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Whirling Indent Marks

Title: Whirling Indent Marks
Author: stripesco04_nur 
Jason can’t find sleep when Christian is desperate to finish his song stanza...
I do not own Christian or Jason, nor the two the lines from the song “Slave for the Glory”
I don’t believe anyone’s written Christian and Jason as a couple – which is just a shame, because they are quite cute together, if I do say so – ‘cept for me! But I wrote only one fluff story of the two and it was posted back in ’08 I think…

Christian squinted with the aid of his cell-phone light in the darken room at the pad of paper that had a few sentences written on it. Every now and again the paper would flutter and lift off due to the whirling fan above, and the frustrated keyboardist would snarl bitterly.

"Come on... Come on," Christian muttered softly. His front teeth were leaving indent marks on the end of the pen he was using, and his left wrist ached terribly from trying to hold his cell-phone steady and clicking it every twenty seconds when it became dim.
His eyes drooped a bit, but Christian didn't relent to sleep. He silently promised himself that he would retire to slumber after he finished this stanza, and the first part sounded good, so far.

"You're a prisoner of fame and money. A slave for the glory," Christian whispered the two words on the page aloud, and then frowned as he tried think of something else to rhyme and connect with the ideas of fame, money, and glory.

"Vitut!" He cursed suddenly, throwing his pen to the ground in a fit of anger.

A muffle-like noise was heard from the left of the keyboardist, and Christian was startled to feel a strong arm wrap around his midsection. Soft breath cooled the back of his neck, and the keyboardist sighed as a pair of lips gingerly began kissing up and around his neck.

"You're trying too hard, Christian," The person whispered.

"What're you doing up, Jason? I thought you were asleep."

"I was trying to sleep, but your damn cell-phone light is brighter than anything! Plus you kept muttering underneath your breath and twitching a bit," Jason replied.

"I do not twitch!" Christian mumbled as a light pink blush filtered onto his cheeks. Jason gave the keyboardist a smart look before pulling Christian towards him.

Christian gasped as he was pulled roughly away from the pad paper and the small thud of his cell-phone hitting the floor could be heard. But he was pleasantly surprised to find himself lying halfway underneath the bassist. Jason smiled at Christian before leaning forward and nipping softly at his lips.

Christian felt the corners of his mouth lift into a smile, and he muttered as Jason actually began kissing him with a little more force, "Fuckin' tease, man..."
Jason let out a tiny growl and pressed his lips harder against the keyboardist. His hand caressed up and down the soft thin black T-shirt that Christian always wore to bed, before slipping downwards to rest on the waistband of Christian's boxers. Christian gave a tiny lurch forward as the bassist's hand dipped underneath the elastic, and was busy lightly caressing his shaft.

"G-God!" Christian whined out loud as Jason began a trail from his lips down to hollow of his collar-bone. The bassist's hand had stopped caressing, and was now slowly gripping the hot flesh tightly while his wrist moved in an up and down fashion. The keyboardist's head tilted back against the pillow as his hips began to rise - seeking more friction than the low steady pump of Jason's hand.

Jason didn't change his pace, and merely continued his light kisses downward before nuzzling his face against the inside of Christian's right thigh. The hand left and Christian mumbled his disapproval, but his hips nearly bolted upwards as a hot mouth clamped firmly over his shaft.

"Naida! God! Jason!" Nonsense words spilled from the keyboardist's mouth, and Jason smirked as his cheeks hollowed a bit as he sucked a little harder, and his tongue quickly lapped over the head of Christian's cock.

"I-I'm cl-close, Jason," Christian warned as best he could. His head lolled against the pillows while his hands clutched tightly to the bed sheets. His eyes slid shut as a loud shout of Jason's name tumbled from his mouth, and the keyboardist sagged against the bed.
Jason lifted his head from between Christian's legs and smirked as he saw the keyboardist's chest heaving up and down as he fought to control his breathing. His eyes were close, and Jason moved to snuggle up against him.

Christian opened his some-what blurry eyes and smiled as he caught the slight drop of spunk caught on the corner of Jason's mouth. Giggling softly, the keyboardist reached with his index finger to swipe the spunk away, and unconsciously reached down to wipe his finger on the sheets.

"Can my lover sleep now?" Jason asked after a few moments of silence.

"Yes. Thank you, Jason," Christian said, stretching onto his side and feeling his tired eyelids close softly. One of Jason's arms curled around Christian's midsection, and the keyboardist hummed in approval before his eyes opened hugely and he whispered out loud, "But what about you, Jason? Do you want me to-"

"Just go to sleep, Christian. Please!" The bassist murmured with a loud groan.

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May. 28th, 2011 03:36 pm (UTC)
I've written them as a pair.. but it was a side pair to a much bigger fic...

hee. cutes... Christian needs to not think so damn hard..
May. 29th, 2011 11:35 pm (UTC)
lol nothing like sweet release to put a person to sleep xD
i've noticed that most people concentrate on the other four in the band, and these guys are either left out or left straight. thanks for fixing that :D
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