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A Knowing Smile

Title: A Knowing Smile
Author: stripesco04_nur
Pairing: Joel/Sonny [Deadmau5/Skrillex] Thomas/Guy-Manuel
Summary: After being asked to collaborate with Daft Punk, Joel and Sonny head to France only to have one of them admit their true feelings for the other…
Disclaimer: I do not own Joel, Sonny, Thomas, or Guy-Manuel!
A/N: My first Joel/Sonny fic and yes I am planning to write a sequel to this!

"This is gonna be fuckin' awesome, man!" Joel exclaimed, twisting 'round in the cab and taking in all the French monuments. A slight chuckle escaped his companion's mouth, and Joel regarded his young friend Sonny.
Eyes hidden behind thick glasses, Sonny moved his head to glance out the window and muttered, "Sure is."

After performing for countless festivals across the globe, the two friends, well mostly Joel, had been contacted by their heroes themselves - Daft Punk - to collaborate with them on their upcoming new album. Joel had been exultant and the company had sent Sonny to keep an eye on the musician, since he seemed to be the only one who could clearly calm down the Canadian when he was ready to break out into Evil-Mau5 on someone.

"Nous sommes ici messieurs," The cab driver announced.


"He said we're here, Joel," Sonny clarified, rolling his eyes as Joel gave a shout of "Good!" and practically leapt from the cab. Getting out of the cab himself, Sonny helped Joel remove their luggage from the trunk before handing a tip to the driver, who merely nodded his head before giving a knowing smirk and driving away.

A blush filled the young musician's face, and he situated his glasses before trying to silently calm his body down. Turning his attention back to his friend, Sonny watched as Joel began cursing.

"Fuck! This can't be right. It's just an abandoned building," The Canadian shouted. Sonny had to agreed, the building did look deserted; bricks crumbling and curtains tightly closed around the windows.

"Well, we won't know unless we go knock on the door," Sonny pointed out.

"Good idea, Skrill."

"Don't call me that! I hate it!"

Knocking heavily against the door, Joel gave a loud sigh as he tucked his hands into his jean pockets. "There's nobody here, let's just go," The musician said wearily, but the sound of the door being swung open stopped him.

A short man, with shoulder-length brown wavy hair stood in front of them. He wore some black jeans and a dark green T-shirt, and his appearance appeared kind of haggard or simply put, rushed.

"Oui, je peux vous aider?" The man asked, staring at the two.

"Um..." Joel gulped, trying to remember his brief French lesson from a video on Youtube.

"Bonjour," Sonny interjected before the Canadian could make an ass of himself, "Nous sommes pour répondre à Daft Punk."

The man's eyes widened and he said in somewhat good English, "Oh, Deadmau5 huh?"

"You speak English?" Joel asked in disbelief.

Sonny rolled his eyes and said, "He's Deadmau5. I'm... just his friend."

The man bit his lip as he stared at Sonny for a bit before saying in English, "I'm Guy-Manuel. Please come in, Thomas is already in our recording studio."

Grabbing their luggage and walking into the building, Joel asked innocently, "How come you're not wearing your helmet... mask?"

"How come you're not wearing yours?" Guy retaliated. Sonny smiled as Joel shrugged his shoulders and they followed Guy-Manuel towards the back room where distant thuds of a mixer could be heard.
Joel was skipping with happiness as he let his luggage hit the floor and took in the surrounds of what he dubbed "Daft Punk's cavern!"

Guy entered the recording room, and bended his head down to the other man in the room. The man smiled before reaching up with his hands to grab Guy closer to him, and Sonny smiled a bit as he saw the other man kiss Guy heartily.
The young musician turned his attention to Joel, wondering if he saw the small romantic exchange, but the older musician was busy checking out several old mixers, and a couple of framed posters of the duo in their robotic outfits on the wall.

"Ah, this must be the acclaimed Deadmau5 himself." The other man had made his way out of the studio, and he smiled as he shook Joel's hand.

"Ah, it's Joel," Joel muttered, trying to collect himself at meeting his idol.

"Joel, I'm Thomas as you've probably figured out after meeting Guy-Manuel," Thomas said, before regarding Sonny. "And you are?"

