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These Weird Feelings

Title: These Weird Feelings
Author: stripesco04_nur 
Julian/Sammy  Theon/Vivian
After years of silence, Theon & Julian announce to Vivian & Sammy that they are completely in love with them…
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members of Lovex
I know that Theon is the same age as Sammy & Jason in real life, but I made him closer to Julian’s age in this story – about only 2 or 3 years older than Julian in this story.


"I love you!"

Julian shrunk back, and tried to hide behind the lead singer, Theon's, body. It had been his own love proclamation that had caused an eerie silence to fill the somewhat vacant room.
The drummer attempted to flee as any almost twenty year old would do in the same situation, but Theon's tight grip of his hand had him glued to the spot, and Julian gulped as he lifted his head and peered over Theon's shoulder at the bewildered guitarists.

For the past three or perhaps, even four years, weird feelings of desire, want, and touch... had escalated and swarm the young minds of Theon and Julian regarding their fellow band mates - guitarists: Vivian and Sammy. Their thoughts would become naughtier every night, and blush would fill their face when the other whispered dirty things that could happen between them and the guitarist they liked.

"You'd like it if Sammy caressed your cheek, and then ran a hand underneath your shirt to tweak your-"


But all thoughts weren't as good as having the really thing, and they were constantly aware of how close they had to be to the one they crave. And yet, somehow, no one suspected them. Or heard the loud thundering of their hearts that quickened when Sammy had held Julian's hand briskly to show him where to place his fingers on his acoustic guitar. Or the nervous shaking of kneecaps and legs that intensified when Vivian had reached over Theon to grab the microphone during one of Lovex's interviews.

Until now, and both Theon and Julian watched with a slight fear of rejection haunting in their eyes as the guitarists regarded their young band members.

"This is a joke, right?" Vivian said, breaking the silence. "Who paid you guys? Is Christian filming all this, so he can put it on our blog site?"

Julian looked a little taken-back, and Theon answered Vivian sincerely, "No one is paying us, Viv." Vivian cocked his head a bit at the singer's use of a nickname.

"And Christian is probably filming Jason at the moment, considering that they are nowhere in sight."

Vivian huffed and turned around to finish packing up his guitar. The loud clasp of the locks made Julian jump, and Theon squeezed his hand assuredly.
Vivian paused as he held his guitar case and stared, once at Sammy, and then at the two love-stricken members.

"This is just a dumb game... Theon Julian-" Vivian began but Theon interrupted coldly, "It's not a game, Vivian. And if you don't believe me, I'll tackle you and show you just how much you mean to me!"

Vivian opened his mouth, but found he had nothing to say, and the guitarist rapidly closed his mouth. Shrugging his shoulders, Vivian attempted to push past Theon and Julian, but Theon, quickly letting go of Julian's hand, jumped him.
Julian and Sammy watched as the guitar case and the singer and guitarist fell to the floor with a thick bang.

"Fuck! Get off, Theon!"

"No! I love you, Vivian, and I guess I’ll just have to prove it to you."

Leaning his weight against the guitarist's chest and staring down into the emerald colored eyes, Theon gently placed a kiss on Vivian's lips. They had kissed before, mainly for the fans sake since they howled for it to be done, but it had always been messy and rushed. And left Theon feeling slightly more flustered than before-hand.
This kiss, however, was much calmer and cleaner. Even as Vivian reached up with his left hand and gripped the back of the blonde singer's head, pulling Theon's face closer to his. Theon mewled in satisfaction as the pressure of their kiss increased, and the slight swipe of a tongue against his lips. Tentatively, the singer felt his mouth open a bit but it was immediately invaded by Vivian's tongue, and Theon jerked in surprise as Vivian moved a bit underneath him and shoved the singer off him.
Their eyes clouded with a hint of lust, and the guitarist connected their lips once more as his body hovered over-top the singer's. Theon felt his eyes close and he gasped against Vivian's mouth as the guitarist had grinded his pelvic region against Theon's.

"God, more!" Theon moaned, completely lost in the moment of only Vivian's touch and taste. Vivian chuckled as Theon threw his hands around Vivian's neck and clung to him. The guitarist panted a bit before kissing Theon a bit harder again.

