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Title: Coming Together
Author: Stripes
Disclaimer: I don't own Green Day.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Tre/Billie
Notes: Here's All the chapters!

Chapter 1:
~~~ 10 YEARS LATER ~~~

It has been ten years since that day long ago when Tre Cool had been taken away from his friends by his ruthless father.

"Come on John... You can't quit the band!" Billie Joe Armstrong said in desperation.
"It's my choice. Beside Billie, are songs aren't going far and well I rather get some schooling in and become something with my life." John - their drummer - said as he continued packing his boxes up.
John didn't mean to be harsh or stuck-up, but he was ready to go to college and make his life count.
He was the only one in this 'Sweet Children' band that actually passed High School.
Billie had dropped out, and gotten a job.
Mike had only one class to take, but like Billie he dropped out.

And that had been over seven years ago!

"I'm sorry Billie, but I can't keep playing drums for a living." John said.
"It's okay John, it's just well the band'll miss you." Billie said looking down at John's bedcovers.
"Maybe you should get a high school degree and then 'make' something of your life." John said trying to motivate Billie.
"I already know what I want to do in my life. Play music, make people happy." Billie said cooly.
"We'll then goodbye Billie Joe." John said as he finished packing up his boxes.

~~~ 2 WEEKS LATER ~~~

"Mike, what are we going to do?" Billie asked two weeks later as he streched on his bed.
"I don't know. Maybe we should just keep working and forget about playing in the band." Mike suggested.
Billie stood up and stared at Mike; his mouth agape.
"You are fucking delerious." He said putting his hand over Mike's forehead.
"Ah, fuck off Billie. If you really want to continue to play music than we have to go find a new drummer." Mike said pushing Billie's hand off his forehead.
"Yeah okay let's do that!" Billie said as he started making flyers.

~~~ WEEK LATER ~~~
A week later Billie and Mike had people coming into an old broken down warehouse to hear them play.
A couple were good, but nobody was fast enough.
Until HE came...
He walked onto the stage and sat behind the drums.
"Hi. Um what's your name?" Mike asked as he wrote something down on his notepad.
"My name's Frank. Frank Wright." The person said as his right hand started jittering.

"Okay Frank... um... play us any song." Billie said as he looked up at Frank.
Frank started playing on the drums, starting slow but speeding up.
When he was finished he sat back with a smirk on his face.
Billie was in shock, not even John could go that fast.
"Congratulations. You're in the band!" Billie said as he threw away his notepad.
"Really?" Frank asked, his smirk never leaving his face.
"Really!" Mike said as he gave Frank the address to where they played songs.

~~~ NEXT DAY ~~~

"Jeez, Frank. Where did you know how to play so fast?" Billie said after a successful band pratice.
"I've always played. Since I was about thirteen or fourteen." Frank replied.
"Anyway, I have to get home now. See you tomorrow for band practice?" He asked walking towards the door.
"Sure." Mike replied as he kept strumming on his bass.

After Frank had left Billie looked at Mike before stating, "Man, he's so fast. Even John wasn't this fast. The only person I could even dream of coming close would be Tre..." Billie zoned out a bit, his vision showing him the bad memory of when Tre had been taken - no, not taken, riped - away from him.

That's when other memories of Tre started leaking their way back into Billie's head.
"Aagghh!" He screamed as he cluchted his head and fell to the floor.
"Billie? Are you alright?" Mike asked as he propped his friend up against the wall.
"I'm sorry Mike. It's just... these memories of Tre..." Billie said while clutching his head.

Mike got up and started pacing around the room, while Billie screamed at the memories hitting him.
'Where did this guy come from? He's as fast as Tre Cool, but he's name isn't Tre Cool, it's...' Mike thought before snapping his fingers together.
"Billie!" He shouted.
"What?" Billie asked as he pushed the memories back down.
"What was Tre's real name? You know the one his parents gave to him?" Mike asked getting excited.
"I don't know. We've always called him Tre. Why?" Billie said not getting where Mike was getting at.

"Come here." Mike said as he opened a small closet.
He pulled out a dusty looking book.
"You like collecting books, Mike?" Billie asked smugly.
"No, this happens to be our old yearbook." Mike said flipping through the pages.
After a few moments Mike shouted out, "Aha! I knew it!"
"What?" Billie asked.
"Billie we have our old drummer back!" Mike said happily as he pushed the yearbook under Billie's nose.
Sure enough there was a picture of Tre. Except underneath the name read: FRANK EDWIN WRIGHT III!

