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In The Crook Of Our Arms

Title: In The Crook Of Our Arms
Author: stripesco04_nur 
White Spy/Black Spy
Captured by Agent Red, White hopes to avoid the initial meeting between his lover and child… MPREG!
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters; this was written for fun.
My first Spy vs. Spy story! And it’s a MPREG too! Hahaha, well I couldn’t help myself this idea’s been floating through my head for almost 3 days straight, plus I’ve been intrigued by DarkPenguin’s Spy vs. Spy slash artwork featured on both DeviantArt & Y-Gallery.


The cries of the infant wriggling aimlessly on the dirty covered floor intensified, and Agent Red gritted his teeth against the noise. Finally after what seem to be a decade of listening to the whining babe screaming its throat sore, Red flexed his gun so it pointed at the babe's forehead.

"One shot," He muttered thickly to himself as the baby's cries slowly dwindled. 

An angry muffle shout came from across the room, and Red turned to his captive individual, his gun slowly dropping from the baby's face. Standing up and turning away from the infant, Red smiled mischievously at his bound enemy from the White Embassy - Agent White himself.
Walking towards the bound man, Red continued to smile and White struggled against the tight ropes - keeping him attached to the hard chair and cutting into his skin - and the rag shoved roughly into his mouth causing trickles of blood to drip through the corner of his mouth.

His normal amber-brown eyes shone with a bit of fire, and White thrashed restlessly against the chair, his eyes now-and-again flickering towards the infant on the floor, and Red instantly caught the flickers.

"Didn't think your embassy would sink so low as into community service, White," Red smirked as White attempted to curse at him, but the only sound that came out was an angry gurgle-like sound.

"But, perhaps, I could contribute to this community service," Red said after a few seconds of complete silence in the room. White looked up at him, and Red's fist shot out of nowhere, shoving hard into White's lower chest, and then the butt of Red's gun clipped White up on his chin. The rag slowly began to soak with crimson stains.

A sharp cry echoed around the room, and Red punched White harder across the face before turning his attention to the now wailing baby.

"God-dammit!" He cursed. "Why don't they come with an off or mute button?"

Turning his attention towards the bundle struggling blindly, Red cocked his gun and was about aim when White struck out with his right bound foot and swipe the Red agent of his own feet.

"You little fucker!" Red shouted, his gun automatically going off but luckily missing the babe. Turning back to his captive, Red shoved his gun underneath White's head and hissed, "They told me to capture you alive... Could torture you all I want, but to bring you alive, but you know what, I just might pull the trigger here, and say that there was a struggle and it "accidently" went off during the tussle."

"But wouldn't they demote you, Red?"

Red froze. He knew that voice, and he dreaded spinning around. But he found himself doing just that, and he glared at Agent Black leaning against the opposite wall with an amusing grin stretched across his face.

"How the fuck did you get in here, Black?"

"Should be better at cleaning up your tracks, Red," Black advised, his vision shifting towards the whimpering babe and then back up towards the captive White.
White struggled as the other two agents conversed lightly. Oh please, don't let Black see the comparison of himself in the child. He thought.

"Oh fuck you," Red snarled, cocking his gun once more and aiming for the black agent.

"Yeah, you wish," Black retaliated, stepping forward and making the other agent shake a bit, but he regained his grip and pulled the trigger. Black dodged, but he wasn't so quick and he hissed in slight pain as the bullet grazed his shoulder. Bringing out his own handgun, Black took aim and shot Red through the head.

A scream whistle through the air before a splintering crack was heard. A baby's cry filled the room once more, and White continued to struggle. Black slowly brought his smoking gun down and stared at the bloody mess of what was left of Red's head.
White made a gurgling sound and Black snapped out of his stare, and he rushed forward - slicing through the ropes with one of his knives he had hidden in his black trench-coat.

White tore the rag from his mouth, choking in dry heaps of air before rushing past Black and reaching the still crying infant. Scooping the bundle up, White checked the baby for any indications of afflicted pain. Finding none, White slumped against the floor, cradling the babe against his chest and whispering soft nonsense words to it.
Black stared dumbfounded at the scene. He had at least expected an exultant kiss from his lover, especially since he had saved him instead of taking his chance and putting a bullet through his rival's head.

"What's this?" Black asked, moving towards White who avoided his gaze. "Baby-sitting's now part of the spy job... Whose is it? Is it Lady Grey's, the little harli-"

"It's yours."

"'Scuse me?"

White bit his lip before standing up and regarding his lover while cradling the infant in the crook of his arms.
"It's yours, Black," White whispered again.

"But I haven't been with anyone, 'cept you of cour-" The rest of the sentence floated off and Black began to pale a little bit more. "No," He said sharply, looking at White closely.
White blushed, rocking the baby slowly and whispering, "Sometimes the unexpected happens..."

"Fuck!" Black cursed. "Why didn't you tell me?"

White snapped his head up and glared at the other agent. "Because we work for the opposite sides, I mean... Well hell, my embassy doesn't even know the truth about me asking for leave time. Besides I didn't wanna burden you..."

"Burden me? I would like to know about my own child, White!" Black roared, stepping closer and invading his lover's space. White gritted his teeth and tried to pull away, but Black's hand shot out and gripped his waist, pulling him into the other agent's lean form.

The baby gurgled and White froze as Black glanced down at the infant. Eyes that shone green with a tint of brown bore up towards Black, and he stood transfixed as the baby's hands surged upwards and flapped widely before catching a hold of his coat, and gripping it tightly.

"It's a boy," Black stated.

White nodded his head and moved his arms forward, and chuckled softly as Black gasped with the new weight in his arms. Their son gave an unusual sigh and moved his head so it rested against Black's breast, and the agent could only stare in wonderment.
He glanced up at White who blushed, but didn't resist the sharp press of lips against his own...

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