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Seven Years [2/2]

Title: Seven Years
Author: [info]stripesco04_nur 

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Hatter/Mad March
Summary: 7 years later Hatter remembers his pact with March…
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters portrayed in the story!
A/N: Conclusion to the first part of Seven Years!


~ 7 years later ~

Hatter didn't know how long he waited by the towering mushrooms, but it must've been long, for the stars were starting to appear in the sky...
He didn't show up... Hatter thought sadly, letting his hat slide down so it covered his eyes as he stood up and stretched from his cramp position on the ground.
Not that he would even remember... He's probably too busy killing off some of the resistance fighters for the Queen. Hatter continued to think as he walked away from the secret place.

Too absorbed in his thoughts, Hatter didn't seem to realize a shadow brush past him now and again.
A rustle was heard; a breeze cutting through and making Hatter freeze with fear.
More rustling could be heard, and Hatter cringed. "March?" He asked softly.


Swallowing thickly and trying to quiet his thundering heart, Hatter merely shrugged his shoulders and continued to make his way to the tea-shop.

Couple of minutes later, Hatter stood on top of a hill looking down at the somewhat faded city. A couple lights flickered in some of the tall buildings, but most of them were dark.
A bright light shone from across the city limits; the Queen's castle or as everyone was calling it now: The Casino.
I bet he has everything for him now. Hatter thought, giving a quiet huff and kicking up some dirt.

As Hatter began to head down into the city an arm came out of nowhere and wrapped itself around Hatter’s waist and pulled him off his feet.
"What the-" Hatter began, struggling in the hold and only falling silent as a cloth was pressed tightly against his face.
His vision swarmed and he blinked urgently as he fell to the ground. He gazed up to see someone standing over top of him, but his vision was too blurry to make out whom it was.

Hatter's eyes itched and he closed them tiredly...

When Hatter awoke he bolted up-right into a threatening pose, fists raised, and daring whoever was there that he was up and ready for a fight. Well, not really, but I can pretend. Hatter thought as he gazed around the room.
Lowering his fists, Hatter realized that he was on a bed in some very dark room. Feeling like he was being watch, Hatter slowly got out of the bed and made his way to the middle of the room.

The room was huge. A navy blue couch was settled against one of the walls, and some black armchairs shaped like clubs and diamonds were strewn across the room.
Hatter suddenly felt afraid. He didn't know why, but something inside him urged him to get the hell out of there.
Surveying the room Hatter spotted a door and headed towards it.

He reached the door and grasped the knob tightly; his body starting to shiver again. Pulling the door open a bit Hatter let out a shocked yelp as the door was shut firmly by a hand.
Suddenly Hatter felt the wind knocked out of him as he was shoved roughly against the door; his head throbbing as it was smashed against the door frame.

"Tsk tsk, Hatter. Ya being a bad guest... Saying goodbye instead of hello."

Hatter cracked his eyes open a bit and said softly, "March."
The hands let go and Hatter turned around to see his old friend smirking at him. Hatter couldn't help but smile back as he took in March's new look.

"Love the suit, March," Hatter said, laughter flowing into his voice.
March made a humming noise and pulled the suit open wide to show Hatter a very long knife that was hidden in there. "And can you believe all the space it provides for my knives?" March joked, pulling the knife out and holding it threateningly over top Hatter's head.
Hatter's eyes doubled and he stood frozen to the spot as March reached out and pulled his hat off his head.
"My hat..." Hatter mumbled.
"Shh, watch," March said, throwing the hat into the air. Hatter watched as his hat fluttered upwards, hovering for a bit before something moving very fast pierced it.

Hatter's mouth opened in disbelief as he saw his beloved hat stabbed against the wall by March's knife.
"That was a slow throw... I can throw faster," March stated thickly, making Hatter turn back to his friend and gape at him.
Anger began to bubble up from within, and Hatter stomped away from the door.

"I didn't damage it that much!" March said, following Hatter who stood in the middle of the room clenching and unclenching his fists.
"You forgot, March," Hatter whispered, emotion leaking into his voice. "You forgot about the pact we made..."
March gave a snarl and wrapped his arms around Hatter, pulling him against his chest. "I didn't forget, Hatter," He said quietly, "Why ya think you're here?"
Anger still burned in his veins and Hatter knew he would pay dearly for his choice of words. "Because you can't go anywhere without the Queen's blessing. Everyone knows that you're her pet and that-"

Hatter's head began to throb again as he was thrown against the wall. He gasped and struggled against March who had one of his hands wrapped around Hatter's throat and tightening it.
March didn't say anything only gripped Hatter's throat more tightly as Hatter choked and spurted. Hatter struggled again and brought his one of his hands up, curled it into a fist and smashed it against March's face.
March instantly dropped his hands so he could gently cradle his now bruised face, which gave Hatter time to bolt for the door again...

"Where do ya think you're going?" March roared, turning in time to catch Hatter and press him against the carpet floor.
Hatter whimpered as March used his weight to hold him down, his face getting smashed into the carpet.
They both became quiet; listening to one another's breathing and wondering what to say. March was the first to break the silence. "I didn't forget, Hatter. Every day I wantta be with ya, but then I remember the pact..."

Is that compassion in his voice? Hatter thought, giving a sigh as March's face tilted down against his and March’s voice tickled his ear.
"I still want ya, Hatter," March whispered against Hatter's ear, making the other shiver underneath. "I wantta be inside ya, and hear ya scream my name like bloody murder."