"OH MY GOD!" Billie said in shock.
He looked at Mike before both of them saying, "TRE'S BACK!"

Chapter 2:
Billie was overjoyed. He had Tre back in his life.
"When do we tell him about being Tre? Do you think he'll remember?" Mike asked Billie.
Mike had noticed that Tre did act differently.
"We'll tell him tomorrow Mike. Oh my god, we got Tre back!" Billie said stilling getting all excited.

But Mike wasn't so sure that Frank - Tre - would remember. Something about him was different...

Billie sat getting more hyper as he looked at the red clock on his office wall.
He had been lucky to find a job like this one. He did hate it, but it payed for the utility.
All his job did was make sure that these big machines worked properly. It was lously job, but payed well.

Billie was getting hyper more because once his shift was over he would be able to meet Mike and Frank - Tre - at the old warehouse (where tryouts were held) to play some of their 'old' songs (again).

'Come on. Come on, piece of shit... Move faster!' Billie thought angrily as he looked at the minute hand moving awfully slower than usual.
Finally the minute hand ran past the 12 and Billie got up, grabbed his stuff, and punched his card out.


"Sorry guys. Sorry..." Billie trailed off as he ran into the warehouse with his guitar.
"Finally Billie. I guess you're having too much fun at your job." Mike teased, while adjusting his bass strap.
"Oh fuck off Mike." Billie said as he punched Mike lightly on the shoulder.
"Say... Where's Tre?" Billie asked looking around.
"You mean 'Frank'? He's in the other room, tunning his drums or something like that." Mike replied lamely.
"Mike, you know his name is Tre." Billie said glaring a little at his friend.
"So you say..." Mike said avoiding Billie's stare.

Billie left the bassist and headed towards the other room, to see his 'old' drummer.
"Hey T-- um... I mean Frank." Billie said as he walked into the room where Frank was banging on his drums.
"Sup' Billie?" Frank said, never minding how close Billie had come to saying 'Tre'.
"Nothing much. So um... You ready for a good practice?" Billie said as he plugged his guitar into one of their amps.
"The hell I am." Frank said, his eyes shinning bright.
Mike walked in and raised a eyebrow at Billie before winking at him.
Shut up! Billie mouth to him.
Mike just shrugged his shoulders and plugged his bass into a amp and started plucking a few notes before nodding his head at Billie.
Billie nodded his head and he and his 'band' started playing songs.


