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Deep Sleep Jolts

Title: Deep Sleep Jolts
Author: stripesco04_nur
Hard R
Pairing: Pavi Largo/Luigi Largo (incest!)
Summary: After drugging his brother, Pavi attempts to have his way with him…
Disclaimer: I do not own Pavi or Luigi.
A/N: First Pavi and Luigi story and its incest! It’s also written too fast and I think it’s horrible…

"So-a perfect," Pavi Largo whispered as quietly as he could as he stared down the bed where his older brother, Luigi, lay sprawled about completely knocked out.

Pavi chuckled a bit as he sat a bag filled with white powder on the ground and slowly began removing his pants and shirt, while Luigi mumbled something in his deep sleep and turned his head a bit on the pillow.

Pavi came closer to the bed, and inch by inch lowered himself onto the bed. He sat next to his older brother's hips, staring at the calm face before licking his chapped lips.

"You-a truly bello, mio fratello," Pavi whispered, bringing his hands up to grab a hold of Luigi's belt. Unbuckling it, and unbuttoning - pulling the zipper down - Pavi smiled, a blush filling his face, as he came face to face with the flesh of his brother.

Moving so he was settled between his brother's legs, Pavi licked his lips once more and leaned forward to bring the member into his mouth. Luigi's body shook a bit, and a little groan spilled out but otherwise the older Largo was still out.

Sucking as one would a lollipop, Pavi moved his head up and down; almost in a bobbing motion. Pulling his mouth off of Luigi's cock, the younger Largo stared at his brother while ridding himself of his underwear.

"I-a love you, brother," Pavi gasped out loud, positioning himself over-top of Luigi's rigid cock. Slamming downwards, tears cringed at the corner of his eyes and Pavi let out a deep moan as he could feel Luigi filling him.

Stopping for only a few quick seconds, Pavi leaned up and then brought himself back down. He tried to muffle his moans, but to no avail, and instead tilted his head back as he rocked himself on his brother.

Loss in blissful heat, the young Largo never noticed the fact that Luigi was beginning to stir. Or when his older brother's eyes snapped open and stared at him.
Luigi glared, and wanted nothing more than to strangle his younger brother, but he couldn't help but groan at the tight heat that surrounded his cock.

"Goddamnit!" He cursed, scaring the younger male who almost fell off in a flash of panic.

"Oh-a, fratello, I-a... Um..." Pavi was loss for words and he couldn't explain the situation to his older brother.

"Shut the fuck up, you fuckin' pervert!" Luigi yelled, sitting up and placing his hands onto the slim waist of his younger brother.

Pavi gulped but Luigi didn't shove him away. He only seemed to bring him closer while his hips began bucking up against him.

"How long have you wanted this?" Luigi gasped out loud.

"For-a awhile now... Oh god... Luigi!" A sharp cry spilled from Pavi as he felt himself release, splattering onto Luigi's clothed chest.

"Mother-fucker!" Luigi yelled, gripping Pavi roughly and smiling as drops of blood trickled from the nail prints he had against his younger brother.

A deeper groan was heard and Pavi almost sighed as he felt his brother release deep within him. Both panting widely, Luigi shoved Pavi off him and smirked as the younger Largo winced in pain.

"Get the hell out of here," Luigi muttered, already reaching for his favorite knife that lay hidden somewhere inside his jacket pocket, which lay curled up on the floor near the bed...

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