Hatter shivered again as March's lips touch the back of his neck.
"Want ya," March murmured in-between kisses, hands cradling Hatter's body before flipping him so Hatter was on his back looking up at March.
Hatter smiled sheepishly and reached out with his hand to touch March's face. March flinched a bit before relaxing and leaning his head down so their lips could meet.
Hatter's eyes closed and he gripped March tightly; his fingers curling against March's suit and his legs curling around March's, causing the other to fall onto him.

Hatter smiled as he open his eyes and broke his lips away. March mumbled and tried to bring their lips back together in a needy kiss. Hatter smirked as he felt March's lips press against his once more, and he reached up to grip March's jacket again.
"I want you too," Hatter mumbled during a tiny break for air.
Their eyes met and slowly, as if in a dream, they began to reach for one another's clothing. Hatter gently pushed the blue suit jacket off of March and sighed as March gently removed his over-coat.
March grinned in an evil way that made Hatter's heart skip, and he beckoned the Queen's pet closer to him.

A sharp gasp was heard as March tore the flimsy flowery pattern shirt off of Hatter and was slowly letting his teeth graze the skin.
"G-God, March!" Hatter stuttered as March bit down on his collar-bone, bringing blood to the surface.
Hatter winced at the new cut, even as March gently began to lick the reddish substance away.
March didn't say anything as he removed his mouth from Hatter's body and reached down to pull his own shirt off.

They glanced at one another yet again before March made the first move; pushing Hatter against the carpet and pressing his palm against the clothed semi-erection.
Hatter gave a groan as March cupped his clothed cock, and he swore he heard March laughing and he whispered sternly, "I thought you wanted to make me scream bloody murder..."

March stirred a bit and reached out to pull Hatter's pants down. Hatter struggled; he was still self-conscious about become bare in front of other people.
"Shh, Hatter. It's just me," March cooed as gently as he could, slowly pulling Hatter's pants down. Hatter turned his head away as he heard more rustling...
Soon he felt a cold hand touch his cheek and he turned his head back to see March gazing down at him. They were both naked, and even though it wasn't the first time, Hatter still blushed and tried to turn his face away again.

March sighed and hooked his fingers underneath Hatter's chin, pulling it up so their eyes would meet again.
Hatter swallowed unsurely and March leaned forward to press his lips against Hatter's. His tongue pried at the somewhat swollen lips till Hatter cautiously opened.
Hatter gave a soft moan as a familiar yet exotic taste filled his mouth. His eyes closed as his body started to relax, and he let the tip of his own tongue touch March's.

As Hatter was preoccupied with March kissing him deeply, March was reaching down to grab Hatter's hips and pull him closer. Hatter mumbled against March's lips and March knew he had Hatter relaxed...
"Bah!" Hatter spurted as he felt something press against his most sacred spot. His eyes widen as he began to thrash, making March growl as muscles began to clench painfully against his harden cock again.

"Hatter!" March warned as Hatter continued to become less relax and more twitchy.
March snarled again and suddenly pushed Hatter down against the carpet, changing Hatter's position so his chest was touching the itchy carpet.
"M-March," Hatter whispered softly, feeling March's cock still against his ring of muscles. March grunted over top of him and angled his hips a bit before heaving forward and breaking through the thick ring of muscle.
Hatter shouted out loud and a few tears trickled down his cheek.

"I told ya I wantta ya," March whispered against the back of Hatter's neck. Hatter let out a tiny sob as March stilled his body, allowing Hatter's to get used to the new presence.
But animal instincts tend to take over and soon March began to pound his body against Hatter's, relishing in the sound of slapping skin and tiny moans coming out of the pretty mouth underneath him.
Hatter tried to contain his moans, but one or two managed to escape him. He felt his cock tightened with a need to release.

"M-March," He whined, hoping his old friend would understand what he wanted.
March did, and he slid a hand underneath Hatter's body to grasp his harden cock. Hatter gasped out loud March tightened a fist upon it and began to rub up and down; pumping it slowly.

"Ah... Fuck! Faster, March!" Hatter yelled as March quickened his pace.
Hatter's body shook as March continued to tug restlessly before he felt a sinking feeling leave him. A sharp gasp that sounded like March's name left Hatter's mouth and he sunk down drowsily against the floor.
He could feel March's hips moving even faster and tiny bits of pleasure hit him as March growled over top of him.
Soon there was a beast-like roar and Hatter smiled as he heard his name past March's lips.

They were both spent, and March collapsed against Hatter's back, his cock still buried in the hot flesh.
"You got me," Hatter whispered after a few moments of ragged breathing.
"I know," March whispered back, slowly lifting himself off and just hovering over Hatter instead. Lifting his hips up a little, March felt his cock leave the warm encasement.
Hatter whimpered at the loss and turned around to gaze at March. "Bed?" He murmured.
March nodded his head and helped Hatter to his feet. Drunkenly they made it to the bed with Hatter landing on top of March.

March didn't seem to care about tops tonight, for he said nothing and only wrapped an arm around Hatter's waist, cradling him against his chest.
Hatter rested his head on March's chest, feeling March's head turn so it rested on top of Hatter's.
Smiling despite his aching body, Hatter whispered softly, "Where will we be in another seven years?"

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Feb. 14th, 2010 09:57 pm (UTC)
I liked the brutality of this. Thanks for sharing. ♥
Apr. 29th, 2010 10:09 pm (UTC)
I love it!
I recently watched Syfy's Alice and fell in love with Hatter. I just found your work and I'm slightly addicted to this pairing. Love the portrayal of their relationship and I hope you write more.
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