Julian's eyes widen at the shameless act the two on the floor were presenting. Sammy scoffed at the two and turned his attention to Julian whose eyes had doubled in size as Vivian had pulled Theon's leg up and had it bent at a crossed-angle over his waist.
Swallowing thickly, Julian moved away from the scene, but instead he felt himself fall against something soft. Looking up Julian froze as he saw he had backed into Sammy, who was watching him carefully.

I can't just randomly tackle Sammy to the ground, like Theon, because I'm not that strong. Plus, Sammy wouldn't like it, and he might actually hit me. Julian's thoughts whirled, and his face faltered into a sickly white color.
Sammy noticed it and he quickly wrapped an arm around the drummer's waist and pulled Julian against him. Julian blanched a bit and his hands gripped the soft but strong upper arms of Sammy.
The two stood transfixed and Julian felt Sammy's muscles shiver a bit underneath his grip. He looked up at the guitarist whose blue eyes were hidden behind translucent glass and a metal frame, and face was shadowed because of the hat he was wearing.

Slowly, almost as if in a daze, Julian reached up and stroked the guitarist's turfs of hair that spilled from underneath his hat, down to his shoulders.
"I wonder..." Julian whispered softly, letting go of the soft curls of hair and grabbing hold of the guitarist's hat. Tipping it back a bit, the drummer pulled the hat off and let it drop, aimlessly, onto the ground. Julian moved his hand up and began to thread his fingers through the guitarist's hair before letting it drop so he could stroke Sammy's cheek.
Sammy grabbed a hold his hand though, and Julian felt the pang of rejection even if Sammy hadn't open his mouth. The drummer attempted to avoid the guitarist and Sammy bit his lip worriedly as Julian's eyes lowered onto the ground. Still holding his hand, Sammy reached forward and pulled Julian's face up to meet his own.

The two stared until Sammy asked, "Do you love me?"


"No. I mean do you really love me, Juke?"

The nickname made his heart flutter a bit, and Julian replied, "More than you know, Sammy."

Sammy nodded his head before moving forward and pressing his lips against Julian's. Julian froze before his body began to respond to the guitarist's treatment. His arms wound around Sammy's neck, and the drummer's hands threaded through the guitarist's hair, pulling playfully a bit. Sammy felt his own arms circle around Julian's waist before dipping lower and grabbing a hold of his ass. Julian jumped at the sensation, but Sammy calmed him by kissing even more forcefully.
Pulling apart for a quick breath of air, the drummer and guitarist instantly snagged their lips back together, and Sammy grunted a bit as he placed his hands underneath Julian's ass and pulled up so he was holding the drummer. Julian squeaked in shock and instantly wrapped his legs around Sammy's waist. Holding Julian tightly, Sammy moved them to a pop-up table littered with cables and random tools. Julian was surprised as the table groaned underneath them, but didn't break.
Well perhaps, it was because Sammy wasn't truly on the table. No, he only had Julian pinned there, and the guitarist was leaning between the drummer's legs, kissing him roughly. Hands splayed against the side of his head, and Julian moaned heartily, "Sammy... I-"

"What the fuckin' hell?"

Julian and Sammy froze at the sound of Jason's voice, and the two slowly pulled away from one another. Julian blushed as Jason stared at them, his eyes shifting from Julian and Sammy to Vivian and Theon on the floor whose shirts were unbuttoned and pants were amiss.
Julian leaned forward and pressed his face against Sammy's chest as a blush filled his face. Sammy chuckled and hugged the drummer to him as Christian bounded into the room.

The keyboardist's face lit up almost immediately as he could plainly see what had happened, and he reached up with his camcorder to record the two guitarists, singer, and drummer.

"Hello new fans," Christian muttered as Julian hid his face against Sammy, and Vivian flicked the camcorder off from the ground...

