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When Everything's Possible (I Remember)

Title: When Everything’s Possible (I Remember)
Author: stripesco04_nur 
Guy-Manuel/Thomas [Robots!]
Thomas tracks down Guy’s murder… Sequel to What A Pretty Color
I do not own Guy-Manuel, Thomas, or the name Deadmau5.
Written because many people on DeviantArt asked me to.


The silver robot stops and stands outside of the looming adjacent building. This building used to belong to the human race; it was a place of worship - a church - where humans cried out to nameless gods for salvation.

Robots and cyborgs had no need for religion, why should they? They were creations of science and engineering, made without feelings/thoughts, commanded only to carry out their master's orders.
Until scientists, starting to fear the end was coming soon, created new androids - complete with a human brain and heart, and equipped with many different emotions...

The silver robot finally raises his head and stares at the double wooden doors. Anonymous beats filtered from behind the doors, and the silver can see flashes of light pass by.
Moving closer and examining the doors, the silver robot notices wanted posters decorating the tiny glass windows on the doors - DEADMAU5: CYBORG #599??? WANTED FOR ___________.

"How ironic, Mau5," The silver robot whispers, gripping the handle of one of doors and swinging it open. Bright neon lights - green, blue, red, purple, even flashes of white - almost blindsides him.

"Fuck!" A curse leaves his mouth.

Fortunately nobody, including Deadmau5 is around, and the silver robot sighs in relief before remembering why he's here again.

"T-Thomas," Guy-Manuel whispers, struggling as flashes of EMERGANCY are shown in his vision. His breathing starts to become labor and he sinks slowly against his silver partner's body.

"I'm here, Guy. I'm here," Thomas whispers back, wishing he has the ability to cry like humans because that's all he wants to do at the moment.


The silver robot, Thomas, shakes his head a bit trying to erase the horrible, painful, memory.

Walking further into the chapel, Thomas heads towards the platform that holds an old podium on it. A giant statue - a cross with a human upon it lays upside down towards the back wall; a miniature head, similar to Mau5, is attached to the human's head and the words: FUCK HUMANITY!!!! is painted across the wall and onto the cross itself.

Thomas winces as he sees this and turns his head away from the indecent image. More flashes of white blind him and the light beats of some heavy bass starts filling the room.
Moving to one side of the chapel, more colors like red and purple begin blinking rapidly, and Thomas jumps when three women jump up at him.

The women don't attack nor sound any alarm, and after a few moments of letting his fan cool him down a bit, Thomas takes a closer look.
They appear to be androids, earlier modules; in fact they seem to be sex-dolls, created for the pleasure of a human male.

"Remember how it was with you." One of them speaks, 'her' voice husky and very robotic.
The second one sounds about the same. "Remember how it was with you."
The last sex-doll has a somewhat higher-pitch voice, and it gives chills to Thomas.

"I remember..."

Turning away from the sex-dolls, Thomas angrily yells out loud, "Where are you Mau5?"
Another flash of white mixed with some neon green causes the silver robot to trip over some over-turned boards and fall to the ground.
Groaning and letting the words FUCK scroll across his visor, Thomas slowly picks himself up and stops when he sees a neon bluish-white ball hovering in the air above him.

Wary of the object, Thomas instantly judges it and shouts at it, "Are you another one of Mau5's tricks?"
The object twirls in a circle and heads through a door that’s near the stage/podium.
Bewildered, Thomas only stands still until the floating object returns and seems to beckon the silver robot to follow it.

With nothing much left to lose, and have already accepted his death if he was unsuccessful of overthrowing Deadmau5 and getting the revenge he wanted for both his lover and his own sake, Thomas quickly follows the floating object.
Down a flight of stairs, the lights only dimly brightened, words were painted all over the walls: FUCK was written all over the place and an accompanied phrase GHOST 'N' STUFF was painted as well. Smaller print words were painted into the cracks of the wall: I REMEMBER!

Busy with reading the phrases on the walls and stairs, Thomas was startled when he noticed that the floating object had disappeared and two double doors were now in front of him.

Taking a deep breath and calming his processors down as best he could, the silver robot pushed both double doors open...

White sheets hang from the ceiling all over the room, and splatters of red decorate some of them. Jars, with human hands and robotic hands, sitting on a shelf, and Thomas almost gags at the sight.

"Fuck!" A familiar voice shouts out loud.

Fingers curling inward to create fists, Thomas heads towards the voice stopping only when he sees the outline of the cyborg through a sheet.
The shadow consists of Mau5 bent over something and cursing plenty.

"You'd think working on the dead would be easier, huh," Mau5 asks to no one in particular.

