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Give Me Chocolate

Title: Give Me Chocolate
Author: stripesco04_nur 
Tré knows that Mike will usually give him what he wants…
I don’t own!
Been awhile since I wrote any Green Day slash, or any slash for that matter, so I’m not sure if it’s any good… :|

"Come on, Mikey," Tré pleaded, going as far as to make his bottom lip tremble and his eyes shine with wetness, causing the bassist to gulp and take a cautious step away from the pleading drummer.

Mike shook his head, feeling a little sad as Tré's smile disappeared and a frown began to etch its way on.

"But I need it!" Tré shouted stubbornly, his lip still quivering.

"No," Mike said sternly, heading away from the sniffling drummer.

Tré followed and pouted his lower lip out, batting his eyes cleverly at the bassist, who merely rolled his eyes.

"You usually give me what I want, Mikey..." Tré purred, slipping into the bassist personal space again.
Mike took a deep breath and backed away from the teasing drummer.
He let out a gasp as his back connected with a wall...

"Perhaps, you want a trade?" The drummer smirked as a blush filled Mike's face.
Tré's smirk grew larger as he plastered himself against the bassist, letting his hands grope Mike's shoulders before holding onto his hips.
A groan broke from Mike's throat as Tré's hand lay against his clothed length - which strained against the fabric.

Tré made a pleasing hum, and allow his hand to cup underneath the bassist's crotch.
"You like this, Mikey?" Tré whispered hotly, his grip tightening before relaxing, making the bassist growl angrily at the teasing pace.
Tré giggled at the growl and removed his hand, only to sink to his knees in front of Mike.

Mike bit his lip as he watch Tré on the ground before him; he had no idea what the drummer was up to and... Shit!
All thought left as Tré pressed his face against Mike's groin - harder, harder!
"Aw, Mikey, you're all hard for me," Tré cooed, moving his face from the emitting heat.

"Bastard..." Mike groaned, his erection straining against the fabric of his jeans.
Tré gave him a wider smile and stood up to shrug as Mike frowned at him.

"Need a hug?" Tré offered, leaning forward with his arms wide.

"Fuck you!" The bassist snarled, trying to throw the younger man off him as strong arms curled around his waist.

"Love you too," Tré whispered.

The drummer felt so warm and Mike couldn't help but hug back, making Tré squeak as his arms tightened.
They pulled apart to stare at each other. Tré's eyes shone with a shiny hint of mischievousness, and Mike rose an brow as Tré snuggled up against him again.
The drummer's hands splayed across his back before dipping lower and gripping the bassist’s butt tight.

Mike flinched and spat out, "What the hell?"

Tré pulled his hands away and backed away from the embrace, his eyes sparkling as he cradled a half-crushed candy-bar in his hand.

Mike's mouth opened in disbelief, as the drummer ripped the wrapper off and began to devour the sweet chocolate that was dribbling down the corners of his mouth.

"Thanks Mikey!" Tré shouted, his eyes bubbling from the sugar, and Mike hissed in annoyance as the drummer fled from the room...

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Sep. 5th, 2010 02:06 am (UTC)
tee hee:)i liked it. a lot. <3
Sep. 6th, 2010 01:20 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
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