"I'm Sonny," Sonny whispered softly before Joel interjected, "Also known as Skrillex - an upcoming new House master!"

Sonny smiled, a blush filling his cheeks as he stared at his friend who had clamped an arm around his shoulders and had brought him close to his body.
Guy watched the sentiment with amused contemplating eyes, before turning to address Thomas.

"Perhaps you can show Joel what you have so far, and I can keep company with Sonny here."

"Good idea, Guy," Thomas pecked at the corner of his band-mate's lips before straightening up. "Come on Joel. I'll show you what I have so far."

After the two disappeared into the studio, Guy motioned for Sonny to follow him. Following the older man, Sonny was surprised when Guy led him into a beautifully decorated sitting room, and motioned, once more, for the young musician to sit down on the red couch.

"This is room is beautiful," Sonny mumbled, unable to avoid gazing lazily like a drunk around the room.


Loud laughter and booming bass filter its way from the studio to where Guy-Manuel and Sonny had been conversing lightly about random things, like what movies, books, and other music they enjoyed. It was quite pleasing to find out they had much in common.

"So are you and Joel together?" Guy asked out of no-where. Sonny coughed a bit and turned his head away.

"No," He muttered.

"Pourquoi ne pas?" Guy asked. "I can see you clearly fantaisie him."

Sonny shook his head while fiddling with the edge of his glasses, and Guy-Manuel frowned. After glancing from the spot on the carpet and seeing that the older musician was still giving him a concerned look Sonny snapped.

"We're not together, Guy. No matter how much I wish we were!" He shouted, rising to his feet. "I don't just fantaisie him, Guy-Manuel," Guy tilted his head at the use of his full name, "I fuckin' l'amour him!"

The anger quickly left his body, Sonny said even softer, "I love him, and he doesn't even know it."

"You love me?" A quiet voice said, and Sonny whirled around, his eyes almost bug-eyed through the frames of his glasses as he saw Joel and Thomas standing behind him.

"Um... well..." Sonny stammered, glancing at the floor.

A long finger slid underneath his chin and pulled his head up. Blue eyes bore into brown hinted with a bit of jade. A smile filtered on the other musician's face.

"Say it again, s'il vous plaît," Joel said sternly.

"I love you," The younger musician said, holding the other's gaze for once.

Joel smirked before leaning forward and pressing his lips against Sonny's, and the smaller man melted against the other. Wrapping his arms around Joel's neck, Sonny moaned as he felt Joel's tongue pressing entrance against his mouth.
Skillfully, Joel managed to back Sonny to the couch where Guy-Manuel had since long abandoned, and the two collapsed upon the red cushions.

Joel hummed as he removed Sonny's glasses, and he gently laid them on the little desk next to the couch before pressing himself down upon the younger man.
Sonny groaned at the contact and Joel began sucking at the younger's neck, making him squirm underneath him. Hands tickled up under his shirt before resting on his belt-buckle, which Joel unclasped with no problem.

Sonny's eyes closed briefly as a large hand clamped upon his cock, and few good thrusts were tugged.

"Oh God, J-Joel," Sonny stammered, his hips slowly beginning to buck into the tight hold that Joel's hand had around his cock.

Joel chuckled before pulling the other man's jeans and underwear down, and placing his mouth upon the rigid flesh.

"F-fuck!" Sonny cursed.

A tongue slid underneath his length and Sonny began muttering incoherently as his fingers laced themselves in the older musician's hair, tugging widely as Joel began sucking and humming.

Sonny gave a cry as he came and he lay against the couch as Joel gulped what he could before capturing the younger musician's mouth in another heated kiss.

Amidst the fog of lust that was in the air, two figures watched the new couple contently.

"Our couch," Guy mumbled disdainfully.

"We've done worse on it," Thomas whispered, smiling seductively as he pulled his partner closer to him and began kissing him with a fiery passion...

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Daniela Haro Tapia
Jul. 1st, 2013 11:07 pm (UTC)
Je l'aimé!
Oh My God, I cant wait for ur second part, absolutely it's an amaizing fic! Je l'aimé!!
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