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Jagged Complications [2/4]

Title: Jagged Complications
Author: stripesco04_nur 
Rating: R
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Summary: "Bones, what happened?!"
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters!
A/N: This story was orginially suppose to be only 2 parts, but ideas kept floating in and out of my head, and I decided that it's gonna be a 4-part story (hopefully!). The first chapter was very rushed, and after re-reading it several times I realized I had many grammatical errors. So I hope this is better...



The lights were bright as anything, and Jim forced his eyes shut from the illumination. His muscles tensed, and he swung out as he felt a presence near him.

"Damn it, Jim!"

T'hy'la, please calm yourself.

A curse, followed by a calm voice that echoed around his skull. Jim winced as he felt a sharp prick at his neck, and he fought the sedative until his eyes rolled up and his body fell laxed…


The baby!

Jim's eyes flew open, and he choked on the face-mask covering his mouth, which was slowly pushing air into his lungs. 
Lifting a shaky pale hand up, he tore the mask away. His first welcome of un-artificial air was painful. Coughing and almost choking, Jim leaned over the bio-bed towards the floor.

As he wheezed and tried to gulp some air down, Jim took noticed of some machines crowding around his bed. Many of them were making loud noises that made Jim's head swarm.
That can't be good. He thought as he listened dimly to one of the machines give off a high pitched siren-like warning.
Still leaning his head over the bio-bed, Jim let himself drop onto his side. Only to hiss in pain as his side made contact with the bed.

"Yeah, you don't wanna do that." A rough voice said quietly.

Jim wanted to greet the doctor, but his voice wouldn't come out. He looked at Bones with sad blue eyes as his friend helped him back into a more comfortable position on the bed.

"Here," Bones placed a straw against Jim's cracked lips. "Drink, Jim. You need it."

Jim took a few swallows before pushing the straw away from his mouth. Licking his chapped lips, the captain cleared his throat before asking, "Bones, what happened?"

Bones placed the drink down on a tray near the bed, and sat down in the available chair next to the bed. He glanced downwards at the sheets rumpled against Jim's body.
His body fidgeted and Jim didn't like that.

"Bones, what happened?!"

Still fidgeting with the cuff of his blue tunic, Bones lifted his head and explained as best he could. "When you and Spock beamed back aboard, you kept falling in and out of consciousness," Bones said as calmly as he could. "You kept screaming about pain, but you weren't bleeding anywhere so I hypo you out, and ran some scans-"

Jim looked sharply at Bones when the doctor closed his mouth and shook his head on the last incomplete sentence.

"Bones?" Jim probed.

"You need to rest, Jim," Bones urged, standing up from the chair and fixing the fluid tubes that ran into Jim's arms.

Jim scoffed and grabbed a hold of the doctor's arm, stopping him from his distraction.

"What did the scans show, Bones?" Jim whispered, his grip tightening on his friend's arm.

Bones glanced away, and hissed in annoyance when Jim dug his fingernails in the flesh of his wrist. Turning back, Bones wasn't at all too surprised when he saw the steely determination in his best friend's face.

"There was a rupture," He said flatly. Jim stared at him with confused eyes and Bones sighed. He knew he couldn't hide this from Jim. "The scans pointed out a rupture in you abdomen. It was causing you to bleed internally, Jim."

Jim loosened his grip on the doctor and glanced down, seemly trying to let the information settle within himself.
"Rupture?" Jim whispered, letting his other hand drift towards his stomach. Bones bit the inside of his cheek as he watched his friend deep in thought.

"The baby?" Jim asked hopefully, sitting up and glancing around the room.

Bones glanced sharply to the ground before shaking his head from side to side.

"Bones, where's my baby? You must've saved it! Is it a boy or a girl? What should I name it? How tiny is it? Pretty tiny I bet, because it was only four months old-"

"Jim!" Bones shouted, breaking through the tirade of questions. Jim looked at him and the doctor quickly said as softly as he could, "I'm sorry, Jim..."

"N-no!" Jim's voice shook and tears pricked at the corner of his eyes.

"Yes! Jim, the baby was already dead. It had to be removed otherwise it would just cause you to keep bleeding internally!"

"Where is it?"

"Jim, sit back down. You're still recovering!" Bones yelled as Jim began to remove the fluid tubes and swung his legs over the side of the bed.

"I don't care! I need to see the baby," Jim retorted.

"NO!" Bones shouted, trying to coax his friend back onto the bed. "Come on, Jim. Please sit back in the bed."

"Fuck you!"

Jim walked shakily out of his personal recovery room into the midst of Sickbay.


Jim turned and stared coldly at Nurse Chapel. Chapel took a step back as she saw the blank dark look on the captain's face.
"Where's the baby?" Jim asked sharply, making it more of a demand than a question.
Chapel's spine shivered and she pointed to a pink bassinet just as Bones said, "Don't!"

"Damn!" Bones cursed, as Jim head towards the bassinet.
"I'm sorry, Doctor!" Chapel apologized as Bones waved her away.

A blanket covered the bassinet, and Jim shakily removed it. A sour odor reached his nose, and Jim gagged against the smell. Ignoring the repulsive smell, Jim glanced down into the semi-blackness.

He needed to see the baby...

All he saw instead was a bloody lump. A tiny face - one side smashed - not even fully developed stared up from the bloody mass of flesh.
Taking a shaky step away, Jim tripped and landed hard on his ass. Turning to his side, he began to retch. Yellowish fluid began to stain the floor as Jim couldn't seem to stop.
Finally his gag reflex kicked in and Jim began to dry heave, and Jim was grateful when Bones offered his hand.

Taking the outstretched hand, Jim put up no resistances to having a needle jabbed into his neck, and he shifted uncomfortably in the bio-bed.


Spock had felt Jim, the moment his mate had woken up. Unfortunately, he was currently on shift as acting captain so he couldn’t head down to offer comfort to Jim, but he tried to send reassurance through the link.

It hadn't been but twenty minutes later when there was a rush of horror, pain, and no!no!no!no! from Jim's side of the bond.

Spock froze in the captain's chair. Did he find out? Spock wondered.

Standing up and causing most of the crew to glance at him, Spock said in a tight voice, "Mr. Sulu, you have the conn."
He glided out of the room and into the turbo-lift before Sulu could respond.

Jim. He whispered into the bond. I'm coming. Hold on ashayam.

An agonized sob was his only answer, and Spock allowed emotion to cross his face as he felt his mate cry mentally.

Arriving in Sickbay, Spock sought out McCoy...

"Should've known you would be arriving soon," Bones chuckled from his office.

"Did he see it?" Spock demanded.


Spock looked livid, and Bones interjected, "I delayed it as long as I could, Spock. He was, as we both know, very stubborn to know what had happened."

"I need to see him," Spock said sharply.

Bones nodded his head. "You know where he is."

Spock nodded his head before heading towards the private room where his mate lay in self-doubt and heartbreaking pain...

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