"So when are we going to tell Frank that he's Tre?" Mike asked Billie after another successful practice.
"Tonight. We're having a 'camp-out' and we'll tell him then." Billie said.
"Okay." Mike said shrugging his shoulders as he finished packing up his bass.
"Yo! T--, Frank, wait up." Billie said as he ran after their drummer.
Frank turn around and looked at Billie before saying, "Yeah, Billie?"
"Me and Mike... we're having a little 'camp-out' tonight here. You want to come?" Billie asked as the drummer looked at him questionally.
Frank took a few minutes thinking before saying, "Sure. Won't mind if I bring some marshmallows?"
Billie laughed then nodded his head and said, "So we'll see you tonight?"
"Yeah." Frank said laughing too as he head towards his car.

~~~ THAT NIGHT ~~~

"Where is he Mike?" Billie asked looking around. Billie still didn't know how to come out and tell Frank who he really was.
"He'll come Billie. Relax, breath in and out." Mike said demostrating how to breath.
"Oh shut up Mike." Billie said as he 'play' wrestled Mike to the ground.

"Ah... I'm too late for the wrestle?" A voice said making Billie and Mike stop fighting.
Frank looked down at them, holding a box in his hands.
"Nope, you'll have your turn later." Mike said as he pushed himself up off the floor.
"What's in the box Frank?" Billie asked trying to peer inside.
"Food. What else?" Frank said grinning as he set the box down.
The box was filled with three bags of huge marshmallows, three sandwichs (already made), and about nine bottles of 'Sameul Adams' beer.

Frank cracked his top off and said cheers to his new friends as he started drinking.

Later that evening Frank did have his chance at wrestling, with Billie.
They had so much fun that they both passed out on to the floor.
Billie rested his head against Frank's chest, listening to his 'old' drummer's heartbeat.
"Um... Billie... You mind getting off me?" Frank asked as tried to get up.
"Oh... Sorry about that Frank." Billie said as he removed his head from Frank's chest.


"Is now the time to tell him?" Billie asked Mike after they had finished their sandwiches by Frank.
Mike nodded his head.
Billie gulped some air before heading towards his drummer.

"Um... Frank we have something to ask you." Billie said getting Frank's attention.
"Okay, shoot." Frank said grinning again.
"Did you have any other names beside Frank? Like the name Tre?" Billie asked.
Frank's grin disappered completely and he stared daggers at Billie.

"Where did you here that name?" Frank said grimancing a little.
"That was your name. A long time ago... Don't you remember?" Billie asked as he scooted closer to Frank.
"No. That was never my name." Frank said as Mike walked over to them.
"Well how do you explain this?" Mike asked as he showed Frank the yearbook.
"THAT'S NOT ME! THIS IS BULLSHIT. YOU GUYS ARE SO FUCKED UP!" Frank shouted as threw the yearbook away from him.
"No we're not. Tre come on. It's us. Remember? We helped you through your cutting days." Billie said as he placed his hands around Tre's waist.
"NO! BULLSHIT! GET AWAY!" Frank yelled as he pushed Billie away from him and ran up towards the roof of the warehouse.

"It's not bullshit. Tre why won't you accept your old name?" Billie said as he looked at Mike.

Chapter 3:
Frank burst from the staircase on to the roof of the warehouse, gasping for breath.
'No, no my name's not Tre.' He thought while clutching his head.
Tears strolled down his cheeks into his mouth, making it taste salty.
'It's not Tre. It's not Tre!' He said inside his head while sobbing openly in the cool night air.

Billie and Mike rushed up the stairs to find Frank - Tre.
"The hell's his problem Mike?" Billie asked, trying to keep up with the taller man's runs.
"Billie, do I honestly look like I know?" Mike snapped at him, slowing down for Billie to keep up.
"Sorry, Mike. Something must have happened to him."
'But what happened to him?' Billie thought sadly.

The two members burst from the stairwell three minutes later.
They found Frank teetering around the edge. He was yelling out at nothing well clutching his head.
"Tre! Tre get away from the edge!" Billie shouted to him.
Frank stop teetering, stood up, removed his hands from his head and glared at Billie before saying, "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!"

"Tre. Tre, you're going to be okay. You're back with us. Don't you remember?" Billie asked as he tried to break through to Tre.
"THAT'S NOT MY NAME!" Frank yelled as he ran at Billie, slamming forcefully into him.
Billie cried out in surprise as Frank's body slammed into his.
"IT'S NOT MY NAME! IT'S NOT!" Frank yelled as he started attacking Billie.
"Tre stop, please! TRE!" Billie pleaded with the drummer.
"STOP! IT'S NOT MY NAME!" Frank yelled still punching.

Mike grabbed a hold of Frank and hauled him off of Billie.
"Tre, stop acting weird." Mike shouted at Frank.
"Grrr... THAT'S NOT MY NAME!" Frank shouted angrily as he dove at Mike.
Mike was thrown to the ground, but he was back up in no time.
As Frank charged at him, Mike grabbed him and threw him against one of the heating vents; up top the warehouse.

Frank's back and head hit the vent. He screamed in pain before putting his hands in front of his face.
"No, please Dad, don't." He said in fearful tone, tears pouring out of his eyes.
"There's nothing wrong with being gay... AAAGGGHHH!" Frank screamed, ironically in some kind of memory.
Billie, raising to his feet and stroking his left arm, looked at Mike.
Mike shrugged his shoulders.
Billie got closer to Frank and sat down next to him.
"Tre? Tre you okay?" Billie asked as he got closer to his friend.

Frank rose his head and looked at Billie, and Billie gasped.
Frank's eyes which had of course been blue, were bright blue, sparkling even. 'Those are Tre's color eyes.' Billie thought.
"Tre?" He asked again.
"Billie? Billie, it's me! Aaaggghhh! Please help me Billie, please." Tre screeched as he started thrashing around.
His thrashing accidentally shoved Billie away from him into Mike.
"Tre? TRE!" Billie yelled at the drummer.

"Help me please... Please?" Tre shouted before passing out on the roof.
Mike stared incredously at Tre's stiff form, while Billie rushed towards him.
"Tre? Tre, wake up. I'll help you. We'll help you!" He said stroking the soft cheek of his long lost drummer.
Mike started sitting down to be with Tre and Billie, but was stop by seeing a dark blob leaking from Tre's right arm sleeve.
"Billie! Look there!" He said pointing at Tre's right arm.
Billie, tears going down his cheeks, looked at Mike.
Mike rushed over and started pulling up Tre's arm sleeve.
As he did so, blood started pouring out.

"OH MY GOD, TRE!" Billie yelled, tears now pouring out of his eyes.
There was a huge scar running down his arm where the blood was coming from.
Mike not wasting anytime, started to call the hospital.
"Tre... Tre." Billie said clutching onto his drummer.

Tre didn't move. He lay there, eyes close, while his friends cried over him.

Chapter 4:
"How is he Doctor?" Mike asked the doctor who had come to see the two band mates.
"He's fine. A little shaken up, but we were able to stich back up that cut." The Doctor said as he told Mike where Tre's room was.
"Well... That's good." Mike said as he thanked the doctor and walked over to Billie.

'Something happened to him... But dammit what?' Billie thought, staring intently at the tile floor.
"Billie? Hey Billie!" Mike said, breaking Billie out of thought.
"We're allowed to see Frank... Um... I mean Tre. We can see Tre now." Mike said catching himself for saying Frank.
"Oh good..." Billie said as he jumped to his feet and bolted from the door, only to return few moments later asking, "Say where his room?"
Mike snickered and motioned Billie to follow him.

"Oh man... Tre..." Billie said as he and Mike walked into their friend's hospital room.
Tre's eyes were clenched shut and he kept mumbling words out.
"Tre? You okay?" Mike asked as he tried to wake the drummer up.


"Hello son..." Tre's father said getting closer to Tre.
"No! I don't won't to go away. BILLIE!" Tre screamed out.
A younger version of Billie ran out from the shadows and attacked Tre's father.
"You leave him alone. For fuck sakes he's your son!" The younger Billie screeched while trying to choke Tre's father.
"THAT FAG IS NOT FROM MY FAMILY!" Tre's father shouted as he punched Billie hard; sending him against the hospital room, where he hit the back wall and was knocked out.

"Now... Where were we? Ah, yes. TAKE THIS YOU LITTLE FAGGOT!!" Tre's father yelled at him as his hand thrusted foward and seemed to ripe right into Tre's stomach.
Tre screamed out loud as the pain started eating at him...

