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Underneath the Bouquet

Title: Underneath the Bouquet
Author: stripesco04_nur
Pairing: Bill Moseley/Nivek Ogre
Summary: After a day of shooting for the movie 2001 Maniacs: Fields of Screams, Ogre is in desperate need of a good shower…
Disclaimer: I do not own these two!
A/N: Wanted to write some more Bill & Ogre smut! Enjoy!

Another scene shot and finished for the day, and Ogre sighed happily as he turned the knob for his shower. Water sprang to life from the shower head, and Ogre turned away to grab a fresh pair of boxers from his suitcase.
He gazed at himself in front of the closet mirror, pouting his bottom lip out as he saw the sweat stains upon his grey T-shirt, and wincing a bit as he lifted his arms up and sniffed at his armpits.

Sighing once more, Ogre moved towards the open suitcase laid sideways upon the hotel bed. He rummaged through it and settled on a pair of deep yellow boxers. Stripping out of his black jeans and underwear, and removing his grey T-shirt, Ogre slightly jumped at the sound of knocking at his hotel door.
The shower still ran, and the musician dashed to wrap a fluffy white hotel towel around his nether-regions. He sulked up to the door and peered out the peep-hole and instantly felt his mouth curve upwards at the sight of who was waiting outside his door.

Pulling the door open, Ogre smiled as Bill Moseley strutted in as if he owned the damn room.

"Evenin' Harper," Bill teased in his Southern drawl.

"Captain..." Ogre responded, feeling a blush heat his cheeks as Bill smirked at him. "What honor do I have for you being in my room?"

Bill laughed at the last statement, and dropping the dialogue he said in-between waves of laughter, "Just popped in to see if you have any beer in your fridge, and if so..." He pouted at the musician, batting his eyes for effect. Ogre rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, whatever... I'm taking a shower though," He said, turning away from actor and heading into the bathroom.

The giant bathroom mirror was slightly fogged up, and Ogre let out a deep sigh of relief as he removed the towel and stepped underneath the hot sprays of water.
His hair fell matted against his face, weighed down by the streams of water. Droplets dripped down his bare arms, and Ogre turned around in the shower, lifting his head towards the spray and spurting a bit of excessive water from his mouth.

His chest heaved a bit, and the musician could feel his body sag a bit. Dimly he thought he heard the shower curtain rustle, but pushed the thought away.
Pulling his head away from the spray, Ogre jumped when he felt a pair of strong arms circle around his waist.

"Jumpy?" The familiar voice teased. The hands tickled his wet skin and Ogre moaned a bit as he felt himself fall against another strong torso.
He leaned his head back upon the other's shoulder and stared upward into eyes of blue.

"I was hoping you would join me," Ogre mumbled. "Captain," He added.

Bill huffed out a laugh, and pulled the musician closer to him, using his height to his advantage as the shorter man fitted nicely between his legs.
The shower continued to spurt hot sprays of water, and the actor pulled his companion's head back so his neck jutted outwards. A tongue slithered up the neck, lapping at the water droplets that slowly trickled downwards from the spray.

Ogre moaned, reached upward half-blindly to cup the back of Bill's head as teeth broke through the skin on his neck. Blood escape the new wound, but was lost underneath the pouring water.
Pulling his mouth away, Bill pushed Ogre a bit. The musician stumbled a bit and held his palms out forward to steady himself. They slapped against the slippery wall tiles, and Ogre felt the actor's body cover his; Bill's erection gently touched the outer crack of Ogre's ass.

The musician groaned, feeling his own erection sprang to life as hands massaged his flesh. The water slithered beneath the two bodies, and Bill gently trailed a finger down the crack of Ogre's ass.
A tiny moan sounded out, and Bill smirked as he plunged his first digit up into the tight space. A deeper moan spilled from wet lips and the finger rotated carefully before another was so rudely shoved up to join the first.
Ogre jolted and felt his eyes close at the simulating sensation of fingers curling and stroking his insides in rhythm.

"Thought you'd be looser," Bill complained, removing his two fingers and hearing the disappointed whine trail from the musician's throat.

Cupping his own cock, the actor lined it up against the other's entrance. He let it slide a bit up and down against the cleft of Ogre's ass before gently guiding it into the puckered flesh. His eyes dilated a bit as he heard a choked moan spill from the other man's throat.
Pushing a little harder into the warmth, the actor gripped the musician's hips to help level himself a bit as he settled all the way within Ogre's body.

The two both gasped at the sensations, and fell still as the water continued to spray ruthlessly upon them; slicking their bodies up nicely.

"Oh Jesus," Bill cursed, his hips pitching forward a bit of their own accord.

"Oh God, f-fuck me Bill," Ogre moaned, feeling the hands twitch against the side of own hips.

Bill obliged and pulled his cock out a bit before slamming it back in. Ogre cried out in pleasure, his own cock bouncing a bit as the force from the actor's thrust pushed him forward a bit.

"Shit!" He cursed, his hand clenching out to try and grasp the wet tiles for support. They slide widely around and Ogre jerked forward once-more as a hand cupped his cock.
He dropped his right hand down to rest upon the hand that was lazily stroking at his leaking member. Their fingers interlocked together and began tugging a bit.

"F-fuckin' hell," Ogre cursed, feeling his body spasm slightly. "J-Jesus Christ!"

Bill smiled at the reaction. His own hips were pushing heavier and the sound of wet flesh slapping against another was music to his ears.
He leaned forward to nip at the collar-bone junction of the musician's shoulder. Ogre shuddered against him, and that in turn caused Bill to mimic the gesture and release his load deep within his companion's body.

Their interlocked hands tugged fiercely at the somewhat spurting length, and Ogre shouted out loud. His cock began to weep heavily, and Bill pulled out of the musician's body. Their hands dropped as Ogre felt himself get turned around. The water washing the white mess away as the two stared lustily at one another.

Lips crashed upon one another, and tongues swept at lips - begging for entrance. Bill tugged his fingers into the wet locks of black hair, pulling the musician's face closer to his own.
Ogre, in turn, gripped the short wet locks of brown hair making sure that the actor didn't stop kissing him.

They pulled apart and pressed their foreheads together, smiling lazily as the water continued to cascade upon them...

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