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Title: Loom
Author: stripesco04_nur 
Guy-Manuel/Thomas  Guy-Manuel/Dan (actor from Tron: Legacy movie)
Thomas is very jealous when one of the actors takes a liking to Guy-Manuel…
I do not own Thomas or Guy-Manuel, or Dan for that matter!
First Daft Punk story written in a loooooooong time! Already have an alternate version of this story in the works…


Thomas stared coldly underneath his mask at the hand curled around his band-mate's own hand. His hands clenched into tight fists as his eyesight caught the faint casual stroking of a thumb across the top of Guy-Manuel's gloved hand, and he felt his lip curl back to form a snarl as Guy didn't seem to mind.

"The music was perfect! You guys truly know what you were doing," The actor Dan, was that his name? Well, the what-ever his name was, that played Rinzler in Tron: Legacy, boasted.
Thomas shook his head slightly, glaring at the actor still in costume from the premiere - he looked nothing more than a hardcore Daft Punk wannabe, which in any other case would have Thomas beaming in admiration. But not when they tried to steal his lover away.

Except for the fact that Guy-Manuel was not his lover...

"It was nothing," Thomas blinked, and raised his masked face up to glance at his band-mate; Guy's English had become a little bit better. "Thomas knew what he wanted, and I just created a few samples for him to work with."

Thomas smiled underneath his mask, remembering Guy's face lighting up when he offered a quick sixty-second sampler of what would become the steady beat in the song Derezzed.

"You shouldn't give all credit to him," Dan muttered, lifting his own gloved hand and resting it against Guy's own mask - as if stroking his cheek in sympathy.

"I don-" Guy began, but was interrupted by Dan's loud "Oomph!" as his hand was pulled away from Guy-Manuel's mask, and he skidded into the concrete wall of the balcony.
Eyes wide behind his costume mask, Dan gulped dryly as Thomas stared intently at him.

"Thomas, let me go!" Guy-Manuel snapped, struggling against the iron-like grip that Thomas had on his waist.

"No!" Thomas retorted, tightening his hold and causing Guy to give a gasping squeak.

"Excuse me, Thomas," Dan had finally found his voice, and he moved to stand in front of Thomas. Thomas instantly shielded Guy away - cradling him against his side. "But perhaps you've had too much to drink toni-"

"Stay away from him," Thomas interrupted bitterly.

Dan blinked owlishly. "Who..?"

"He's mine, and I don't like to share," Thomas hissed, his masked face looming closer to Dan's. Still holding Guy close, Thomas ushered them away from a very confused actor. When they stopped by the door that led back into the grand hotel, Thomas shot back, "And I'm not drunk!"

Guy-Manuel twisted against his grip in the elevator, causing Thomas to angrily shove him against the cushion walls. Guy whimpered a bit even as Thomas slithered between his legs, trapping the shorter male.

"Get away from me," Guy muttered.

"You're mine!" Thomas replied, pressing his hands against the wall above Guy's head.

Guy turned his head and pushed upwards at Thomas's chest. Thomas gave a slight gasp as Guy managed to push him away.

"You had no right to say that, Thomas!" Guy shouted, pointing his finger at his band-mate. "I am not yours!"

Thomas lowered his head, shame filling his face underneath his mask...

The elevator slowed to a stop at their level, and Guy scampered out.

"But I want you to be..." Thomas whispered softly as he too exited the elevator.

Guy-Manuel refused to acknowledge Thomas's presence in their hotel room, and he merely walked around removing his gloves and mask; setting them upon the table by the window.
Thomas gave a sigh as he too removed his mask and gloves.

Clearing his throat, Thomas whispered, "Guy..."
The glare from Guy stopped him cold. "You ruined my chance with him, Thomas..."

"No, I didn't!" Thomas interjected, stepping closer to his band-mate. Guy-Manuel gave him a distrustful look, and Thomas calmly reached out to grip his shoulder.

"I want you..."

The declaration was soft spoken and Guy merely lowered his eyes from Thomas.
"It's true," Thomas whispered, cupping Guy's chin and lifting it up.
Guy-Manuel's eyes doubled in shock as Thomas leaned forward, still gripping his chin, and placed a kiss on his lips.

Pushing his lips harder against his band-mate's, Thomas slowly guided Guy back against one of the beds.
Grunting against each other's mouths as they landed on top of one another, Thomas smiled down at Guy, whose eyes were littered with confusion.

"Still don't believe me?" Thomas teased, grinning at the flush plumb lips slowly gasping short breaths of air.

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Dec. 22nd, 2010 04:17 am (UTC)
o-oh gosh what am I doing here I don't read RPF

o: It was good
Dec. 23rd, 2010 06:16 pm (UTC)
:\ Thanks...
Apr. 26th, 2011 03:17 am (UTC)
screw that person this story was legit!!! i'm off to read the explicit version now :D
lol you got me addicted to daft punk rpf.
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