~~~ HOSPITAL ROOM 11:08 ~~~

Billie looked at the plain clock... 'Eleven O' eight? Hmm...'
He looked over at Mike who was drooping his head and yawning a little.
Billie closed his eyes a little but was awakened several minutes later by Tre screaming.
"AAGGGHHHH! OH GOD! PLEASE... STOP... FATHER STOP!" Tre screamed out while his hands closed around his right side; tugging at it.
Mike, in shock, ran out the door to find a doctor, nurse, or someone who could help...

Billie, on the other hand, ran to Tre's side.
His eyes got huge as he saw Tre's hands ripping at his right side; producing a trail of blood forming around him.
"TRE! TRE WAKE UP!" Billie yelled over Tre's screams.
"NO, NO! OH GOD!" Tre shouted.
Tre opened his eyes slightly and twisting around on the small hospital bed, he fell down to the floor.
He crawled around on the floor, still screaming until he found a corner and tried to curl into it.
Billie stared at the blood on the bed; not a lot but...

"Tre!" Billie yelled as he pushed a hospital cart away and headed over to his drummer.
Tre whimpered slightly and then started to scream again.
"No! Tre it's okay... I'm here... Again." Billie said as he uncurled Tre from his position and brought him into his arms.
"NO! NO... I CAN'T... BILLIE!" Tre shouted as he started spasming in Billie's arms.
"Shh... Tre, I'm here. I'm here." Billie said as he held the drummer close.
Tre opened his eyes slowly and saw Billie holding him.
"BILLIE!" He shouted as he lunged forward on to Billie, pressing his trembling head against the lead singer's chest.
"You're here... YOU'RE HERE!" Tre said as his hands, little bloody, wrapped around Billie's waist.
"Yes... I'm here, Tre." Billie said as he still kept a firm hold on his drummer.

"You're here..." Tre kept saying as he trembled in Billie's arms.


