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And I'm Leaving Tomorrow

Title: And I’m Leaving Tomorrow
Author: stripesco04_nur 
1st (I = Ryan) (You = Brendon)
Song-fic! Ryan’s leaving for Chicago tomorrow…
I do not own the lyrics nor Ryan or Brendon
The song is called Sorry For Everything by the band Dead By April… Very good band and this song just reminds me of Ryan’s POV about the split-up.


Sometimes you said that I didn't listen to your words
That I even made you cry
Maybe I didn't show, in every possible way
How much I cared

I pound on the door, praying - hoping - that you're alone for the night. Softly, with a bit of a whoosh noise, you pull the door open, peering outside, and instantly freezing when you glimpse me waiting in the hallway.

Silence echoes around us, interrupted by some random sirens blaring and chirping crickets in the distances...

"Gonna invite me in?" I ask half-heartily, trying to lighten the mood as best I can.

"W-what are you doing here, Ryan?" You ask, still clutching the door-frame.

I'm sorry for
Not being myself
For everything
Ending this way
Maybe I, Maybe You
Could need this change
I'm sorry for
For everything

"I-" I begin, but stop. I can't explain what I need to say outside of your apartment where anybody could overhear us. "Please let me in Brendon, then I'll tell you why I'm here tonight."

You seem hesitant before moving away from the door and into your somewhat spacious apartment while mumbling over your shoulder, "Come in then..."

I nervously follow you into the lounge area of your apartment, and wait until you offer the spot next to you on the couch before whispering, "I'm sorry, Brendon..."

"Sorry? For what?"

"I'm leaving, Bren," I say softly, wincing as you gasp sharply out loud.

"S-so it wasn't a joke then... You and Jon?" You choke a bit, and I bite the inside of my cheek as small silvery tears trickle from your eyes, falling soundless against your black jeans.

I wish that I
Could stop your tears from falling down
Probably I make it worse
Maybe I wasn't always there
It doesn't mean I don't care

I nod as your tears escalate and you try effortlessly to wipe them away. "We're leaving for Chicago tomorrow," I say softly.

My heart twists painfully as a loud sob breaks through and you place your head into your arms, crying deeply.

"Brendon, don't cry!" I try shushing you, but that doesn't seem to be working so I scoot closer and wrap my arms around your shoulders, pulling you against me.
You fall against me, head lolling against my chest while sniffling and clutching at my shirt with desperate hands.

"I'll change, Ryan," You begin to make useless amends, "Just, please don't leave me!"

My lips form a thin line as I place my head on top of yours, closing my eyes as soft curls of hair tickle the side of my face. My hands encircle you, keeping you close to me...

I'm sorry for
Not being myself
For everything
Ending this way

"I'm sorry, Brendon," I say after a few moments of silence.

You lift your head to stare at me, unshed tears still plastered in your eyes. One escapes and falls down.

"Ryan-" You begin to say my name but I reach forward, gripping the side of your face and bringing our lips together. You surrender underneath the onslaught of my lips, and your arms wrap around my neck.
Slowly I move my body forward and you cling tighter to me as I lay you on your back on your couch. My body quivers with anticipation and you break our kiss, gasping as I place my body overtop your own.

"No matter where I go," I say sharply, making sure you're looking at me, "You will always be my home, Brenny."

Our next kiss is more intense, and I gasp as you struggle underneath me to rid yourself of your pants...

We're minutes away
From saying good bye for all of times
I'm seconds away
From breaking apart

I'm sorry for
For everything
I'm sorry for
Not being myself

For everything
Ending this way
Maybe I, Maybe You
Could need this change

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Aug. 13th, 2011 03:48 pm (UTC)
hhhhh my heart </////3 (I wish you'd continue that last bit though ;) hehe)
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