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Kitchen Anxieties

Title: Kitchen Anxieties
Author: stripesco04_nur
Pairing/Characters: Pavi & Luigi Largo [No incest or slash!]
Summary: Pavi accidentally knocks his older brother out while trying to escape his clutches, and worries that he might have killed him when he doesn’t respond…
Disclaimer: I do not own Pavi or Luigi!
A/N: Another Pavi & Luigi story!

"Come here, you little shit!" Luigi Largo snarled, lunging over the middle aisle counter-top for his younger brother.

"No-a!" Pavi Largo said, moving out of Luigi's reaching hands, and circling around the luminous kitchen space away from his leering older brother.

Luigi snarled again, reaching out to grasp a huge butcher knife that lay on one of the counter-tops before following his younger brother.
"I said come here!" Luigi yelled; catching up to Pavi who gave a shrill cry as his brother's hand grabbed a hold of the back of his shirt collar. Reaching outward to somewhat steady himself as he felt himself being pull backwards, Pavi pulled at one of the cabinet doors and swung it open, slowly moving forward and diving out of the way.

A deep groan was heard, followed by a heavy thud. Pavi, cowering in the corner a few steps away, turned around at the sound and felt his eyes widen behind the fake face he wore.
Luigi lay on the floor not moving, and the butcher knife lay a few feet away. A bruise was slowly beginning to form upon the older Largo's forehead, and Pavi swallowed thickly.

Standing up and shaking a bit, the younger Largo neared his brother while softly calling out in Italian, "Fratello?"

Luigi didn't respond, and Pavi bit his lip as he knelt down next to his brother's body. Reaching out to gently touch his brother's cheek, Pavi frowned as he whispered Luigi's name out loud.
Leaning his head down onto his brother's chest, but hearing no steady heart-beating made the younger Largo more apprehensive as his hands began to shake uncontrollably.

"Oh-a God!" Pavi yelled. "I've-a killed my fratello!"

Tears pricked at the corner of his eyes and they slowly began to fall downwards, wetting Pavi's real face underneath the fake one.

"Help!" Pavi began to yell, suddenly moving forward grasp his brother's striped suit and tilting his head down upon his chest while gulping in patches of air.

Luigi groaned, slowly beginning to stir and trying to pull himself up. His eyes flashed open and he frowned at seeing Pavi's head resting on his chest.

"What the fuck are you doing?" The older Largo snapped; pulling himself up halfway and snickering a bit as Pavi's head was tossed from his chest.
Pavi glanced up at his older brother with wide eyes, and beyond the empty eye sockets of the dead face that he wore, Luigi could almost swear there were tears falling.

"Are you cryi-" Luigi's words were cut off as he was shoved back down upon the floor and Pavi leapt upon him, his arms embracing his older brother as he cried out, "Mio fratello, you-a are alive!"

Luigi frowned and pushed his younger brother away. "Get the hell away from me, faggot!"

Pavi merely grinned as his older brother began to threaten him once more...

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