Mike rushed in with a doctor at his heels.
"Oh..." He said as he looked at Billie with Tre in his arms.
The doctor examined the bedsheets before motioning to Mike to come talk outside.
"What happened?" The Doctor asked.
"He just started screaming and grabbed himself." Mike replied.
"Ah... That explains the sheets. It seems that your friend was relieveing a terrible experience or memory." The Doctor explained to Mike.
"Oh, so what do we do now?"
"Try to get your friend back up on to the bed so I can examine him." The Doctor said as he was joined by two nurses.
"Don't worry... We'll try to help your friend." One of the nurses said sweetly.
"Meh..." Mike said.

"You mind to let go of your friend?" The Doctor ask Billie.
"Sure." Billie said as he started uncurl himself from Tre.
"NO!" Tre shouted scaring everyone in the room.
Tre blindly grabbed Billie's hand and held fast.
"NO! DON'T GO! PLEASE... DON'T. BILLIE DON'T!" Tre shouted as he painfully tugged at Billie's hand.
"Ow... Tre." Billie said as he felt the pressure on his hand.
"Young man... let go. We'll be able to help you..." The Doctor said sternly as he tried to free Billie from Tre's death grip.

The doctor was able to get Billie's hand away from Tre's death grip.
One of the nurses pulled Billie to his feet and away from the frantic Tre.
Tre blindly reached forward and around him, trying to find Billie's hand again.
"NO! HE'S GONE... BILLIE DON'T LEAVE ME! BILLIE!" He yelled curling himself up into a tight ball.
Billie stood there with tears in his eyes as the doctor and nurses grabbed a hold of Tre and sat him back up on to the bed.
As the doctor tried to help Tre, he kept pushing the doctor and nurses away from him.
Billie looked away and at Mike.
Mike had a few tears making their way down south.
"DON'T TOUCH ME! I WANT BILLIE! HE WAS HERE BEFORE... WASN'T HE?" Tre shouted at the doctor and nurses.
Billie's chest became painfully tight.
The doctor fed up with Tre not wanting any help began walking out of the room.

"Wait! Doctor..." Billie said as a thought crossed his mind.
"What if I spend the night with Tre? It might make him relax and you can check him in the morning..." Billie said.
"Oh yeah there's any idea." The Doctor said sarcastically.
"But," He went on, "It might help him. He was screaming for you. Yes you can spend the night with him."
"Thank you." Billie said softly as he headed back to the room.

"Mike, maybe you should leave?" Billie said as he walked back into the room.
"Why?" Mike replied.
"I need sometime alone with Tre. Please?" The lead singer pleaded.
"Okay... See you tomorrow." Mike said as he left the room.

After Mike had left the room seemed very quietly, dispite Tre's crying.
Billie turned the lights off, till the room was only illuminated by the moonlight.
He removed his shoes and led himself into the bed.
Tre went rigid.
Billie noticed this and brought one of Tre's hand into his own.
"I'm here Tre..." He said as he kissed the hand.
Tre sniffled a little before he again lunged into Billie's arms.
"BILLIE! YOU'RE NOT AN ILLUSION! YOU'RE HERE!" The drummer shouted, burrowing his head against Billie's chest.
Tre's hands reached forward and brushed against the side of Billie's face.

Billie smiled as he felt Tre's hands on his face.
"Billie?" Tre said quietly.
"Yes Tre?" He replied straining to hear his drummer.
"Will you stay tonight and hold me? Please?" Tre said meekly.
"Yes." Billie said as his arms wrapped around Tre's slender form and brought him close to him again.

Tre yawned a little and curled more into Billie, who smiled tenderly at having his real drummer back.

Chapter 5:
Billie moaned slightly as he felt the sun rays on his face.
'Damn. It's morning already?' He thought to himself.
He started sitting up, rubbing his eyes tiredly. It had been a long night. With Tre crying till about three this morning.
'TRE!' He thought suddenly as he finished rubbing his eyes and stared beside him.

The hospital was empty... except for him in it.
"Tre? Tre where are you?" Billie yelled as he looked around the room.
"You might not want to call him that Billie." A voice said.
"Huh? Oh Mike... Almost gave me a heart-attack." Billie said as he saw his friend sitting in chair.
Mike smirked before saying, "Like I said Billie... You don't won't to call Frank/Tre. Well at least not today."
"And why not?" Billie asked smugly, thinking this was all just a joke.