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( 5 comments — Leave a comment )
May. 23rd, 2011 01:53 am (UTC)
Ooh, in some ways I really liked this, but in others I found, for me, it was slightly flawed. I loved the Lovex slash! I'm such a huge fan of Theon/Vivian (I used to write them myself a few years back) and there just aren't enough writers around! You're also clearly very talented and literate. I liked the way Vivian was worried about it being filmed; it made it realistic for anyone who knows much about the band irl. The kiss between Vivian and Theon was also described beautifully, and wow! Hot! And in some ways, the contrast between that overt, physical sexuality worked really well against the tentative innocence of Sammy and Julian. The description of Julian moving his hand to stroke Sammy's cheek, all the while terrified of rejection, was poignant and touching and just adorable - even for someone who isn't really a huge fan of the pairing. The dialogue in that section was really spot on for me, too; romantic without being cheesy.

But despite seeing the positives of writing Theon's romance with Vivian alongside Juke's love for Sammy, I'm not sure it was the right decision. This is only my opinion, and I'm aware that I might be biased because I don't really read Sammy/Julian, but I thought it made it a bit unrealistic and cheesy. I just don't see anyone confessing their feelings in public like that (what if they rejected them both? What if Vivian rejected Theon but Sammy wanted Juke. AWKWARD :P). And the double yes in the way it was presented did feel a little too Hallmark for my taste. I also thought it detracted from the emotional impact of the story. Sammy and Julian, especially, were presented beautifully here, but I felt the presence of the other storyline distracted me. I was aware of Sammy and Julian when I was reading Vivian/Theon and visa versa. I couldn't really get into it as much as if only one relationship had been presented, or if the scenes had been split. I think I would have chosen to present Theon's chat with Julian first, and then have one of them to encourage the other. Then present that scene in private, and maybe have the positive result to that encourage the other to try his luck too. Personally, I feel like that would be both more realistic and more effective.

I also found the descriptions sliighttlyy unrealistic in places. The image of Theon's knees knocking when Vivian touches him didn't really work for me; it's a cartoonish hyberbole. I thought Theon tackling Vivian was also slightly overly dramatic, something perhaps intensified by the fact that he announced it beforehand. But some of your descriptions are lovely; the idea of the fear of rejection "haunting" their eyes is really, really great, for example.

Wow, longest comment ever. I hope none of this offends you. I liked this piece enough that I felt like I had to point out what I saw as negatives. Because I would love to see more from you without those negatives.

Please keep writing! You're very talented :).
May. 23rd, 2011 06:58 pm (UTC)
Wow that is one of the longest comments I've ever recieved! But thank you for your kind words and criticism.
And what's funny was when I was writing this story, I was actually more concerned with the Julian/Sammy pairing (they're my favorite pairing from the band)more than the Vivian/Theon pairing. In fact it was suppose to be mainly about Sammy & Julian, but I kind of threw Vivian & Theon in there - and they just took off, and that's probably why it caused such a distraction between the two relationships, because writing the scene with Theon and Vivian on the floor I was actually getting into that scene until I realized that oh yeah I have two other characters in the story still there.
Referring to the "cartoonish hyberbole", I tend to write stuff that is/are unrealistic, but help the stuff just go or flow. Not all the time it works, but I don't think I've ever had anyone point it out to me before (not that there's anything wrong with that).
And the point about whether one says yes and the other rejects one of them is actually a really good story idea. I would've never thought of that because I tend to write happy/cheesy romance with a happy ending. I might actually write something along those lines.
I really hope the negatives didn't throw off your reading of this story, and I will continue to write (hopefully without the negatives, lol) more Lovex slash. Once again thank you!
May. 23rd, 2011 10:18 pm (UTC)
cute :D and something to get the juices flowing... i've missed this comm and am SOOOO happy to see someone writing.
i wish i could write slash; i'd be posting every day lol
May. 26th, 2011 04:03 am (UTC)
:) Thank you!
Aug. 28th, 2011 09:40 pm (UTC)
I have to say that I really like your fics! In this one is interesting contrast between tenderness and roughness. I also like Sammy/Juke pairing (and as I saw you are using it in most of your Lovex fics)... Somehow this pairing feels real... So keep on writing! Thank you! :)
( 5 comments — Leave a comment )