; his eyes tearing up and making Hatter cringe at the smoke slowly pouring from his nostrils.
After a few minutes of nothing but sucking at the hookah, the Caterpillar blew all the smoke out towards Hatter, who began to cough heavily as the smoke surrounded him.

The smoke seemed to get thicker and Hatter's eyes blurred as the air stung them.
"Caterpillar!" Hatter yelled, trying to find his way through the haze and cursing bitterly at the man he was sworn to protect.
Staggering once again through the smug Hatter saw a light floating ahead of him. Coughing once more, Hatter jogged over towards the light but stop as he saw who was there.
"March," Hatter whispered as he saw the smoke swirl and create an image of Mad March.

Hatter's eyes doubled at the apparition and grew even wider as the smoke created another image next to March... His own.
The apparitions turned towards each other, and Hatter grew uncomfortable as he watch a grin splay across the smoke March's face. The smoke Hatter backed away slowly but proved useless as the smoke March pressed forward and pinned the smoke Hatter's body against his own.
The two give sly grins towards each other before letting their lips meet...

"NO!" Hatter screamed, closing his eyes and swishing his hands wildly in the air; destroying the apparitions and filtering the smoke away.
When his eyes opened again, the smoke was gone and the Caterpillar was smirking behind his glasses at him.
Hatter slowly pulled himself together before heading quickly for the exit.
The Caterpillar chuckled and blew out some smoke before whispering into the water, "He's not as lost as you wish he is Hatter..."

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Mar. 29th, 2011 01:22 pm (UTC)
I really like this. I think it's neat. :)
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