"Well this morning one of the nurses from last night came to take Frank/Tre to get examined. She must have heard you or me saying Tre to him last night. For she said Tre, and he flipped! Literally attacked her. I didn't see it happened, but they were able to get him off and into the examining room." Mike explained to Billie; wide-eyed.
Billie let out a frustrated sigh.
"What is happening to him Mike? God... All I want is our drummer back! Is that so hard to ask for?" Billie said, suddenly snapping on to Mike.
"I don't know what's happened to him, Billie!" Mike retorted angrily.

"TRE... OR FRANK, WHATEVER THE HELL YOUR NAME IS... WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!" Billie screamed into the room.
"Wouldn't you two just love to know." A voice stated out.
Billie and Mike turned and saw Tre/Frank standing in  doorway, jeans and a T-shirt on already.
"I don't need the hospital. I fine now. Goodbye, Billie, Mike." Tre/Frank replied before bolting down the hallway.
'No! Not this time Tre!' Billie thought wildly as he placed his shoes on and rushed after Tre/Frank.

Mike stared after his two friends, before following after them.


"TRE! WAIT THE HELL UP!" Billie yelled at his friend.
"LEAVE ME ALONE! PLEASE!" The drummer shouted over his shoulder, while ducking away from Billie.
"NO!" Billie shouted an answer to Tre/Frank's question.
Tre/Frank rushed hurriedly down an 'old' path.
Billie stopped at the entrance of the path.
'The creek...? Oh God!' He thought, remembering the place well.

"TRE! PLEASE COME BACK!" Billie yelled as he walked on the path.
Billie didn't hear anything... Until he heard a splash.
"TRE!" Billie yelled as he followed the splash.
"OH MY GOD!" Billie screamed as he found Tre somehow choking himself, while dunking himself underneath the water.

'I hate myself! I want to die!' Tre/Frank thought miserably as he attempted to choke himself and dunk himself underneath the water.
As he fell to the bottom of the creek, he saw grey spots appearing in his vision.
'Take me, please! NOW!' Tre/Frank thought bitterly.
Instead of seeing black spots, two hands grabbed around Tre/Frank's waist bringing him up to surface.
'NO!' Tre/Frank thought as he tried to fight the hands.
But it was useless; since he had already tired himself out.

"STOP FIGHTING ME TRE! I'M TRYING TO HELP YOU!" Billie yelled as he pulled his drummer out of the water onto the bank.
Tre/Frank stared wildly around him, before his eyes rested onto Billie.
Tre/Frank got so fulled of emotions and energy, that he ran at Billie; jumping onto his back and started hitting him.
"Tre! Stop!" Billie said as he avoided Tre's punches.
"I WANTED TO DIE, BILLIE! WHY'D YOU STOP ME? WHY!?" Tre/Frank screamed at him.
"No... Tre you don't want to die." Billie said as he neared Tre.
"STOP FUCKING CALLING ME THAT!" Tre/Frank roared at him.

"I can't Tre. I can't stop calling you that." Billie said as Tre/Frank started sniffling.
"Billie... I want to be called that... But I'll get in 'trouble'." Tre/Frank said after a few moments of silence.

Tre started sniffling more before he turned towards Billie and again jumped him.
Billie at first thought Tre was trying to attack him again.
But it ended up being something that both needed:
Tre hugged Billie as tight as he could.
Then he pulled away and tried again to bolt away from Billie.
But Billie was a little quicker than Tre and he rushed to his feet and grabbing a hold of Tre; he pinned him against his chest.

In a typical fashion Tre fought against Billie's grip.
Billie still keeping a firm grip on his drummer stared blankly at ahead, before saying, "Again? Tre what do you mean again?"
Tre didn't respond; only kept fighting against Billie.

Billie, feeling his legs buckle from the weight, slid down to the ground; Tre still against him.

"Tre... What happened? Please Tre... Tell me!" Billie said as Tre still fought against his chest.


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Jun. 22nd, 2007 08:27 pm (UTC)
Oh sorry about that! I was actually working on something for that and that's actually all 6 chapters of that entire story I did.
And yes... It is a sequel to my other story Coming Out.
I'll try to clear some stuff up for you if you like! :)

And I've finished that story. Just didn't post it on my log only on my community!
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