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Cascading Remorse

Title: Cascading Remorse
Author: stripesco04_nur 
Julian tries to apologize to Sammy after their first night on set of the Anyone Anymore music video…
I do not own any of the members of Lovex
This was actually going to be a “graphic, erotic” story, but somehow ended up becoming very sweet fluff. Yeah… I still don’t know how that happened. This is also based on a tiny scene in the behind scenes or making of Lovex’s music video, Anyone Anymore, where Sammy & Julian both look scared that there’s a camera behind them. And for a split second it looks like they’re holding hands (looks like, doesn’t mean they are). Here’s a little GIF I made of that particular scene so you know what I’m talking about…

"I'm sorry," Julian repeated for the umpteenth time, curling his body closer to the other occupant on the hotel bed. The room was slightly blanked, lights off, and the moon cascading from beneath shadowy dark clouds.

"It’s fine," His bedmate, Sammy, muttered drowsily. His scarf gone, and scalp breathing after a long day of shooting for the band's newest music video, Anyone Anymore, Sammy sighed against the hotel pillow. His posture was ridged at the moment, and his back was turned to Julian who shyly reached out to caress the strong upper left arm of Sammy.

"No it's not," Julian mumbled, thick remorse in his voice. "I shouldn't have freaked when that camera guy came into the room."

Sammy gave a huff but didn't say anything else, and Julian frowned. Sammy had been distant with him ever since Jason had muttered the words, "Careful. Camera." Julian had instantly let go of Sammy's hand and spun around, Sammy frowning at his motions. The camera guy didn't notice anything unusual and had merely smiled at the three musicians before heading off to the direction of their lead singer, Theon's voice.

Once the camera was gone Julian had inched his hand closer to Sammy's, and had held it palm up. But Sammy had ignored the silent plead, and had instead continued conversing with Jason. Julian had cocked his head in confusion as his hand had gently laid on top the guitarist's coarser hand. Sammy had instantly turned to regard the drummer, and before the drummer had been able to apologize for his jumpy attitude, a stage-hand, standing nearby, had announced that it was Sammy's turn to the stage.

Sammy had gently removed his hand from Julian's tender touch, and left without a word. The drummer had bit his lip worriedly, and spent the remainder of time on set trying to apologize to the guitarist. But Sammy had ignored the drummer, and instead had hung out with Vivian and Christian.

Julian shook his head from the bitter memories, and moved closer to Sammy until his chest was pressed against the guitarist's backside. His arms, long and lanky but powerful from the constant drumming he had been doing since he was twelve, wrapped around Sammy as the drummer pressed his face against the guitarist's shoulder.

A warm mouth pressed against the side of his neck, and Sammy's eyes fluttered as Julian kissed ever so softly, his lips trailing over and around the guitarist's cheek.
Pulling his face back, Julian watched, a little bemused, as Sammy finally turned around in his embrace and smiled at the drummer.

"I'm sorry, Sammy," Julian whispered again, launching forward and wrapping his arms around the guitarist's body, his mouth ruthlessly ravaging the other's.

Sammy groaned deep in his throat as Julian pinned him down on the bed, and their lips barely left each other. Slowly pulling apart and panting for air, Sammy looked up into the blue orbs of his young naive lover that seemed to be unsure of anything at the moment. Tugging him down so Julian curled comfortably in his arms, Sammy whispered, "It’s fine, Julian. And I would've acted the same way if I was the same age as you are now."

Julian gave a half-hearted smile, and Sammy leaned forward to nip at the drummer's lower lip.

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Jun. 21st, 2011 10:55 am (UTC)
awwww.. poor Jules.. at least Sammy cuddles it better in the end...
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