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Title: True Feelings
Author: Stripesco04_nur
Disclaimer: This is all fiction - even though I wish this happened in the movie! :)
Rating: PG-13 - R  
Pairing: Dakin/Posner (The History Boys)
I love the movie "The History Boys", but I really wish that Dakin would kiss or go out with Posner, *pouts*. So I decided to write some slash between the two.
Summary: Posner's depression is know after he's been shut down by Dakin. Read more?

   Dakin                Posner

Posner hiccupped as his mother open his bedroom door.
"Posner... Do you feel better?" She asked, feeling his forehead.
Posner shook his head as she sighed and left the room.
'I can never go back to the school now.' He thought sadly as a few tears strung down his cheeks.
'I really was a fool to think he would actually like me back.' He clenched the sheets in his grasp as he remember his "talk" with Dakin, almost four days ago...


"D-Dakin... I have s-something to say to y-you." Posner stammered as the dark haired boy stared at him.
"Alright... What do have to say?"  Dakin said, as two of their friends snickered a little.
Posner stared at them, knowing he couldn't say what he needed in front of the others.
"Can we go some place else?" He asked, eyeing the floor. Dakin stared hard at him before nodding his head and grabbing Posner's hand, lead him to an alleway behind the school.

"Now what do want Posner?" Dakin said, breaking the silence as he stared at the younger.
"Dakin... I think - actually I know - I'm a homosexual. I'm gay. And I have feelings for you." Posner said, closing his eyes as Dakin only smirked.
"So?" Dakin said. Posner opened his eyes and looked at Dakin in bewilderment.

"I'm gay."
"Yes. You said that before Posner. I don't care if your gay or not, but I'm not... so sorry but don't get your hopes really high on me, that I could love you back..." Dakin replied, patting the soft skin of Posner before heading back to the others.
Posner stood there - shock beyond anything - before cutting class and rushing home...


'I should have know, he wouldn't love me back.' Posner thought, crying mutely in his bed.
His mother looked at his door as she listen to him cry softly...


"So have you heard anything at all from Posner?" Scripps asked, kicking a dirty bottle back and forth between him and Dakin.
Dakin froze a little before replying, "No. Have you?"
"Nope." The two stopped at a bench and dropped their bags down. "So what did he want to tell you? After he told you - whatever it was - he left and has been gone for the past four days." Scripps pushed again.

Dakin sighed as he stared at his best friend. "He told me he was gay."
"Oh." Scripps said softly, looking down at the gravel underneath his shoes. Somehow he knew that Posner was gay...
"That's not all he also told me he has "feelings" for me." Dakin said, sighing a little.
"How did you respond?"
"I told him I wasn't like that... Oh shit. Scripps I think I'm the reason he hasn't been to school." The dark haired boy sighed loudly.

Dakin folded his hands across his face as he cried softly over Posner.
Scripps removed his friend's hands and pulled Dakin to his chest.
"If you really aren't what you keep saying, then why do you cry over him?" He asked, as he began rocking Dakin a little.
"I think... I do like him... like he likes me Scripps." Dakin replied after a few moments of crying softly.
"Then maybe you should go visit him. And tell him yourself about how you feel. And do this to him." Scripps said, blowing Dakin a kiss as they stood up from the bench.
"You should really do counseling Scripps. You'd be very good at it." Dakin said smugly, as Scripps snickered a little.

"Hey, where are you going?" Scripps asked as Dakin headed the other way.
"Got to visit my "friend"." He replied slying, as he heard Scripps go "Aww..."


*Ding dong*
"Hello? Oh Dakin... I'm glad you've come to see him. He hasn't been himself lately." Posner's mum said, letting Dakin in the house.
'Probably because of what I said.' Dakin thought miserably.
"Would you like anything to eat or drink Dakin?" She asked. "No. Thank you, where is Posner?" He asked as she told him to go on upstairs.

Dakin stopped outside of Posner's door and heard a little sob echoing from within.
He open the door and was in shock at seeing Posner on the bed sobbing in his pillow.
'Oh fucking God! What have I done?!' He screamed at himself as he walked in and shut the door, and headed over to the bed.

Dakin dropped his bag onto the floor before climbing into the bed himself.
Posner stopped crying as he felt someone next to him.
"Oh Posner... I'm sorry." A voice ranged out.
Posner's eyes got huge as he whispered, "Dakin? What are you doing here?" He was mad at what Dakin said to him and he was upset that Dakin saw him like this.
"Posner... I lied to you. I do love you back. I'm not gay, but I'm not straight..." Dakin said quietly, looking at the twisted sheets.
Posner lifted his body to a sitting position next to him, before blurting out, "So you're saying you're bi?"
Dakin nodded his head and saw some tears roll down Posner's face.

"Posner... look at me. I'm bi, and I like you." Dakin said, raising the other's face up and pressing his lips upon the other.
Posner cried happiful as he kissed back. Dakin wrapped his arms around the smaller's fram; pulling him closer to him.
Posner let himself be pulled into the warmth - that was Dakin.
Dakin relax fully and fell back on to the bed, pulling Posner along with him; who crashed down on him.
Dakin broke apart for air and stated, "You're adorable." Posner blushed at that as he felt Dakin's hand going through his hair.

The two stared at each other before lips smashed upon the others.
Posner moaned into Dakin's mouth, and almost passed out as he felt Dakin's tongue insert into his mouth.
The two tongue battle each other before Dakin left Posner's mouth and began trailing kisses down his neck.
"No, Dakin we can't." Posner breathed out.
"Why not?" Dakin said, stopping and giving the younger a questionable look.
"My mum's downstairs. I don't want her coming in and seeing us like this." Posner said, as Dakin nodded his head.
Dakin sat up and turn so his legs hung over the bed. "You're not going to leave?" Posner asked in a shakely voice.
Dakin turned and smiled at him before pulling Posner in his arms and saying softly, "Of course not... lover."
Posner's heart beat faster as he hugged Dakin hard...


An hour later Dakin did have to leave.
"See you next week Posner?" He asked. Posner nodded his head and then asked, "What do we tell everyone?"
"Nothing. It'll be our little secret... for now at least." Dakin said flatly, before opening the door and giving Posner a little blow kiss.

                                                    ~ End ~

How was that? I might do a second part to this....