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What A Pretty Color

Title: What A Pretty Color
Deadmau5/Guy-Manuel Guy-Manuel/Thomas [Robots!]
Thomas vows revenge against the cyborg Mau5 for destroying his love…
I don’t own anybody!
No idea where this came from, but it is the Daft Punk duo being robots and I decided to write Deadmau5 in here as well, even though he’s a horrible jerk in it…


The silver robot sat on an old make-shift blanket in an old abandon building. Its expression was blank and its head was tilted back so it leaned against the broken ragged wall.

"Guy-Manuel...."  The voice is soft and masculine, resulting in this robot being, of course, male.

Robotic hands trail upwards to caress his face as pixels of heartbroken hearts flash across his visor. An inhuman like noise, much like garbling, is heard.
One might mistake it for someone choking, but for any other robotic or any cyborg intelligence, they would have instantly known it was crying.

"I-I could have saved you," The silver robot cries again, and the words TOO LATE scroll across his visor as he fumbles with a cable attached to the base of his chest.
His hands shake as he presents the cable to the outlet next to him, and the cable drops to the ground when the shaking intensifies...

He knows that he will have to relieve the horrible memories once more, but it's the only way to fully recharge himself.

Another garble-like noise is heard, much louder this time, and the silver robot's body twists in a weird spasm of sorts. The level of power slowly starts to rise up, making an annoying beeping sound in the process.
But the silver robot is traumatizing by the data - images, sounds, and what-not - collected within twenty-four hours...

The silver robot stops and stares at the scene. His robot lover, slightly shorter and golden-colored, struggles on the bed. Flashes of exclamation points appear on his visor, and the gold robot instantly thrashes, but there are powerful binds clasped around his wrists.

"Come on," A different, livelier voice jeers out loud. "You can take all of Thomas's data, why not mine?"

The gold robot shakes his head, his processors over-heating and slowly starting to burn his insides. "Please, stop!" He cries out loud, feeling nimble fingers stroke out the back of his neck where two cables are already attached. 

The silver robot, Thomas, is frozen in fear. His body surges with jealously and anger, and he watches as the perpetrator raises its head. The familiar smile is almost too much for Thomas, and he backs away in shock.


The cyborg that had originally flirted with both of them not too long ago, but had always had a small glimmer of attraction to Guy-Manuel, the gold robot.

Thomas shakes out his trance and heads back to the two occupants, only to hear Guy-Manuel cry out again, "No, no more! Please Mau5, I can't take anymore!"

"You can take more, 'specially if Thomas was the one giving it to you," Mau5 counters, his grin never failing and the flesh-like arms holding the other robot downwards.

A blurry wisp of smoke starts floating out of Guy-Manuel's speakers and Thomas doesn't waste any time barging in and grasping Deadmau5 by the back of his neck.
He knows that extracting the cables without being cautious or gentle might result in anguished pain, but Thomas knows he needs to keep Mau5 away from his lover.

Guy makes a horrible little noise as Thomas pulls the cables from his port.
Mau5, still grinning, cocks his head at Thomas after being pushed heavily into the opposite wall.

"Nice of ya to join us, Thomas," The cyborg says sharply.

"Stay away from him, us," Thomas snarls back, his visor showing the words BACK OFF!
He grabs at Guy and carefully brings his partner up. ARE YOU OKAY? flashes. The gold robot nods and winces as he limps out of the room.

They don't make it far, only about half-way out of the door before Mau5 reaches forward and pulls Guy-Manuel away from Thomas, crushing the smaller mech against his own chest.
Thomas lets out a mechanical growl and pulls Guy back towards him, causing the gold robot to hiss in pain as the two pull him in different directions. 

"Give him to me," Mau5 demands.

"No," Thomas growls back.

"Fine," Mau5 says, instantly letting go of the gold robot's arm and chuckling as the two crash into each other. Losing his balance, Thomas topples against the wall, while Guy-Manuel calls his name.

The silver robot shakes his head and stares up in horror as Mau5 has his hands pinned around the gold robot's throat. The forty percent of oxygen they needed was slowly being cut off, and Guy-Manuel weakly tried to claw the hand.

Turning his smiling red head towards the silver robot, Mau5 let go of Guy's throat and says, "If I can't have him, then no-one can!"

 Guy-Manuel, pre-occupied with his struggle of getting oxygen back into his body, doesn't see the fist heading straight for him until it makes contact with the left side of his chest.
Breaking through the metal plate, and wires, Mau5 continues to grin as he punctures a vital instrument of Guy - his heart!

NO! flashes across Thomas's visor and the silver robot surges to his feet.

Guy-Manuel looks down at the hand passing through his chest and then back up at the smiling red mouse head. Deadmau5 removes his hand, now dripping and stained with a dark ruby like color.
The blood sweeps out of the puncture hole, running along the golden plates, and disappearing against the black outfit.

"That's a pretty color on you, Guy," Mau5 jeers, laughing dryly as the gold robot slowly sinks to the ground.

"You fuckin' bastard!" Thomas yells, charging at Mau5.

Mau5 side-steps him easily and continues to laugh before disappearing from the room.

Thomas instantly rushes towards his lover, and places the golden robot's head into his lap.

"T-Thomas," Guy-Manuel whispers, struggling as flashes of EMERGANCY are shown in his vision. His breathing starts to become labor and he sinks slowly against his silver partner's body.

"I'm here, Guy. I'm here," Thomas whispers back, wishing he has the ability to cry like humans because that's all he wants to do at the moment.


Thomas holds Guy against him as he leans his face down and relishes in the aftermath of that tiny spark that jolts between the two.
As Thomas pulls away from his partner, he feels Guy's body slowly fall out of his grip.

After a few hours of pushing, attaching his own cable to the ports on the back, and constantly calling his partner's name, Thomas ultimately acknowledges the fact that Guy-Manuel is dead...

The silver robot gasps as he is pulled from his memory by the high beeping of announcing that his level of power is completely charged.
Detaching himself from the outlet, the silver robot glances out of a random window that shows the layout of some random city where robots and cyborgs thrive.

"I'll find you Deadmau5," The silver robot vows, leaning his face against the window.

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Jan. 20th, 2011 04:10 am (UTC)
T_T que triste!
Jan. 20th, 2011 04:32 am (UTC)
Je sais. Merci bein pour le commentaire!

(I really have no idea if you understand that, I'm not fluent in French. In-fact I'm just using an online translator...)
Jan. 20th, 2011 09:35 pm (UTC)
jajaja..me too xD
Jan. 20th, 2011 04:50 am (UTC)
Don't ever stop writing! XD loved it!
Jan. 20th, 2011 04:54 am (UTC)
Thank you!
Jan. 20th, 2011 06:11 am (UTC)
...aw man...poor Thomas...

i still liked it though~
Jan. 20th, 2011 11:03 pm (UTC)
nuuuuuu!! poor Guy and Thomas... Dead Mau5 is such an asshole hahaha...

I enjoyed reading this tho!! It was good!
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