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You Are You

Title: You Are You
Guy contemplates whether or not to cut his hair…
I do not own Thomas or Guy-Manuel!
I was actually planning on writing this as another heavy NC-17 story, with lots of smut. But somehow it ended up like this… I really don’t know how in the hell that happened, but I happen to like it. (And that’s all that matters! LOL!)


Thomas smiled warmly as he gazed at his lover - spent, but otherwise faintly smiling back at him. Guy-Manuel shook, his eyes locking with Thomas's, sweat trickling down his neck; his hands situated near Thomas's shoulders, helping the elder keep his balance as he lay on top of the younger.

"You're beautiful, Guy," Thomas whispered, lifting up and kissing both of Guy's cheeks. Leaning back down, Thomas chuckled as he saw the elder man's cheeks tinge pink.

"Vous êtes."

Guy smiled even more, and he leaned his face down to kiss his friend, which Thomas happily obliged. The kiss wasn't rushed, and both seemed to sigh into the other's mouth.
Pulling apart for air, Thomas felt something tickling the corner of his mouth. He quickly caught the object and instantly tugged it away from his mouth.

"Ow!" Guy yelped.

Thomas blinked sheepishly as he realized the object was really a strand of Guy's hair that must have fallen on him when they had kissed.
Guy-Manuel sat up; his knees bent around Thomas's pelvic region, and gingerly stroked the throbbing section of hair. A knot was present at the ends, and Guy growled lightly as he tried to remove the knot.

"Sorry, Guy," Thomas apologized, rubbing his hands along the elder's waist.

"It’s okay, Thomas." Guy tried to restlessly pull the knot out and only caused a hurt whimper spill out of his mouth. Thomas watched him, biting his lip and wanting to help his friend.
Finally after a few more tugs, the knot came loose and Guy threw the extra strands of hair, which had come off from the damn knot, but not before glancing at it and saying, "Maybe this is a clue."

Thomas looked up at him with a confused face, and Guy explained, "Perhaps, I should have shorter hair."

"No!" Thomas shouted, moving his body upwards and earning a low moan from Guy.

"Your hair is what makes you you," Thomas said sharply. He ran his fingers through the soft curls before resting his fingers on the back of Guy's neck.
"Plus, I don't know what I would do if you didn't have long hair," Thomas continued, stroking the back of Guy's neck before stopping and whispering softly, "And it's such fun to use in sex."


Thomas blushed, and ran his fingers through Guy-Manuel's hair before bunching his hair together and tugging roughly.
A deep sharper moan filled the room, and Thomas giggled at the reaction.

"See?" Thomas's smile was unnerving and Guy gave another soft growl before launching himself at the younger.

A squeak of surprise rushed out Thomas's mouth before a pair of soft lips covered up any more sounds he might have made.
Guy smiled at the noise, and when he finally released Thomas's mouth, the elder simply curled his face into the side of the younger's neck.

Thomas's fingers ran, once-more, through Guy's hair and his mouth coolly touched the side of Guy's face...

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Jan. 12th, 2011 03:01 am (UTC)
Que lindo *0* :)
Jan. 12th, 2011 08:07 am (UTC)
never stop writing daft punk fics <3
I love them all!
Jan. 12th, 2011 04:08 pm (UTC)
Guhh. Your fics leave me so wibbly and happy. I adore them, absolutely, positively.

Also, "and it's so much fun to use in sex" just gave me a great idea for boyfriend, teehee. >u>
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