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Shy Celebrations

Title: Shy Celebrations
Author: stripesco04_nur 
Rating: PG
Pairing: Julian/Sammy  Vivian/Theon
Summary: Jason-centric, where he observes Julian & Sammy’s shy romantic attraction to one another, and the never-hesitant-to-keep-making-out Theon & Vivian…
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the members of Lovex
A/N: Been so long since I wrote any Lovex slash, and since I’ve found out they’ve come out with a new album, Watch Out!, I’ve been getting an itch to write some… I don’t like this story but it’s been awhile so I guess it helps getting back into the groove…

Jason groaned as he slumped into an upward position on the couch. His head pounded away heavily, and the bassist ran a hand over his face before taking in his surrounds.
The recording studio where his band, Lovex, had all been creating a new album was littered with different kinds of beer bottles and instruments lying on their sides.

"Naida," He cursed while rubbing the bottom part of his palm against his eyes. "What happened last night?"

No one answered the bassist, but he didn't expect any reply. Standing up, Jason swayed a bit and had to grip onto the couch to steady himself, but when his dizziness faded voices from last night broke through.

"It's finished," Christian announced as he and Theon rushed into the room. Jason hummed with an air of pleased happiness, while Theon launched himself into Vivian's arms. The guitarist chuckled as the singer mumbled, "It'll be better than the last album!"

"Of that I have no doubt," Christian said, grinning mischievously and scaring Julian a bit as he clapped the younger man on the shoulder, and wrapped his arms around the drummer.

Jason watch as Christian awkwardly hugged the drummer before asking out loud, "So Julian, you think it's gonna be another good year for Lovex?"

Theon and Vivian turned their expectant faces towards Julian, and even Jason blinked at him. The only one who didn't pay much attention was Sammy - who was busy lightly strumming his black acoustic guitar.
Julian glanced at Sammy who didn't notice the longing stare in the young man's face, and the drummer blushed a bit before muttering, "Hell yeah!"

Theon whooped and escaped Vivian's grasp to pull Julian into a hug while whispering, "You're a fantastic drummer, Juke. I-we're so proud of you."
Julian grinned as his was crushed against the singer's body, but his eyes trailed towards Sammy and Jason took notice. Tilting his head a bit, the bassist gave the drummer a questionable look, but Julian merely shrugged his shoulders while a faint pink hue blush spread across his cheeks.

"We've got to celebrate," Vivian piped up suddenly.

"Go out?"

"Stay in."

"Stay in and do what?"


Jason grumbled a bit as he clutched the right side of the studio wall. He had almost tripped over a passed-out keyboardist whose one hand was pressed against the side of his face as he snored a bit in his sleep.
Jason was all in favor of kicking the keyboardist in his sleep, since it was his brilliant idea to get wasted on account of their completion of their third studio album, but he simply shook his head and continued walking... to where he wasn't sure... the bathroom? Maybe...

He stopped as he saw a figure lying on the other couch they had and he blinked tiredly as he tried to make out who was sleeping over there. Upon closer inspection the bassist noticed that it wasn't just one person, it was two people on the couch. And his eyes widened as he saw it was Julian and Sammy - both their bodies curled against one another.
They were still both fully clothed, and Jason thanked God for that.

"You're not drinking a lot."

Sammy swung his head to the left and smiled a bit as he saw Julian slowly sitting down next to the guitarist on the couch. The two sighed while Sammy finished the beer in his hand.

"How come?" Julian asked after a few moments of silence, only interrupted by loud cheering from Vivian, Christian, and Theon.

"No need to suffer a massive head-ache tomorrow," The guitarist mumbled smiling a bit as the drummer giggled. "Besides, you're not drinking that much either."

Julian shrugged his shoulders. "Eh..." He mumbled, leaning closer to Sammy.

The guitarist leaned his head back against the couch before smiling as Julian scooted closer and leaned his head down on Sammy's shoulder. Looking up Julian met Sammy's gaze and the two shyly smiled before the drummer moved forward to lightly press a kiss on the guitarist's lips.

Sammy chuckled and kissed back, and the two tumbled on the couch, beer bottles tumbling clumsily against the floor as Julian found himself stretched on his back on the couch with Sammy hovering over-top his body...

Jason smiled softly as he watch Julian move a bit in his sleep and Sammy instantly flexing his arm that was wrapped around the drummer's waist.

A gurgling like noise brought the bassist away from the sleeping couple, and Jason blinked as he saw Vivian and Theon making out against the other side of the studio wall.

"Damn it, Theon and Vivian!" Jason said sharply causing the two to gasp in shock. "It's only three in the afternoon, which is way too early for you two to be sucking face."

Vivian chuckled as Theon simply flicked the bassist off before the two continued to kiss...

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May. 13th, 2011 01:13 pm (UTC)
lol.. poor Jason.. he just can't win...
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