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Mattress Intrusion

Title: Mattress Intrusion
Author: stripesco04_nur
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Nivek Ogre/Bill Moseley
Summary: During a Repo party hosted by some hotel, Bill and Ogre escape upstairs to have a bit of fun…
Disclaimer: I do not own Ogre or Bill. This is just for fun!
A/N: So after watching the movie Repo! The Genetic Opera and falling deeply in love with it (‘specially for the Largo brothers) I got into the actors that played the Largo brothers – Pavi & Luigi – also known as Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy [amazing band, take a listen! There’s always at least one song you might like.] And the amazing actor Bill Moseley [he’s played in a lot of really great horror films, none that I can remember at the moment, but oh well…] so this is my first slash of Ogre & Bill, enjoy!

Rough hands guided him back down upon the hotel bed, and Ogre panted as his companion's hand tangled in his longish strands of black hair and teeth nibbled at the side of his throat.

"W-won't they miss us downstairs?" Ogre choked out, his hands greedily clutching the back of his lover's neck as a harsh bite was ensued upon the flesh of his collar-bone.

"I doubt it," A gruff answer, and Ogre frowned pulling slightly away. "Bil-" He began, but the other man snarled, interrupting him, "Fuck them, Kevin! I want this now!"

Ogre rolled his eyes, but didn't dismiss the rush onslaught of kisses being trailed from his neck downwards. Bill's tongue ran underneath the singer's chin and licked at the heaving Adam’s apple, chuckling out loud as the singer's body twitched in anticipation. Pulling away from the other's body, Bill smirked as Ogre frowned at his movements.

"Usually for this continue," The actor said, licking his lips for emphases, "Clothes should be disregarded."

Ogre smirked before reaching down and finding the helm of his black T-shirt, which he quickly pulled up and over his head resulting in Bill eyeing his bare chest like a starved man. Rolling onto his side and pulling himself off the bed, Ogre toyed with the belt buckle of his stud belt and gave flashing seductive smirks to the actor who shivered at the motion.

"Fuckin' tease!" Bill huffed, feeling his pants tighten considerably.

"Patience is virtue."

"No it’s fucking not!"

Ogre smiled as he unclasped his belt buckle and slowly unzipped his pants, letting them pool against his ankles before kicking them off and hearing them clunk against one of the hotel walls. Standing before the older man in nothing more than green colored underwear, the singer smirked again as he bent down and gently removed his black striped socks.

Regarding the actor still watching him, Ogre approached the older man and placed his lips upon the other. Bill groaned and tried to pull Ogre down upon him, but the singer maneuvered out the actor's grip, shaking his head at him.

"Usually for this to go anywhere, your clothes need to go as well," Ogre mumbled, smiling as he watch Bill strip as fast as he could, not even caring for the fact that his miss-matched socks were still on or that his obvious erection was sprouting through.

"Fuck!" Ogre cursed as Bill then proceeded to attack the younger man, causing him to fall backwards onto the bed with a very turned-on actor pressing him deep against the mattress while kissing him deeply.

Their bare chests touched, and both gripped at one another tightly as their mouths fused together. Twin erections briefly brushed against one another, and both gasped out loud at the sensation.

Grinding his pelvis down upon the younger man, and earning a deep moan, Bill twisted his fingers over the waistband of Ogre's underwear before pulling it down and throwing it somewhere on the floor.
Pushing the singer's legs up so they were bended upon the mattress, Bill leaned his face into the V of Ogre's legs, letting his breath wash over the head of Ogre's cock.

Ogre groaned at the tiny pricks of heated breath touching his cock, and his body jolted as a tongue gently lapped at the head before a mouth impaled itself on his length.

"Fuck! Oh God, Bill!" The singer groaned, his eyes falling close as his head leaned back against the headboard, hitting it a few times but ignoring it as hands trailed over the outer and inner part of thigh while Bill's tongue twirled around the head, dipping a bit into the slit before bringing the singer's cock close to the back of his throat.

Ogre's hips moved a bit, and the singer let an unusual loud groan spill from his mouth as his fingers weaved into the thin brown hair, gripping it a bit when a spasm over-took his body.

"I'm not g-gonna..." Ogre's voice cracked a bit as his body trembled, spilling into Bill's mouth.

The actor swallowed, smirking at the exhausted singer as he removed his mouth from his cock. Leaning up over his torso, Bill brought their lips together once again, tongues sweeping at each other's teeth and lips.
Breaking apart for air and panting into the steamy room, Bill leaned down and whispered against Ogre's ear, "Turn over, babe." He bit at the singer's ear, and the younger man complied as he stretched out on his stomach with his ass raised in the air.

"Perfect," Bill said softly, admiring the view. His erection strained once more against his own underwear, and the actor quickly rid himself of the clothing.

Leaning over the younger man's body, Bill trailed his fingers down Ogre's back, tracing one of the singer's tattoos. Pulling his finger further down the singer's back, the actor let it rest near the crack of Ogre's ass, and the singer twitched a bit underneath him.

Placing his hands upon the round buttocks, Bill massaged the flesh before tipping his head down and letting his tongue dart out and touched the crack of Ogre's ass.

The singer tensed, but completely melted as he felt Bill's tongue lick at his opening before darting in and touching inner muscles. The actor's hands lightly gripped his sides and gave comforting rubs in an attempt to calm his body.
Lapping a bit and moving his tongue around a bit, Bill felt his cock jerk a bit. Pulling his face away, the actor placed two fingers within his mouth, soaking them with his own saliva before removing them and angling them up against Ogre's ass.

Plunging them in, and shushing Ogre who cried out at the intrusion, the actor rocked them back and forth feeling the singer's muscles slowly begin to respond and loosen their immense tightness around his digits.

Removing his fingers from the singer's ass, Bill reached down and touched himself - gripping his cock tightly and seeing bits of pre-cum trickling from it, the actor allowed the pre-cum to coat the head of his cock before positioning himself over Ogre's entrance and pushing in.

Both hissing in pain, Ogre tensed and gripped the sheets below him and Bill slowly pushed all the way in, leaning his body over-top the younger man's; bringing his head down so it rested on the back of the singer, Bill allowed Ogre's body to get used to his size while he let his lips graze over the salty flesh.

Hips twitched a bit, and Bill groaned as he pulled up and his cock pulled out a bit. He slammed it back in and his arms snaked around Ogre's waist, while the singer gave a choked groan.

"F-fuck!" Bill cursed, his hips pinning the younger man tightly against the mattress. Ogre let out a deep moan, his back arching up and hands attacking his body.

"Ughh... S-so good," Bill mumbled, letting his hands trail underneath and grab a hold of the singer's cock that was trapped against the mattress. Tugging at the same time he pulled out and slammed back in, had the singer leaning his head back and crying himself raw at the sensations that were piling higher and higher...

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" Bill cried, feeling himself spill into Ogre's ass and feeling a warm substance trickle down the hand that was clenched around the singer's cock.

"Fuck!" Ogre said; letting the actor milk his weeping cock as the older man collapsed upon him - the weight almost crushing him.

They lay like that for a bit, neither one wanting to move just yet. But when they did, Ogre couldn't help but feel a little sad as the sensation of feeling complete was taken away from him.

Settling down against his side, Bill stroked his face and brought the singer's face up against his own. Kissing it softly the actor whispered softly, "Ready to go back down and mingle with the paparazzi and fans?"

An utterly tired groan was heard, and Bill chuckled as he watched Ogre throw an arm over his eyes down his face...

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