Knowing it was now or never, Thomas rushed forward...

Only to stop short and fall to his knees as he took a glance at what Deadmau5 had been so bent on working on. It was Guy-Manuel, his lover that had died at this psycho's hand.
The gold robot was stretched out on his back, and one of his arms was missing while the other one was being sown by Mau5; a flesh-like arm that is!
The open wound still haunted the golden mech, and Thomas choke out a sob as he saw the broken chest plate and wires; dry blood on the gold plates surrounding his body.

The choke sob startled Deadmau5 and he instantly turns around. A carving knife held in his hand, but the cyborg lets it drop slowly as he spies the silver robot on his knees.

"Ah, Thomas," Mau5 acknowledges. "You're in time to watch my recreation of Guy."

BASTARD scrolls several times across his visor, and Thomas snarls out loud, "You're a fuckin' monster."

The smile doesn't leave the cyborg's face, but Thomas knows he struck a nerve when the cyborg refuses to answers and turns back to finish working on the gold robot.

"Stop this, Mau5," Thomas says a little softly.

"Stop what, Thomas? I'm creating a new generation of cyborgs, ones with human-like features and -"

"Ones with giant red mouse heads too?"

A robotic snarl emits itself from Mau5 and the cyborg turns to the silver robot, knife still in hand.

"Watch yourself, Thomas. You know I have the ability to end your life, just like I ended his," Mau5 whispers, gesturing at the dead mech on the table.

Unable to control the burning energy already heating up his processors, Thomas lunges at the cyborg and pins the sadistic red mouse head down, hard, upon the ground.

Mau5 gives a snarl and pushes upward, throwing the silver robot off of him. They both glare at each other from across the room and Thomas sees the cyborg tightened his hold on his knife.
Calming himself again, and knowing that this was probably the end for himself, Thomas lunged at the cyborg once-more and slammed Mau5 down upon the ground.

But this time Mau5 had been ready, and he let out a tiny chuckle as his knife began to bury itself within Thomas's wiring, close to his own heart.

"No!" Thomas gives a shout, gripping the handle of the knife and tugging at it. Mau5 let out a desperate huff and tries to shove the knife back in.
Painful inch by inch, Thomas fought Mau5's control and let the knife slip out before turning the object against its master.

Slashing the cyborg's throat, Thomas felt his body heating up from his own knife wound.

Mau5 chuckles, blood dripping from his slashed throat and staining the white T-shirt red.

"Congratulations, Thomas," The cyborg whispers, his body slowly falling lax upon the floor, but not before another slash is made upon his chest.

Throwing the knife away, Thomas leans heavily against one of the legs of the table and begins a scan check of his body.
EMERGANCY flashes and Thomas feels his body start to sag.

"Guy..." He whispers softly, and he's surprise when he sees the floating bluish-white object heading towards him again.

The object stops in front of him and materializes into a human form. This human is short and long wavy brown hair that barely touches his shoulders.

"Come on, Thomas," The human says gently, reaching forward to grip the silver robot's hand.

"Who are you?" Thomas asks; suspicion clouding his mind as the pain begins to move more throughout his body.

"You know who I am, Thomas," The human responds.

Thomas wants to shake his head, but it slowly dawns on him that this human's voice is familiar and the blue eyes fixed upon his own robotic face do seem to -

"Guy!" Thomas suddenly shouts. "Guy-Manuel!"

The human smiles and nods his head, gripping the silver robot's hand.

"You're human! But how's that possible?"

"Everything's possible when you have a soul, Thomas. Look at yourself, you're human too!"

Thomas doesn't believe his lover until Guy pulls him further away from his battered broken robotic body, and Thomas sees his own hand wave in front of his face all flesh-like.

Shock and happiness fills him, and Thomas turns to Guy-Manuel...

"We're human!"

Guy smiles back at leans upward to kiss Thomas the human-way. Thomas grips Guy close to him and sighs into the kiss before breaking from it and placing his hands on Guy's waist.
Gripping the fleshy plump, Thomas twirls Guy around and laughs as his lover makes soft whimpering noises.

As they twirl and kiss each other, their bodies slowly disappear until there is only two floating bluish-white objects spinning around each other before ascending upwards...

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Feb. 1st, 2011 10:46 pm (UTC)
that was pretty intense! and dark, but I enjoyed it...

so were they some kinda ghosts at the end..some kinda techy ghost soul thingies perhaps...

but yeah it was nice to see the continuation from your previous story.
Feb. 2nd, 2011 09:45 pm (UTC)
Woow! sigue haciendo mas de ellos *0*
Feb. 5th, 2011 03:31 pm (UTC)
loved the ghost part <3
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