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A Stretched Smile

Title: A Stretched Smile
Author: stripesco04_nur
Hard R
Pairing: Sonny/Joel [Skrillmau5] & Guy-Manuel/Thomas
Summary: Sequel to A Knowing Smile. Sonny and Joel become “more” intimate with one another as do Thomas & Guy-Manuel…
Disclaimer: I do not own Joel, Sonny or Daft Punk
A/N: The long awaited sequel, finally written! I apologize that it took nearly 2 months, but I'm currently caught up with writing some Repo stories – I love Luigi & Pavi Largo!

Sonny blushed and squirmed, his flesh alive with goosebumbs as a mouth bit down upon his neck and a tongue lapped at the light contusion mark.

The haze within the room was heavy, and Sonny glanced at Guy-Manuel who was helping pull his jacket and black T-shirt off - his pants and boxers long since abandoned.

"Détendre, Sonny," Guy mumbled, rubbing a comforting hand over the young musician's naked chest.

Sonny swallowed thickly and tried to nod, but he couldn't help but shiver as he was laid completely naked underneath the stares of Thomas and Guy-Manuel - both still clothed, and Joel who was partially naked.

"You're awesome looking, Sonny," Joel complimented. Sonny quirked an eyebrow. "Awesome looking?" He asked with some disdainfulness in his voice.

"I... uh... mean you look... beautiful! You look beautiful, Skrilly," Joel said in a teasing tone.

"Dick," Sonny muttered, his mouth curved upwards as Joel leaned over top of him and brought his lips upon the others. Hands ran through and gripped his frizzy black hair, and Sonny couldn't help but moan quietly into his companion's mouth.

Another moan was heard, and both Joel and Sonny broke apart to see Thomas and Guy making out as well. Thomas's mouth trailed away from Guy's swollen lips, and the shorter musician sat on the couch gasping for breath as his lover removed his green T-shirt, and began licking at the now exposed flesh.

"Oh, Thomas," Guy moaned, tilting his head back to allow teeth to graze the side of his neck.

A hand cupped his jeans, and Guy, unashamedly, began bucking up into the warm palm. More kisses were issued upon his collar-bone and chest, and Guy shyly glanced up to other musicians in the room. He gave them a slight nod before allowing Thomas to push his jeans down and claim his cock.

Sonny's eyes widened at the display, and Joel found himself slowly starting to pant at the act of intimacy. Glancing down at Sonny, Joel surprised the younger musician by clambering roughly over-top of him.
Their mouths met, and Sonny gripped the side of the older musician's face as a tongue ran against his own. Joel trailed a hand downwards to grab a hold of Sonny's flesh. The gesture left Sonny gasping against the older musician's mouth.

Joel smirked, and pulled his hand away. He rotated Sonny about so that they were both facing the duo that had clearly moved on to more extreme intimacy...

"Look at them," Joel whispered against Sonny's right ear. "We could be just like them..."

Sonny shivered and kept his eyes trained on the other musicians. A sharp twist against his ass had Sonny hissing in pain as he felt Joel slowly beginning to scissor the twin digits he had cleverly shoved up against his entrance.

"That hurts motherfucker!" Sonny whined as Joel withdrew his fingers.

"Just keep your eyes on Thomas and Guy. Look at how they make love," Joel whispered, licking a strip up Sonny's neck and placing his hands upon the younger's waist to help steady himself as he guided his length into the tight puckered flesh.

Sonny gasped out loud at the sensation of being filled, and his eyes squinted close before opening. He gazed at Thomas who held Guy within his lap, their mouths fused together tightly as their bodies pushed against one another.

"Oh, God," Guy panted, leaning his head back and feeling Thomas's cock slide against his prostate. His body felt alive and his fingers curled a bit as he shouted out his partner's name. "Thomas!"
A moan spilled from Sonny's mouth as Joel began to thrust into him. "Oh God," Sonny muttered, leaning his head back to rest against Joel's shoulder as the older musician thrust harder and deeper.

"Fuckin' Jesus, you're so tight!" Joel cursed, his sweaty hands sliding to grasp Sonny's hips. Sonny giggled a bit as he lifted his arm up to circle around Joel's head, cradling it downwards so their lips could meet.

Their bodies moved a little bit faster and Joel let out a deep grunt as he felt himself release within Sonny's body. The younger musician followed as his hand gripped the head of his cock and pulled.

Withdrawing slowly, Joel and Sonny panted against one another before turning around and pressing their lips together once more.
A deep cough startled the two, and they stared at the duo who gazed back with smirks on the faces.

" Était-ce magique?" Guy-Manuel whispered to Sonny, who blushed and nodded his head.

"Now getting back to the record idea," Thomas began, standing up and pulling his pants back on. The other three musicians copied his motives, and as soon as half their clothes were back on, Sonny felt a smile stretch across his face as Joel gave him a quick kiss before leaving with Thomas to finish their song...

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Feb. 11th, 2013 04:29 am (UTC)
i think my head exploded... @.@
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